Thursday October 7, 1987

LADY MACBETH: What devil hath caused this sorrow, ho!
SPARKY*: Look to the Twins, O' Gentle Lady.
MACDUFF: (Pointing to the Tigers) Why do they hold their tongues, who most may claim this pennant for themselves?
SPARKY: What should be spoken here where our fate, hidden in an auger-hole, hath rushed and seized us? Let us away to Detroit where our tears are not yet brewed.
LADY MACBETH: Nay, my Lord! Let not this strong sorrow set one foot in motion. Pray, suffer exposure to the devil one time hence. Meet i' the Dome together and see what the e'en brings. On the morrow then, depart!
William Shakespeare

* "Sparky" refers to Sparky Anderson, the Tiger manager.