Em's First Snowfall

By Jerry Angst 2005

Some time in early November a lot of years ago, my Dear Granddaughter, Em, and her family were visiting here at LBLR. She was about 3 1/2 years old at the time. Em and I happened to be the first ones out of bed that particular morning......I was up before her by about 15 minutes. As I sat in the morning quietness at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and admiring the winter's first snowfall, I heard Em coming out of the bedroom. I picked her up before she got to the kitchen and said to her: "Em, come here! I have something to show you". I carried her to the window and showed her the snow that had fallen while she slept. In that single moment I witnessed a look, at first, of astonishment, and then, of delight. That delicious moment was a "one and only"! It was the "one and only" time that she was both old enough to be astonished, and too young to have remembered it from previous years. It was GREAT(!), and I was the only one lucky enough to see it.