The Mick Fix

By Randy Peterson © 2001
(Used with permission)

Ron Mickelson (Mick) is a past owner of Back O' the Moon resort. Mick's move to the Northland many years ago was the first link in the chain that brought me to the Northland, which then became a link in the same chain that brought Randy to the Northland. As Randy's poem indicates, when one has troubles (be they mechanical, electrical, or even emotional) a few hours with Mick will make anything improve. A "Mick Fix" can be many different things and it can come in many different forms, but it always works. Mick is a fine man and a good friend. Randy wrote this on the occasion of Mick's 60th birthday.

I think of him when times are tough
Up in the woods where life is rough,
A steady smile and skill in hands
To fix all troubles in this land.

We go to him when we're in need
Of his smile or fixing deed,
But so much more than engineís purr
We get from Mick a heart thatís stirred.

So on this day I thank you friend
In this small way and with this end,
That lots of future times will come
When I can get a Mick Fix done!