July 2012

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July 1st RaeAnn caught this bass across the lake from LBLR. Click HERE.

Bev and Dotz left this morning after being here for a week. Thanks for coming and thanks for the help Dotz, expecially with the Pontoon motor.

Note to Aaron and Sarah:   As the above sentence indicates, the starter on the pontoon motor was fixed the day after you quit using it. Sorry about that.......and it wont happen again next year.
July 2nd The little beggar!!!!! I wonder how he would handle a caffeine buzz? Click HERE.

We were hit with a storm about 7:00 PM today; trees down, no electricity, no internet, no phone; no TV.
July 3rd Here's something from a few years ago, but it's as appropriate now as it was then. Click HERE.

The electricity came back on this morning but still no internet, phone, or TV.
The 4th of July It's a beautiful day at the lake and look at this picture. These girls have been "internet starved" since it went out with the storm two days ago, and it (along with the phone and the TV) just came back on a few minutes ago. And they aren't the only ones doing that, by the way. Click HERE.
July 5th Because breakfast on the front porch during the week of July 4th has become a Rieder tradition, here's another picture of them. Left to right they are Jeff, Ben, Tracie, Mol, and Em (Mol and Em are the ones with their eyes closed). Click HERE.
July 6th This looks ominous but it passed to the north of LBLR and left us unscathed. Click HERE.

As per the discussions in the June Chonicles about Loon nesting behavior (or the lack thereof) on LBL, I cannot explain this nor have I seen it with my own eyes.......but there are reports of two baby Loons being seen on the lake. If that is correct, it's the first time since 2006.
July 7th Welcome back to Pat Hanson and her family (in cabins 1, 2, and 3) for their 22nd consecutive year. Welcome back also to Jack & Jennifer and Jerry & Kris (in cabin 4), Kelly, Sam & family (in cabin 5), and Bob & Bin & relatives (in cabin 6). This is flying on the LBLR flag pole in honor of Bin's relatives who are visiting LBLR.......they live in China. Click HERE.
July 8th They're difficult to see, but the two baby loons are in this picture. Thanks Dennis. Click HERE.
July 9th First, look at this picture. Click HERE. Now consider this:   Last Monday evening a storm blew through here with 85 MPH winds which uprooted many many very large trees. But that Osprey nest (along with an adult and two chicks) which was sitting in a wide open area atop a power pole survived unscathed. Amazing, isn't it?
July_10th Less than a week ago (July 4th to be exact) the earth was at aphelion, the farthest distance away from the sun it will get this year. With all the hot weather we've been having in recent times, that's bit difficult to fathom, is it not?
July 11th Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
-- John Lubbock (but I don't know which John Lubbock; Wikipedia lists several of them going back to 1744)
July 12th Oh my goodness, look at this. They're really out there. Click HERE.
July 13th Some mornings the lake beckons even though one is still in one's pajamas. Click HERE.
July 14th As you've noticed, the lake level went up and then down more than six inches in the last ten weeks, and it's now back to what it was on May 4th when the DNR calibrated the measuring device. But that's still pretty's normally 4 to 6 inches lower than this in mid-July.
July 15th If you go to Google Maps and ask for "walking directions" from The Shire to Mordor, you will get a message saying: "Use caution – One does not simply walk into Mordor".
July 16th This is just a few miles north of (and about 240 feet higher than) LBLR. Click HERE.
July 17th and 18th Other than the fact that the weather has been great recently, there was nothing of note these past two days......and that is noteworthy only by virtue of being part of a long stretch of nice "at the lake" weather. Let us hope it continues (the nice weather, that is).
July 19th Why in the world is this Snapping Turtle crossing the road this time of the year? Generally the Snapper Moms lay their eggs in early June, so what is this one doing so far from the water now? You can see how big it is by looking at how much of the road it's occupying. Click HERE.
July 20th Good shootin' Deb. Click HERE.
July 21st Today is the last day for you emotional, intuitive, cautious, and sympathetic (but moody) Cancerians, for tomorrow begins the sign of the Lion.
July 22nd Thanks for the nice weekend Deb. We all enjoyed it! Give us a yell when you can come back.
July 23rd Bob is holding both fish, but Teresa caught the biggest one. Incidentally, they caught more fish than that today.......those are just the two biggest ones. Click HERE.
July 24th To see Matt's "annual" fish picture, click HERE. Maybe his annual pictures should be put into an album.
July 25th This is in honor of the Ebernoe Horn Fair which is being held today in the English county of Sussex. But remember, and this goes down through several centuries:   All is fair at the Horn Fare.   Click HERE and HERE.
July 26th Do you suppose the high water in the early summer had an effect on the wild rice crop? Here is a picture of the wild rice in the river in Novembr 2009 and of the same area this morning. The normal state of the river and the wild rice at that spot is as it was in 2009 (but green this time of the year rather than brown as it was in November). It's a slightly different angle but it's the same place, and it's quite a difference isn't it? Click HERE.
July 27th Sherry is the best of all preparations for a good dinner with good wine. It whets the appetite. A couple of martinis or whiskeys ruins the palate and the mind for both food and wine.
-- William L. Shirer (author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich)
July 28th I didn't realize that one Swan could become two Swans so suddenly, nor did I realize that Swans are so patriotic. They look kind of nice along with the equally mysterious Flamingo, do they not? And isn't it rather odd that this year's Swan suddenly appeared about the same time in July that the first Swan appeared last year? Hmmmmm........ Click HERE.
July 29th More later.
July 30th There's something in a summer’s noon —
A depth — an Azure — a perfume —
Transcending ecstasy.

-- Sweet Emily (circa 1859)
July 31st Denny and Sandy and their group (all three cabins of them) had a fish fry last night. They arrived on the 28th. It sure didn't take them long to catch enough fish for the whole group, did it?

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