Little Bass Lake Resort

The July 17th to 24th Group (2004)

I'm not sure that they're all in this picture, but there are 45 people here this week......and it's quite a diverse group. Included are 4 people who live in China, 5 people who used to live in China but now live in the USA, 3 Hispanic children who were adopted by a couple from the Cities, 8 people from Arizona, 3 people in wheelchairs, 6 other handicapped people, and 2 grumpy old men. The ages range from 7 months to almost 73 years.

This large group grew from the time Vern and Bette first brought their family to Little Bass Lake Resort 14 years ago. You will find Bill, their son, conspicuous by his absence.......also notice bashful Rachel hiding behind Adam (front left).