Geez, I Love January

By Jerry Angst 2005

Geez, I love January! It's nearing 11:00 PM; supper has been over for 3 hours and my friend and I have shared a bottle of wine and a couple glasses of dry sherry in front of his fireplace. It's time to head home. I put on my mukluks, my scarf, my fur hat with the fur lined ear flaps, my coat, and finally my gloves. As I head out the door I have to block the entrance so that the Chocolate Lab that is so used to walking across the lake with me doesn't get out...........she's staying here tonight. As I leave, I turn on the flashlight so that I can find my way along the meandering path in the snow through the woods, past the shed, past the old cabin, along the dock, and finally out onto the lake. Now I can turn the flashlight off because the snow cover and the clear sky (even with the absence of the moon) provide enough light to find my way along the wide curving snowmobile track that is my easiest route home. I have to stop several times along the way to savor the silence and the shadowy scenery. Geez, I love January! The wind, although it's blowing toward my face, is not as bad as I thought it would be, so in spite of the 10 below zero temperature I pull the scarf down from over my mouth and nose. After walking a mere half mile over the ice, I'm at the shore by cabin # 6. The snowmobile path goes up onto the shore and across the sidewalk (which has been recently shoveled) to my house. I'm home spite of the wine and the cold and the wind. Geez, I love January!