Stories, Poems, & Anecdotes
From the Northland

Randy at the Lake

Heating With Wood (by Woody Lobnitz)

The Mick Fix (by Randy Peterson)

An Up North Parody (by Dennis Walsh)

October in the North Woods (by Rena Penkala)

Linda's Story! (by Linda Aaker)

From The Front Porch of the Cabin(by Lee Eller)

Outboard Motor-Boating for Dummies! (by Sara Richter)

Em's First Snowfall

A Tale of Some Northland Truck Mechanics   (or)   A Little Estrogen Can Be a Good Thing

Erin's Tumble into the Fire Pit

The Lake (by Laurie Gagner)

The Fire Maker

Some Thoughts Concerning the Attire of a Typical Resort Owner

Little Bass Lake Resort (by Josh Hughes)

A Very Cold Day

A Propaganda Essay (by Emelia Rieder)

Crisis 1992

The Case of the Mysterious Beer Bottles

My Cabin (by Alex Peterson)

Geez, I Love January

Love My Lake (by Jane Herbert)

Little Bass Camp (A Mystery Solved)

Some Thoughts About Hunting

Some Thoughts About Up North

At the Lake