Oh, what a tangled web we get,
Whenever we make a football bet.

Note 1 - Gord to Chuck:

me n Bobby need a ruling, Bobby thinks that the Monday game is used only if there is no clear winner using only the Sunday games, I think the SCORE of the Monday game is used only if there is no clear winner on ALL games. What is your feeling on this, please copy Bobby.

Note 2 - Chuck to Gord and Bob:

The Monday nite game is used as a Tie breaker in the following sequence: first tie breaker is the correct pick, second tie breaker is the score. So that means that in this weeks case, because Gordie and I have the same picks for the Sunday games, only the winner matters because that will determine the number of correct picks between Gordie and me. But because Bob disagrees with both me and Gordie on the Dallas game, that game will be the determining game between me and Bobbie. So if Dallas wins, the Monday nite game is only important to me and Gordie. If Phoenix wins, the Monday nite game is important as far as winning is concerned between Gordie and Bob. The score of Mondays game will be used to settle the tie between me and Bob if Phoenix wins and the Colts win, because our picks will be the same. I hope this has cleared up this relatively simple situation.

Note 3 - Gord to Chuck and Bob:

Although your description of the tie breaker was crystal clear it did not adequately cover all situations to my satisfaction.

Is it possible for someone to pick the wrong winner in the Monday night game and still win even if that person has the same number of wins as someone else?

For instance, say Phoenix wins and Denver wins, Bobby and I now have the same number of wins. Say Bobby picked the score to be Denver 0 and Colts 3 and I pick Denver 48 colts 47. Actual score was Denver 7 Colts 0, Bobby's off by 10 and I'm off by a zillion even though I picked the right team to win. Bobby wins, correct?

Please let me know so I'll be able to sleep this weekend.

Warmly as always, Gordie

Note 4 - Bob to Gord and Chuck:

as per usual chuck, u used a 1000 words when 3 would do. but unless i recorded your picks incorrectly, the monday nite game means nothing to us (me and chuck) because dallas/phoenix is the only game we have different?

if phoenix wins chuck is out of the race, if dallas wins i am out of the race. so chuck (if dallas wins) goes against gord or i go against gord if phoenix wins.

is this correct?

Note 5 - Gord to Bob:

yew are keerect

Note 6 - Chuck to Gord:

Your supposition was correct. The fact that Denver won produced the tie, now the score becomes the tie breaker. So it is possible to pick the Monday nite game incorrectly and still win. I think this happened between Bob and myself last year.

Note 7 - Chuck to Bob:

I believe you are correct. It seems that the score of the Monday nite game will only be significant if Phoenix wins and Denver wins, then the score would be the tie breaker between you and Gordo. This came up once last year between us, where one of us could have picked the wrong winner for Monday nite but still win on the score.