By Jerry Angst (2009)

(A Modification of a song written by Paul Simon in 1967)

Someone told me it's all happening at the Lake.
I do believe it. I do believe its true.

It's a light and tumble journey from the Cities to the Lake;
Just a fine and fancy ramble to the Lake.

You can stay in your cabin if its raining or its cold,
But the animals will love it if you don't.

Chipmonks stand for honesty; Otters are insincere;
Common Loons are doltish, but they're kind.
Large Mouth Bass are skeptical of bait without a taste,
And the Resorting Host is very fond of wine.

Bluegills are reactionaries, Toulibees are missionaries,
Northerns plot in secrecy, and beavers turn-on frequently.

You gotta come and see it, at the Lake.