April 2012

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Palm Sunday It's spring fever, that's what it's called. And when you have it, you don't quite know what it is that you want, but you want it so badly that it just makes your heart ache!
-- Mark Twain (circa 1880)
April_2nd In most (if not all) of the years since I've been here, Loons have been heard flying overhead about a week before the ice was out on Little Bass Lake. In most (if not all) of the years since I've been here, the LBL Loons have arrived on the very day that the ice went out. As of today, the ice on LBL has been gone for six days and I have yet to hear or see a Loon anywhere. I hope that simply means that they weren't fooled by the nice weather that arrived in early March, that they stuck to their original travel plans, and that they're still on their way up here.
April 3rd Last night, some time after yesterday's Chronicles entry was posted, the sound of a Loon could be heard off in the distance. I could not tell from whence it came, but it was most definitely a Loon. The first one! Perhaps nothing drastic has happened after all.
April 4th This happened HERE. Ya know, in most years the docks aren't even off of the ice by April 4th, but this year one of them is back in the water already. As I keep saying: AMAZING!
Maundy Thursday There isn't much for waterfowl on the lake yet, which is highly unusual. There have been only a few Mallards, a few Goldeneyes, a few Canada Geese, and two Swans (but no Loons). In fact, the whole area seems to be low on waterfowl as compared to past years. I hope it just has to do with the early spring.
Note added at 5:20 PM:   The Loons are back!!!!!!
April 6th It's Good Friday.........and also the 15th day of Nisan, so the Passover starts at Sundown today.

As of yesterday the Spring raking is done......but to see what happened on this day in 2008, click HERE and HERE.
April 7th Today's LBLR Easter Egg Hunt has been cancelled. Click HERE.
Easter Sunday One would think that God has a sense of humor, so this is fine. Click HERE.

As of yesterday, Dotz's cabin is ready to go. The next one in line for Spring cleaning is yours Jeff.
April 9th There are tons and tons of Warblers passing through here on their way up north already.
April 10th Here's a philosophical question for you:   If you were a robot, and you didn't know it but I did.......would you want me to tell you?
April 11th The second dock is now in the water. One more to go (plus the front porch of course). This may seem early, but look at this.......from exactly two years ago today. Click HERE.

I had a nice phone conversation with Bob and Jo Frey this afternoon. Geez, I wish they were able to come back here again.
April 12th Cabin # 1 is up and running and ready to be Spring cleaned. Two more to open up.
April 13th and 14th I have nothing to say.
April 15th Up to a half inch of rain is predicted for today and 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight with an accumulation of up to 7 inches in some areas. Wanna bet? The ground hog is a better weather predictor than those guys.......but I refilled my woodbox just in case.
April 16th Oh-no!!!! Click HERE. Sigh..........

Here's a note to all you people who said "But you like winter":   Yes, you are quite correct, I do like winter. BUT this isn't winter; this is winter weather in the middle of April, which I don't like. And I am unanimous in that, by the way!!!!!!
April 17th Hey Bob and Sharon and Teresa, I've got another little lake for you for this summer, and I think you'll really like this one.
April 18th A good thing about an early Spring like we had this year, is that it gives you a few extra weeks to procrastinate before you really get behind in your Spring chores. But you should also remember that the quicker you get behind, the more time you'll have to get caught up.
April 19th On this day in the year 1775 (237 years ago) in Lexington Massachusetts, the "shot heard 'round the world" was fired.
April 20th Yesterday was the last day for you competitive, aggressive, impulsive, rash, and impatient Ariens, for today begins the sign of the Bull.
April 21st It rained all morning, now it's snowing this afternoon, and it'll probably continue with this rain/snow mixture the rest of the day. And with a high of around 35 degrees on top of that, it seems like today should be either the fishing opener or the day we planned to put the pontoons in the water.
Earth Day Alas...... If no one minds, I'm going to change my principles once again. It's rather difficult to maintain the same beliefs for long periods of time.
April 23th Highway 169 South in Grand Rapids isn't going to be pleasant this summer. It'll be down to one lane from the bridge over the Missippi River just a tad south of Highway 2, all the way to 13th Street South (which is the McDonald's Hamburger corner near K-Mart). It wont be too difficult to get around the problem if you know how to do it, but the traffic might be a bit heavy for those small city streets.
April 24th The Bluegills haven't moved into the shallows yet, but there were tons and tons of little perch near the docks this morning.

Dick T and I played nine holes of golf in Deer River on this day in 2006. I'm not sure, but I think that was the last round I ever played.
April 25th This happened 36 years ago today. Click HERE.
April 26th The last of the docks went into the water this morning.......the pontoons will go in tomorrow.

Remember this in September: Sarge says (and said so before the season began) that his New York Yankees will not be in the play-offs this year. It's documented here Sarge; we'll see if you are correct. Note added October 6th:   The Yankees play the Orioles tonight in the first round of the Play-offs. Good prediction Sarge!!!
April 27th There! All of the pontoons are in the water (we put five in today), all the docks are in the water, and 4 1/2 cabins have been spring cleaned. We're moving right along here.
April 28th I've always loved this picture of the hill behind my house. Click HERE.
April 29th Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.
-- Friedrich Nietzsche (circa 1880)
April 30th Take heed:
In Celtic tradition, the night of April 30th was thought to be the darkest of the year. It was the night when witches flew to frighten mortals and to spawn evil throughout the land. In response, our ancestors lit bonfires and torches, and witch-proofed their houses with boughs. They pounded on kettles, slammed doors, cracked whips, rang church bells, and made all the noise they could to scare off the corruption they imagined to be moving in on the moist spring air. Such vigils were kept throughout the night until the rising of the May Day dawn. But rest easy, stay in-doors, and let us see what the morrow brings!

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