Cabin # 2 as it looked in the 1950s; it was built in 1933. Notice the screened-in porch that eventually became part of the living room. You can see how the inside of this cabin looks today in the "on-line" brochure.
Cabin # 3 as it looked in the 1950s. This cabin, which was the beginning of Little Bass Lake Resort (called Little Bass Camp in those days), was built in 1932. Unlike cabins 1 & 2, it hasn't change much since that time.
Cabin # 3 as it looked in 1940. Like cabin # 2, it also had a screened-in porch which eventually became part of the living room. This picture came from the Grand Rapids newspaper where it described an ice storm which bent the birch trees over the roof of cabin.

A view from the lake of the three cabins in the same era. Currently referred to as cabins 3, 2, 1, going from left to right, they were originally called the "first cabin", the "middle cabin", and the "little cabin". There was an outhouse to the right of cabin 1 and between cabins 2 & 3, and there was a water pump to the left of cabin 3 and near the house. A 4th cabin was built in 1935, but it was sold before it was ever rented out as a cabin. It's currently a private residence. These 3 cabins were the only ones in LBLR until the 1970s when John Anderson bought the resort from Clyde Jellison and built a new cabin # 4. He also added cabins 5 & 6 in the early 1980s, and remodelled cabins 1 & 2.

My house (the lodge) as it looked around 1930. The first part of it was built by Clyde Jellison in 1927. There were two other residences on the lake at the time, but both of them are gone now.

The garage (game room), and house, as it looked in the 1940s. Notice the ice house (which was torn down in the 1970s) to the left of the garage, and the woods on the otherside of the house where cabins 4, 5, and 6 are now.