From The Front Porch of the Cabin

By: Lee Eller © 2014
(Used with permission)

Lee (Eileen) spent a week at LBLR in August of 2014.
She wrote this poem one morning during her stay.

Savoring that first cup of coffee
on the front porch of a lake-side cabin
surrounded by unspoiled stillness
you take in every sound of nature,
every early morning bird call.

And then, from the top of a majestic pine tree
from the place it’s been clinging since spring
a single pinecone "lets go"
and falls….through the pine boughs
down, down to the ground below.

And you have been brought here
sipping your steaming hot coffee,
as a silent witness, to watch it.......
to hear experience it.
A pinecone simply falling to the earth.

Like seeing a falling star in the night sky,
you catch your breath just a little and smile.
Something very special has just happened.
A moment of transformation
and you, allowed to be a part of it.

You have been blessed.
Nothing more needs to happen.
Nothing more needs to be added.
The moment is complete and utter perfection
.......from the front porch of the cabin.