Monday October 12, 1987

My Dear Sister,
On this day in 1492, Columbus arrived in America. For several weeks before their arrival, many members of the crew of his three small ships had completely given up hope that they would survive the seemingly endless voyage to nowhere. But things worked out okay and all was well.
In the four hundred and ninety-five years since that famous voyage, life has changed little, relatively speaking. Until today, that is. On this, the four hundred and ninety-fifth anniversary of the discovery of America, life has ended as we know it. Tomorrow morning, for the first time since the origin of the solar system, the sun will, in all probability, not rise. We are doomed to gloom and darkness for all eternity. Poor Sparky! Poor you, who once stood in Sparky's Bathroom*. You both must be in terrible spirits. The end of life must be difficult to swallow for those so closely associated with it's cause. I feel your pain.
-- Your Brother

* My Dear Sister was a real Sparky Anderson fan and she did, at one time, actually stand in Sparky's bathroom. No one was there at the time except for her and a realtor because his house was in the early stages of construction and nothing was standing except the walls and the roof.