July 2011

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The Calends It's difficult to believe that we are already ushering in the last of Robert Herrick's "Four Sweet Months". In 1650 (or thereabouts) he described it thusly:
Then, lastly July comes, and she
More wealth brings in than all those three.
July 2nd So long to the Remarkes! It's been fun and I hope to see you again next year. Hello to the Rieders, the Hughes, and the Butchers (though they are all Angsts), and of course hello to Lori (who is not an Angst.......yet)!!!!!!

The lake level has finally started to recede, though only a quarter of an inch since yesterday.
July 3rd Nothing is more memorable than a smell. A scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet instantly conjure up a childhood summer beside an Up North lake.
-- Diane Ackerman (circa 1990).

To see a picture of my Dear Daughter, Tammy, trying to get up on water skis, click HERE, but she's a little hard to recognize in this view.
Independence Day Happy 235th Birthday USA!!!! After all these years you're still looking great.

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another.........." Click HERE.
July 5th The lake level, which reached a peak back on June 29th and then held its own for a few days after that, is now receding rather quickly. It has dropped nearly 3 inches since it peaked, which is more than was added by that last heavy rain.

Lori and I tried out two new bike trails today and decided on a possible Autumn bike trip. They were the Heartland Trail and the Paul Bunyan Trail, which run together for a ways in the vicinity of Walker. Our possible trip this Autumn is a two day excursion on the Heartland Trail from Cass Lake to Park Rapids and back, which will be (if we actually do it) just a tad over 100 miles.
July 6th Wow!!!! Nice pontoon guys! Congrats. I bet that's a bit more comforable than your fishing boat was. Click HERE.
The Nones Nice sunset picture almost looks like part of the lake is on fire. Thanks. Click HERE.
July 8th Another beautiful Summer day at the lake. How many of these can we have in a row, do you suppose?
July 9th The last of the Angsts left today (as well as Christian and Katie); thanks for the week you, like the weather, was great.

On the arrival side were three cabins worth of Hansons (year number what, 21?), as well as the Salsegs and Eric J and his group (their first time here). Welcome to LBLR.
July 10th It is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer,
The very crown of nature's changing year
When all her surging life is at its full.
-- Amy Lowell (circa 1900)
July 11th A lot of kids like to try to catch fish near the front porch with a landing net, rather than using a hook and line. They are usually successful. Click HERE.
July 12th Too chilly for CWPs on the front porch this morning......but that's a good thing.
July 13th Ron D was the only one who expressed confusion over Tammy's sunset picture on July 7th; the problem being that the view in the picture is facing almost directly East so the sunset was behind the camera. Can anyone offer an explanation? Click HERE to see the picture again.
July 14th This is Sam and Kelly. Are they the epitome of relaxation, or what? (And they're not even halfway through their vacation yet.) Click HERE.

PS: This entry was made via my iPod Touch while in Walker, Minnesota. A-Mazing!!!
The Ides The lake level has dropped back to nearly what it was when the ice went out in April. But not to worry.......we have lots of water yet. It's still a few inches higher than it normally is on the Ides of July.
July 16th As mentioned previously, the room that was known for many years as the "game room" has become the "TV room" due to the addition of cable television this year. However, a more appropriate name for it might be the "computer room" because once yesterday there were five people in there at the same time, all with laptop computers, using the WiFi.

Last week Eric, Cassie, and Hunter spent some time at LBLR fishing and they sent some pictures. Thanks Eric! Click HERE.
July 17th has to wonder which "smarty-pants" guest put this in the woods along the south entrance? Someone who has an affinity for swans, one would presume, and I have a few suspicions. Do you suppose that the culprit will ever fess up? Actually it looks kind of nice there. A little out of place perhaps, but kind of nice nonetheless. Click HERE.
July 18th Yesterday morning Chloe went fishing off the front porch and caught this Bass on her first cast. After she showed it off and her Dad put it back in the water, she immediately caught another one that was even bigger. She told me that she's the "goodest fisherman" but she also said that she will never touch a fish or a weed. Click HERE.
July 19th Amantium irae amoris integrado est, or Lovers' quarrels are a part of love.
-- Publius Terentius, from the play "The Girl from Andros" (166 BC)

Geez, I sure hope Publius was right.
July 20th There were two major historical occurrences on this day and I don't even have to look them up. On this day 67 years ago (1944) a conspiracy involving several German generals detonated a bomb during a Hitler war conference. It killed one and injured several but Hitler survived. On this day exactly 25 years later (1969) Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.
July 21st What is "the answer to life, the universe, and everything"? And no fair looking it up on the computer.
July 22nd Deep summer is when laziness becomes respectable. -- Sam Keen
July 23rd The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42; it comes from somewhere in one of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books.

Rain all morning and it's a Saturday (change-over day).......not a pleasant situation at a resort. Sigh.
July 24th To Colleen, Allie, and Amy: I'm not exactly sure what type or how many you're looking for, but click HERE. Of course, when you get here we can always run down to the local Walmart if that's not sufficient.
July 25th Hey N. C. Laurie: Not to put any pressure on you, but is Autumn absolutely for sure still out of the question? Same deal as last time, ya know.
July 26th It seems that every year Matt gets his picture in here with a fish. To see the one for this year, click HERE. And by the way, this one is just a sample; there were a lot more of them. The bass are really biting in the early morning these days.

Wait! Wait! Jamie just knocked on the HERE to see what she caught this morning.
July 27th What a morning........dark, dreary, calm, quiet, warm, and damp (but not raining). No one is fishing and no one is even outside; maybe no one else is even awake. It's a morning for reading and relaxing. Beautiful!!!!! There aren't enough mornings like this.
July 28th One more fish picture for this week. Look what Matthew caught tonight when he went fishing with his Grandpa. Actually his Grandpa caught one of them, so the other three, including the biggest one, were Matthew's. Click HERE.
July 29th There were nine Loons on the lake this morning.
July 30th Denny T and his three cabin group from Illinios arrived today. His brother was here last week and two of his sisters were here the week before.
July 31st Tons and tons of people sat around a campfire for a long long time last night. That hasn't happened much this year. It was nice!

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