June 2012

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June 1st As mentioned in the May 29th Chronicles entry, the lake peaked out at 1283.19 feet above sea level. This morning it's 1283.08 feet above sea level which means it lost a tad over 1.3 inches. Assuming that all the water loss was by way of the little stream that runs from the north end of Little Bass over to Bass lake, just a bit over 5.7 million gallons of water ran down that little stream in the last 3 days. Amazing! To see the details click HERE.
June 2nd It would appear that the Loon is not sitting on her nest anymore and there are no chicks. Why is that, do you suppose? There have been no baby Loons on LBL since the summer of 2006, but there has been a nesting pair here every year.
June 3rd Tim, Monica, and the rest of the members of the Charles City (Iowa) invasion arrived yesterday for their annual LBLR excursion. All six cabins are full of them. Welcome back you guys!!!!!

Here's Sarge with a nice Northern that he caught yesterday on Little Bass. Click HERE.
June 4th There are a zillion kids in the resort this week.......which is good.
June 5th Although the LBL water level is steadily falling from its high of a week ago (down nearly half of the six inches it had went up), the Mississippi River is being held at its current level. To see the public landing on the River in Cohasset click HERE.

PS:   I know this isn't much compared to the high water you Down Staters get on occasion, but for up here in the Northland, it's a lot.
D-Day Approximately 16 million Americans saw some service in the US Armed Forces during World War II, and as of last November nearly 1.7 million of them (a tad over 10%) were still alive. However, about 850 of them die every day so their numbers are rapidly dwindling. Approximately 156,000 allied troops landed on the Normandy beaches 68 years ago today, and if the same percentage of them are still living as with US World War II veterans, there are about 15,000 of them still alive.
June 7th One more thing about our pair of resident Loons. They put their nest in a different location this year, which surprised me. But here's the thing. One of them sat on the nest for a week or two and then eventually they quit sitting on it. There have been no Loon chicks (or whatever you call them) on LBL since 2006. Why is that, do you suppose? I find it hard to believe that a preditor got at the eggs. Since I saw the Momma loon protect her nest and eggs by fighting off a Bald Eagle for 10 or 15 minutes a few years ago, I can't believe anything short of a wolf (and maybe not even that) would have gotten past her. And besides that, as usual, her nest was in a location that made a "land" approach could only be gotten to by air or water. Maybe I should sneak over there and see if there are any unhatched eggs in it.
June 8th This is what a resort swimming raft is supposed to look like. Since those kids have been out there for hours, one would sure hope that they're wearing sun protection, wouldn't one? Click HERE.
June 9th LBLR has a Facebook fact it has two of them. How did that happen? Can one of you Facebook gurus out there explain that to me? Josh?
June 10th An early morning kayak ride can be very enjoyable.......when the weather cooperates. Click HERE.
June 11th I know I'm gonna get raked over the coals for saying this, times I'm convinced that no matter where you compare it to, you'll find that this is God's number one area for unpleasant women of strong character.
June 12th There is definitely some indigenous wildlife (which probably should be relocated) living under the deck to cabin 4. Sigh....... Click HERE.
NOTE:   This entry was edited on June 14th to rectify a dangling participle (or perhaps just a misplaced modifier). Sorry about that.

By the way, as of today the "revived" LBLR Chronicles has been going for a year.
June 13th A new feature (which works "fairly" well) has been added to the LBLR Chronicles. Have you ever wanted to find something, a picture for instance, that you "know" was in an entry from years ago, but you couldn't remember exactly when it was? A "search" function has been added to the bottom of the "LBLR Archives" page. Just type some words that you think were in that entry, and click "SEARCH". It will then give you a list of all the LBLR web-site pages that contain those words, and you can click on each one until you find what you want. It works well if you can think of an uncommon word (or words) that was in the entry, otherwise you'll still have to do some manual searching. It's not great but at times it can narrow your searches down fairly well.
Flag Day The picture says it all. Click HERE.
June_15th After a year of anticipation, this starts tomorrow afternoon. Click HERE.
Father's Day To North Carolina Laurie:
  • The snake is not gone. Snakes are our friends.
  • Concerning the Falcons:   As sad as it may seem, a parent's job is to become superfluous.
  • How many days to go yet?
  • June 17th Okay Laurie, relax! Our friend, the snake, has been relocated (and unharmed, by the way). He wasn't by your cabin anyway.
    June 18th Austin (center) caught the fish but everyone wants to get into the picture. Click HERE.
    June 19th Tomorrow is the last day for you adaptable, witty, intellectual, spontaneous, and extroverted Geminians, for then begins the sign of the Crab.
    June 20th Congratulations(!) to Christine and Shawn on their wedding at LBLR this afternoon. Click HERE.
    Summer Solstice As mentioned in the May 29th entry, the lake peaked at 1283.19 feet above sea level which was a new record.......until this morning, that is. With all the rain the last few days (thank goodness that it let up for the wedding yesterday), today the lake is about a 1/3 of an inch higher than that, or 1283.22 feet above sea level. I know 1/3 of an inch isn't much of a difference, but it's enough to make it a new record.

    As of now, the days are getting shorter.
    June 22nd Today is the last day of the Kielpinski Reunion because tomorrow they leave. Thanks for coming you guys. I enjoyed it immensely and I hope you do it again in the not too distant future. For a group picture, click HERE.
    June 23rd
                A small glass of wine is immoral, illogical, and inadequate!
    June 24th What gorgeous weather! These are the days we dream about in February.
    June 25th Aaron and Sarah caught a nice mess of Crappies on LBL this evening. Good job you guys!!!!!
    June 26th Here's a fish picture taken in front of cabin 1 back in 1989. She's the Mother of Brian (and Dave and Larry and Dan), by the way. Click HERE.
    June 27th Here's another Loon observation:   Every year there are only two resident Loons on LBL, but often there are more than that here at one time, especially in the autumn shortly before they migrate. Occasionally when there are three or more here at the same time, they will get together in a tight circle. The members of the circle will then move in close together (almost like they're kissing) then move back again and do that several times. In between those moves they will sometimes all bob their heads and bodies up and down simultaneously over and over again. Eventually they all dive under water then come back to the surface and do the whole thing over again, almost like little kids playing "ring around the rosie". Sometimes this goes on several times over a period of 20 or 30 minutes. I've probably witnessed this behavior half a dozen times in the last 20 years (this morning being the most recent) but do any of you have information concerning this little ritual? Any comments? Jerry B?
    June 28th Aaron, Sarah, and family (the Andersons, see June 25th (above)) have been here this week for the first time in many years, and they're coming back again next year.......maybe with more family members. To see them, click HERE.
    June 29th Here's a father and daughter enjoying the last day of their LBLR vacation. Click HERE.
    June 30th As usual for this week, there are tons and tons of Angst relatives here.

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