Erin's Tumble into the Fire Pit

By Jerry Angst 2011

Last year [October, 2010] when the Carson/Turner/Harlan clan came to LBLR for their annual fall get-away, Tom and Erin arrived a day before the rest of the group. On the day of their arrival, after we drank a beer or two and darkness had set in, the three of us sat around a fire we had built in a portable metal fire pit just outside cabin 5. It was a chilly night and the heat from the fire felt good. When the flames were going well and no longer needed tending, Tom went inside to get another beer and on his way out of the cabin he stumbled over the cover to the metal fire pit. It was very dark and the fire pit cover was black and nearly impossible to see. He simply moved it out of his way and sat down. A bit later I left to do something and upon returning I, too, stumbled over the fire pit cover. Like Tom, I moved it out of my way and sat down. Eventually Erin went into the cabin and on the way out she also tripped on the fire pit cover that Tom and I had moved but neglected to get totally out of the way. However, instead of simply stumbling, as Tom and I did, she fell down.......directly into the fire. PANIC!!!!! Her chest, arms, and hands hit the fire and the red-hot coals, but luckily her face did not. And since she was wearing heavy gloves and a heavy jacket at the time, she was not hurt. The only damage was her singed jacket and gloves; her skin was not burned at all. Whew! After that, the fire pit cover was moved well out of the way.

---   And they all lived more carefully ever after.   ---

Added much later:
Reading it over made me chuckle, as we are now far enough away from the event for it to be funny. It's too bad you didn't get any pictures of the jacket to go along with the story. I still consider myself very lucky to not have sustained a single burn from that event. It makes me shake my head in wonder.     -- Erin (2015)