This search routine is working, not as well as it once did, but it's improving.
As it stands now, you'll find what you're looking for about 85% of the time.
And it's getting better, so please be patient!
In the meantime, if you can't find something you're looking for,
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In the box below type a word or a phrase that you want to find in past Chronicles entries, then click the search button at the right. As it works now, you might see a few "general internet hits" at the beginning of the list but the Chronicles "hits" will follow them.

Hint:   If you type a phrase, for example: Winter is flying by, it will find every page which contains all four of those individual words in any order and anywhere on the page, which in this case gets 29 hits. However, if you enclose the phrase in quotation marks, for example: "Winter is flying by", it will only find the pages in which that exact phrase appears, which in this case gets only 2 hits.