Ice damage in the Spring 2005

Each Spring when the ice goes out, I'm happy if half of the dock posts remain undisturbed, and delighted if the dock for the front porch stays put. But no luck this year!

This is the dock for the front porch. Earlier this morning it was still sitting nicely in its normal position at the end of that sidewalk.
Luckily, the dock itself appears to be in good shape.
This is the dock by Cabin # 3. All of the posts are gone. Notice how much ice is still on the lake.

I just got the dock boards off the ice seven days ago. Whew!
All of the posts for the dock by Cabin # 2 have been pushed to the beach by cabin # 1 where the swimming raft spent the winter.
Luckily, there is no damage to the raft other than a couple of the barrels have been broken off. The frame and the deck appear to be fine.