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May 2012

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May_Day A tad over a month ago spring sprang.......so we've had our state of grace and our little gift of sanctioned madness, courtesy of Mother Nature. Thanks Gaia; much obliged. Now it's time to get back to the daily routine of living, which we like to call "normal".
-- David Assael (1991)
(By the way, those words were uttered by Chris Stevens (the DJ) in an episode of Northern Exposure titled "Spring Break".)
May 2nd Oh geez, look at this. My next door neighbor, Em, brought me a bouquet of flowers. How sweet! How sweet! Click HERE.
May 3rd The first LBLR White-throated Sparrow was heard yesterday, and there are still lots of Warblers around.
May 4th The DNR guys stopped over yesterday and calibrated my lake level gauge. If anyone is interested, the surface of the lake as of today is 1282.64 feet above sea level. With one exception that's about normal for this time of the year. (The one exception was in 2008 when it was 3.36 inches higher than this.) And actually, that's pretty good considering the lack of snow this past winter.

The resort season has begun!!!! Jeff, Christine, and Jordan arrived this afternoon.
Cinco de Mayo Speaking of the lake level:
I've been measuring it since 2006. The lowest reading during that time was on August 11, 2006 when the level dropped to 1281.95 feet above sea level, and the highest reading during that time was on May 14, 2008 when it rose to 1283.06 feet above sea level. The difference between the lowest and the highest readings is just a tad over 13 inches. However, in the years between 1992 when I moved here and 2006 when I started taking accurate measurements, there were times when the water was lower than that and times when it was higher, but there were no accurate measurements to show how much the difference was.
Sixi�me de Mai One time about 6 or 8 years ago when my friend Sarge put his boat in the water for the first time in the Spring, his bilge pump wouldn't run. Before he went into town to buy a new one, he happened to mention it to Larry, a Bass fisherman from Illinois who was staying in cabin 6 at the time. Larry told him that a surefire way to fix a bilge pump is to hit it a couple of times with a big screwdriver. Sarge tried it and it worked and that bilge pump was still working when he got rid of the boat last Spring. This Spring when I put Jeff K's boat in the water, his bilge pump wouldn't work. (Can you see where this is going?) Last night Sarge reminded me of his experience and recommended that I try Larry's method on Jeff's boat. I did that this morning and it worked like magic. Take heed all you boat owners! And thank you Sarge and Larry.
The Nones of May Oh Geez, I passed the 20 year anniversary of owning LBLR and didn't even notice. It was on May Day 1992 that I signed the papers and became the owner of my very own resort. Well, that's that.......now onward to the next 20 years.
May 8th Jeff and Christine (in cabin 2) had a nice mess of LBL Crappies for lunch today.
May 9th All of the cabins have been spring cleaned and are ready to go, but already three of them have been occupied since they were cleaned.
May 10th There were a few days of good Crappie fishing.......and then suddenly they quit biting.

This is only the second time (that I can remember) in 20 years that the price of gas has not jumped up mid-week before the fishing opener.
May 11th While mowing the lawn yesterday I found a dozen morels which I gave to the guest in cabin 4. I wonder how many other ones I ran over with the mower because I didn't notice them.
May 12th It's the Fishing Opener.......and what gorgeous weather. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
May 13th The guests in cabin 4 fished on Bow String yesterday and came back with "a few" nice Walleyes, but that's the only fishing report I've had so far.
May 14th Jeff and Christine left this morning.......their Spring vacation is over. Some years at this time it hasn't even started yet.
May 15th In spite of the Farmer's Almanac prediction of a cold May, the weather for the first half of the month was warm and beautiful.
May 16th Hey Stover.......it works great! It tends to go in different directions haphazardly so maybe I can find the instructions for a rudder on the internet; I'll look. Definitely much more hi-tech than matchstick rockets. It's great!!!! Thanks a lot! Click HERE.
May 17th There are three chicks in the Falcon nest. Click HERE, and thanks for the info Laurie.
May 18th Welcome to the half dozen attendees of Cindy's annual pre-Memorial Day "girls weekend" (formerly know as Wenches on Water Weekend), and welcome to Matt and Kyle (Randy's nephews) and their friends for a weekend fishing excursion.
May 19th Here are some pictures of the LBL Loon sitting on her nest. You will notice that the pictures were taken a long, long, way from the nest so that she wouldn't be bothered. Click HERE.
May 20th Today is the last day for you gregarious, stubborn, acquisitive, affectionate, materialistic, and cautiousness Taureans, for tomorrow begins the sign of Gemini.
May 21st Here's a comment from Gary in Tennessee concerning the May 19th entry (see above):
Gee, no one loves loons more than I do. Have you ever noticed how many movies have loon sounds in the background? However, if anyone complains about the fishing, you can blame it on the loons. The family of loons that's about ready to get started on Little Bass will eat almost 800 pounds of fish before they head south. Click HERE.
May 22nd Nicole, a student from South Dakota State University, is doing an internship with the DNR in Grand Rapids this summer. She will be living at the home of Brian and Ann K on Moonshine Lake just south of LBL, or as they like to call it, the headwaters of Little Bass Lake. It'll be interesting to hear her comments about our local DNR as the summer wears on.......assuming that she will share them with us of course.
May 23rd The LBLR TV/Computer room is now ready to go. Click HERE.
May 24th Tomorrow the summer will begin.......resort-wise, that is. It's 8:00 PM and I am totally alone in the resort. Tomorrow at this time it'll be me and 35 other people. What a difference a day can make.
May 25th Due to the rain the last couple of days, the lake level has went up just short of 2 inches. It's now 3.6 inches higher than it was on May 4th when the DNR calibrated the gauge.
May 26th The resort is FULL.......the game is afoot!

Here are some grandkids having a frigid Memorial Weekend swim (complete with a tons and tons of screaming). Click HERE.
May 27th Rain.......rain.......rain, all day. But here's David (in the wheelchair) and his Dad out on the front porch between rain showers. Click HERE.
Memorial Day Click HERE. (Thanks for the picture Sarge.)
May 29th The Lake level went up over six and a half inches since May 4th. That's a lot of rain! It's now at 1283.19 feet above sea level which is the the highest it has been since I began taking measurements in 2006, and nearly 3 inches above the previous high which was on May 5, 2008.
May 30th Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring [morning].
-- W. Earl Hall (circa 1950)
May 31st Click HERE.

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