August 2012

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August 1st This may seem a bit premature, but as the last of Summer gently wears away and Autumn approaches, consider this:   A vacation spot out of season always seems to have a very special magic.   And remember, I have cabins available in the Fall, so if you're interested in experiencing that "very special magic" call me (or click on the mailbox below and send me an e-mail).
August_2nd Do you remember this photo from about a month ago? Click HERE. That nest is now deserted.......the adult and chicks flew the coop (so to speak) about a week ago. The only other times that I recorded their date of departure (2005 and 2006) they left in mid-to-late August. Do you suppose that this year's early spring was the cause of their early exodus? So long Ospreys; have a good winter and we'll see you again in the Springtime.
August 3rd It has been a hot summer throughout most of the state ("terribly hot" some have said), but here at LBLR it has actually been a pretty nice summer, weatherwise. There have been a few days in the 90s but most of the summer has seen temps in the low-to-mid 80s, which is a perfect "at the lake" temperature. Compare that to the cold summer of three years ago when the very first time a group of people got in the water and felt comfortable was on August 7th. Click HERE and read the entry for that day if you'd like to reminisce.
August 4th Just for the record:   The Carlsons' were supposed to arrive this afternoon to start their annual LBLR vacation but since a cabin was available yesterday, Erin and Tom decided to come in a day early. Word got around.......and since there are two bedrooms in that cabin, Colleen and Kevin decided to show up a day early as well. I don't know how the rest of their vacation will go, but when I left their cabin at 1:45 this morning it was pretty obvious that vacation day "minus 1" was going very well indeed.
August 5th Geez this was good!!! Thanks Cind (aka SL), you are a great outdoor griller. Click HERE.
August 6th Home-made campfire benches. Click HERE.
August 7th It's interesting when there are two "fire-bug" families here at the same time, one with two cabins and one with three cabins. That's the situation we have here this week and it really puts the firepit to use. It's a good thing that there's plenty of firewood!
August 8th The fishing this year seemed good from mid-May through July, but since August started nobody seems to be catching much. Sigh.......
August 9th It's too chilly for coffee and the daily crossword puzzle out on the front porch this morning. Does that mean the summer is really winding down? Are we, perchance, getting near to that first cold rainy evening (or morning) when a sweatshirt and a fire in the fireplace feels good?
August 10th The week that's just ending was another great week weather-wise. Yesterday was a little cool (high in the low 70s and with a cool breeze) but the other days were high 70s or low 80s. As mentioned before, that's perfect "at the lake" weather.......and next week promises to be more of the same. What a great weather year this as been!!!!!!   [Aside -- Is that what you were looking for Laurie? -- End of Aside]
August 11th Farewell to the Carlsons and the Kelchers.......same time, same place, next year, right?   Besides later this fall, of course.
August 12th
            A meal without breakfast
August_13th The Grackles have suddenly returned to LBLR "en masse". It's funny how that happens, isn't it? They're all over the place.
August 14th Today LBLR will have about 14 1/4 hours of daylight (6:15 AM to 8:30 PM) which is the same amount that we had back on April 27th. In between those two dates we peaked out at just a tad under 16 hours on June 21st (which is about 1 3/4 hours more daylight than we have now) and we are quickly heading toward the 8 1/2 hours that we'll get down to in late December.
August 15th VJ Day!
August 16th There are a few leaves falling already (neato!), but not many. Click HERE. And by the way, today's high temperature was 64. Neato(!) again.
August 17th Drink to me only with thine eyes,
And I will pledge with mine;
Or leave a kiss but in my cup
And I'll not look for wine.
                      -- Ben Jonson (1616)
August 18th A five "inch" Large Mouth Bass.......good one Barb! At least it's bigger than the hook (though not by much). Click HERE.
August 19th In case you've ever wondered:
LBLR has been around for a long time but it has had only three owners. Clyde Jellison began the resort (originally known as Little Bass Camp) in 1932 and owned it until 1972 when he sold it to John Anderson. John owned it until 1992 when he sold it to me. And if you are even more interested, click HERE to see a very short history of the place, and click HERE to see an interesting little LBLR mystery.
August 20th For just a bit last night there were some green streaks in the Northern sky. They were very faint but that had to be a minor Northern Lights display.
August 21st Saturday morning Iowa Terry and crew moved into Cabin # 1. Since Sunday afternoon (it's now Tuesday morning) they have been watching baby snapping turtles emerge from a nest at the edge of the beach area and wander into the lake. So far they've counted 26 of them and they're convinced that there are still a few more in there. To see some of them (all covered with sand from their nest) click HERE. Thanks for the pictures you guys!

So long to Phil and Susan H from Louisville, Kentucky. This was their first stay at LBLR and they said they hope to make it back here again next year. I hope so too.
August 22nd Today is the last day for you confident, ambitious, generous, stubborn, and domineering Leos, for tomorrow begins the sign of the Maiden.

By the way, the final turtle count (see above) was 28.......or more if some of them managed to get out of the nest unseen.
August 23rd We're moving right along, click HERE.

Note to North Carolina Laurie:   Bring warm clothes.
August 24th Sorry about this Laurie. Click HERE.
August 25th Finally! All the road work on south 169 is finished and there are left turn lanes on that whole end of town. Neato!
August 26th Terry and Carl left today, but Amanda, Ryan, and Alaina are staying for a few more days. Good thinkin'!
August 27th The young Loons are really growing but no matter how big they get, the parents will still feed them until they leave. However, one would think that the little ones are catching at least some food themselves, wouldn't one? And here's another thought, Loons don't really fly very often......unlike Mallards or Goldeneyes who seem to fly all the time. Will the young ones practice flying before they leave the lake to head south in late October or early November? I don't know; I've never seen a young one try to fly.
August 28th LBLR's product is a quiet, relaxing week in a clean, modern (but not plush) cabin on the edge of a quiet little lake that's good for swimming, fishing and boating. Its clientele consists mostly of retired couples and families with kids. If one is looking for a "thrill-a-minute" vacation or a hardcore fishing trip, one will have to look elsewhere because LBLR is not that.
August 29th Amanda, Ryan, and Alaina are gone too. So long you guys, and we'll see you next year.......if not sooner.
August 30th This is to clarify the August 23rd entry (above). Those words (and the picture) could possibly have given one the impression that the trees in this neck of the woods are awash with Autumn color.......when in fact, that's far from the truth. Actually, there is almost no Autumn color on any trees as yet. That picture was the first branch to turn red on a Maple tree that turns red unusually early, and in no way is it indicative of how the majority of the trees around here look. Everything is almost totally green still.
August 31st After nearly a fortnight at LBLR, John and Nina left this morning to return to their home in England. Oddly enough, on this very day five years ago, John's parents (Brian and Marie) also left LBLR to return to their home in England. Interesting coincidence, is it not? It was very nice having them here and they hope to come back again next year. I hope so as well.

Hurray!!!!!! Lori is here for the first time since early July.

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