Outboard Motor-Boating for Dummies!

By: Sara Richter © 2008
(Used with permission)

Sara is a friend of mine and she was a new LBLR customer at the time she wrote this.

Saraís Tips for Absolute-Novice, Outboard Motor-Boaters.

Tip #1: Pay attention when the resort owner explains how to operate an outboard motor. If you miss some part of the instruction, do not say to yourself, ďOh, Iíll just figure it out when Iím on the lake.Ē

Tip #2: When you start the motor and find yourself moving very slowly, itís because you havenít figured out that the handle-thingy will help you go faster.

Tips #3 and #4, that Iím glad I remembered: -Make sure your feet are away from the rope when you drop the anchor. -If the motor doesnít start when you pull the cord, do not stand up in the boat for better leverage.

Tip #5: If the boat is pointed toward shore and youíve fooled around with the handle-thingy, then finally manage to restart the motor, you may find yourself clearing a path through the "Natural-Shoreline-Native-Vegetation-Restoration-Project" (i.e., The WEEDS).

Good thing you remember the button on the motor that seems to stop the boat.

Good thing you remember it milliseconds before youíre beached.

Tip #6: Do a little fishing while you wait for the resort owner to stop ďchecking upĒ on you. (Three times!) Particularly, if heís driving a pontoon full of potentially-amused passengers. This will also give you time to think about whether or not you have learned enough about the outboard motor-beast.

Tip #7: Rowing is nice. Itís quiet and an excellent exercise for your less-than-washboard abs.

Finally, when back on shore, SMILE, and be glad for a memorable day on Little Bass Lake!