A Propaganda Essay

By: Emelia Rieder © 2011
(Used with permission)

Em (Emelia) is my Granddaughter. She was 12 years old and in the 7th grade when she wrote this. Her assignment was to write a Propaganda Essay, ie one that uses ideas and facts (which don't necessarily have to be true) to further one's cause. She used LBLR in her story and she did a great job. Read and enjoy.

Dear friends,

Are you looking for something enjoyable for this summer? You are all invited and encouraged to join me for a summer of fun at a resort up in northern Minnesota. My grandpa has invited me to join him at his resort and do some work there for the summer. What a great opportunity! I cannot believe that my mother is letting me go!

We are going to do some very fun things, like raking the yard. You’ll even get a suntan while doing it. Who would want to suntan by lying around for hours reading a boring old book? Also, there’s a game room there that’s in need of cleaning. Don’t worry; we’ll be too busy cleaning that we won’t have time to play the boring, old games anyway. We can even build up our muscles while collecting and splitting wood for the campfire! We’ll be so busy that we won’t have to swim in the cold lake. There’s work to do around the cabins, so when we clean them, we’ll get to interact with the cute, little spiders! Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever get a chance to experience wildlife like this? Washing the windows will be great, too. You’ll never see such a great view of the lake!

How could you ever turn this offer down?! I would love to do it by myself, but if you really want to, I suppose I would let you come because you’re all such good friends. If you don’t want to come, you’ll be missing out on the best time of your life!

Your friend,