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June 2020

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June 1st   First, April, she with mellow showers
Opens the way for early flowers;
Then after her comes smiling May,
In a more rich and sweet array;
Next enters June, and brings us more
Gems than those two that went before;
Then (lastly) comes July, and she
More wealth brings in than all those three.

                              -- Robert Herrick (circa 1640)

Can you believe that the year has just begun (or so it seems) and we're already into the third of Robert's Four Sweet Months. Do you suppose it has anything to do with the COVID-19 lockdown. Most people think that when their activity level is low, time seems to drag, but this appears to be the opposite. Of course, the first half of every year seems to fly by in no time, so perhaps this is not different than any year (for an old person, that is).
June 2nd   We saw this during a bike ride yesterday. Do you think the sign is really necessary? Click HERE.
June 3rd   Today is "World Bicycle Day", so declared by the United Nations General Assembly two years ago last April.......or click HERE, obviously.
June 4th   Click HERE. If you watch a clam in the process of making one of those trails, you can actually see it move. Their speed is darned slow, but if you're patient, you can see the movement.

Entry for May 16, 2005, (15 years ago):
LBLR's first customers of the year, Jeff K and Jordan are here!!! The 2005 season is offically underway.

For many years the first LBLR customer in the Spring, usually the weekend of the fishing opener, was Jeff Keeler. He would stay for a week, sometimes two weeks, and then he would come back again in September for another week. He, along with his dog Jordan, went fishing virtually every day that the weather permitted, mainly for Crappies, and quite often he was accompanied by Lucas, the young boy who lived across the lake. To see Jeff and Jordon in cabin # 2 (his usual cabin) on this day in 2007, click HERE, and to see them in his boat in May of 2004, click HERE. Since we're looking at pictures, click HERE to see Jeff's wife, Christine, with a Pumpkinseed that she caught in June of 2009.
June 6th   We just finished the most difficult puzzle we've ever done, and as you've seen in early January of several past years, we've done a few puzzles in our time. (You've seen these before, but click HERE if you'd like another look at our past New Year's Eve puzzles.) We started Van Gogh's "Starry Night" during the last week of April, and we worked at it virtually every day.......some days more than others, but we did some of it every day. We finished it yesterday, so it took us more than a month to complete. Click HERE to see it.

PS:   D-Day was 76 years ago today.

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