February 2010

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February_1st LBLR has lost a good friend and a long-time Customer.
Bette Norman passed away a few days ago. She and her husband Vern discovered LBLR in the summer of 1990 and at least part of her family has vacationed here every summer since then. They have provided many fond memories over the past 20 years. The size of her LBLR group reached a peak in July of 2004 when her family and friends (45 of them) occupied the entire resort. To see a picture of the group that week (Bette is on the left at the very top of the picture), click HERE. The last picture I took of her (which included her Grandson David) was on August 29, 2007 in the late morning (she was not an early riser). It's HERE (and notice the smile.) She was buried this afternoon in Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis.

So long Bette! You will be sorely missed.......but you will be with us in spirit whenever your group gathers at LBLR in the future.
Ground Hog's Day When the second of February rolls around,
Out of his hole in the cold, dark ground
Comes the Groundhog to look at the sky
To see if the season of summer is nigh.

-- Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr (circa 1900)
February 3rd The sun dropping below the hill at sunset........that's a sight that can't be seen in the summertime. Click HERE.
February 4th The trip to Scotland is all set; the tickets have been purchased. Do you have your bags packed yet Lori?
February 5th The Blackwater Conservation Area Trail is definitely skiable at present, but it certainly is not pristine like the Joyce Estates Trail was last week. It's a nice beginner's trail, the scenery is neat, and it consists of four separate, but interconnected, loops making it possible to ski as little as a half mile or as much as two and a quarter miles without covering the same area twice. Unfortunately the lights for night skiing are not working this year.
February 6th We lost another Dear Friend.
In a lucid moment last evening, my 88 year-old friend Woody Lobnitz made a very clear request to a nurse that she ask his family to join him there, and then to remove him from the life support system that has kept him alive for the past few months. This morning, with his kids gathered around him, he again made the same request. The equipment was removed this afternoon and a bit later he very peacefully passed away. A situation like this doesn't make me feel particularly sad because under those circumstances it was what Woody wanted, and because his suffering is now over. But it does give me a feeling of loneliness, though I'm not sure why. Woody and I spent a fair amount of time together over the past dozen or more years, and I'll greatly miss our almost monthly dinner outings.

Incidentally, a couple of years ago Woody made a contribution to the "Stories, Poems, and Anecdotes from the Northland" section of the LBLR website. I believe that his little story shows a lot about what he was really like. It's entitled "Heating With Wood" and it's the second item from the top if you click HERE.
February 7th A moment ago there were seven squirrels trying to get at the bird feeder at the same time. Although that doesn't sound like much it's a new record. However, it didn't last very long. A serious fight broke out rather quickly causing most of the group to scatter almost as soon as they arrived.
February 8th All of the ice fishing houses at the south end of the lake are gone already; the only one now left on the lake belongs to Lucas.
February 9th Colleen C has informed me that the Detroit Tigers pitchers and catchers report to spring training only 9 days from now, and that the rest of the players report only 4 days after that. That's good news (though difficult to find). Thanks Colleen!
February 10th Four days from now is Valentine's day. A friend of mine reminded me this morning that, although a case of 10W30 motor oil is, indeed, a thoughtful and useful gift, it probably would not be one of the better choices for Valentine's Day. Another friend told me that he bought a new battery charger for his wife a number of Februarys back, and even though some recent events at the time had shown that it would likely be of some benefit, apparently it wasn't much appreciated. All I can say is "take heed". SESAME.
February 11th This morning £1.00 = $1.64
February 12th On this day in 1855 Michigan State University (my Alma Mater) was established. If it wasn't so cold outside this morning (nearly 20 below zero) I'd fly my MSU flag, but due to the weather I'll save that for when the Spartans win the Big Ten basketball tournament, which will be here in less than a month.
February 13th About two weeks ago my Dear Oldest Granddaughter, Nattie, and her dance team won 2nd place medals in both the Kick and Jazz sections, thus qualifying for the State Tournament. They danced very well at the State Tournament yesterday and although they didn't receive any medals, they came in 4th in the Jazz competition which is still very impressive. Good job Nat, and congratulations! Click HERE.
Valentine's Day To surprise me, Lori showed up unannounced this afternoon. What a Sweetie!
February 15th We (see above) went skiing at the Blackwater Conservation Area yesterday and we skied twice around the lake this morning (once with the #&@* dog). They were both very enjoyable outings in spite of the wind (and in spite of the #&@* dog).
Shrove Tuesday Beginning shortly after WW II, all television transmissions in Britain were required to be halted each weekday between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM. The government at the time thought this was the appropriate time for kids to go to bed, and the lack of TV programming during that hour gave the parents time to put them there before the evening programming schedule began. That policy continued until this day in 1957 when, by way of the Toddlers' Truce (as it was called at the time), Parliment came to its senses and abolished the law.
Ash Wednesday Although the weatherman has, as yet, made no mention of it, Farmer's Almanac predicts that a snowstorm will hit this area next week on Monday or Tuesday (the 22nd or 23rd). Some people believe that they never miss. If you are one of those types, you should start preparing to be snowed in. The rest of us will just wait and see what happens.
February 18th The sun is coming back!!!! The combination of the increasing power of the late Winter sun and the clear sky makes for some odd weather. The last few days the morning temperatures have been about 10 below zero, but the afternoon highs have been well into the 30s.......which is what will happen again today. That's quite a spread between the high and low temperatures (nearly 50 degrees).
February 19th Jim and two of his friends are in cabin 5 this weekend. They're here to do some ice fishing.

Tim and Jane are in cabin 6 this weekend. They're here to do some cross-country skiing.
February 20th Only 12 weeks to the fishing opener! And here's something that will sound unbelievable.......Spring begins only one month from today!!!!!
February 21st All of my weekend guests have left. The skiing and the fishing were both great. (I love it when that happens!)
February_22nd The "Miracle on Ice" occurred on this day in, now get this...........1980. Can that really have been 30 years ago already? Wow!!!!
February 23rd Cindy is back from her vacation in Mexico (the lucky duck) so the #&@* dog is gone. Actually it was nice having her here, but it's also nice that she's gone. So long Lizzy; it's been fun. Click HERE.
February 24th It was twenty below zero this morning! But by early next week March will have arrived so, in spite of this recent cold wave, it would appear that we will make it through yet another winter unscathed.

See the entry for Ash Wednesday (above) and be aware that we have had no snow recently. Even though that's a typical example of the predictive powers of the Farmer's Almanac, it's still fun to read and to follow, is it not?
February 25th It seems that every walk out on the frozen lake after dark is better than all of the previous ones. Click HERE. As neat as that night was, last night's walk from Randy's place was even better.
February 26th I have nothing to say.
February 27th See above.
February 28th So long to Nadine and her four friends who spent the weekend in the duplex. It sure looked like they were having a good time. And it sounded like it too.......they're not exactly the quietest group of women I've ever encountered. And thanks for the wine.

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