An excerpt from

Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle

by Dame Juliana Berners (1496)
Prioress of the Benedictine Sopwell Nunnery

YE shall now wit that there be twelue maner of impedymentes whiche cause a man to take no fysshe, without other comyn that may casually hap.

The fyrst is if your harneis be not mete, nor fetely made.
The second is, if your baytes be not good nor fyne.
The third is if that ye angle not in byting tyme.
The fourth is if the fysshe be frayde with the syght of a man.
The fyft if that the water be ve[r]y thycke, whyte or read of any floude late fallen.
The syxt if the fysshe stere not for colde.
The seuenth, if that the wether be hote.
The eyght, if it rayne.
The .ix. if it hayle or snowe.
The .x. if it be tempest.
The .xi. if it be great wynde.
The .xii. if the wynde be in the east, and that is worste. For commonly neyther wynter nor somer the fysshe wyl not byte than. The west and the north wynde ben good, but the south is best.