A Continuation of the 20+ Years of
April 2020

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April Fools'  
April lift your dreary head and cease your tears of rain.
The cold winds of winter are gone, and left the birds refrain.
Part the clouds up in the sky, and let the sunshine through.
Flowers budding in the sun, the sky is lapis blue.
Across the fields and through the trees, the world is born again.
Oh it's good to see you April! Welcome my good friend.
                                                                                -- Rhonda Baker

All I really know about Rhonda is that she doesn't live in the Northland. If she lived in the Northland, she wouldn't have described the coming of April with phrases like "The cold winds are gone" or "Flowers budding in the sun". She certainly could be anticipating those things, but to infer that the coming of April brings them, is the mark of a Southerner.

PS:   I can only find information about two Rhonda Bakers. One is a politician currently serving in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and the other is a Floridian named Rhonda Baker-Stansberry who is the author of at least one book. It doesn't seem like either one of them would have penned those lovely words, but if I had to bet, I'd put my money on the Oklahoman, merely because I think an Oklahoman would be more likely to write about the coming of April with such warm feelings, than would a Floridian, even if the Floridian is an author. But who knows?!?!
April 2nd   This is a from the old LBLR days but it was never in the Chronicles, it is now. A friend of mine in Grand Rapids, known as Ace, put his pontoon in the water one spring, and then took it out on the lake for a spin. In the process, he "dinged up" his prop. Well, maybe "dinged up his prop" is a bit of an HERE. Good one Ace!!!!
April 3rd   Last year at this time, the Mississippi Pub (one of my favorites) and a pub just down the river from it, were forced to close for a few weeks due to flooding on the Mississippi River (click HERE). But on a positive note, flooding won't hurt their business this year because they, along with every other pub in the state, are closed anyway due to the Coronavirus. call that a "positive note" is stretching it a bit, isn't it?
April 4th   Ah yes, the good ol' days before social distancing......back when family and friends would meet face-to-face rather than meeting in a video conference. It already seems like a long time ago. Remember those days? Click HERE. There's no social distancing in that picture!

PS:   That picture is a family gathering at LBLR during the 2015 Memorial Day Weekend, and it was much better than the family gathering we had a few nights ago via a video conference (although that was nice too). Everyone is holding up a deep fried smelt that we had for lunch that day, thanks to the "smelting" ability of my nephew Jason (third from right), and the cooking ability of my son-in-law Jim (second from right).

PPS:   Why is it called "social distancing"? We're not trying to "keep our distance" socially; we're trying to "keep our distance" physically, and still be close socially. Shouldn't it be called "physical distancing"?

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