November 2012

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All_Saints'_Day Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and the time of maturity........but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. What man can stand on a hilltop in autumn and fail to see the span of his world and the meaning of the rolling hills that reach to the far horizon?
-- Hal Borland (circa 1960)

The tree that went down during the infamous July 2nd storm has now been removed from the lake (thanks for the help Sarge) and the swimming raft is out of the water as well. Both of those items were taken care of yesterday.
All Souls' Day This mess around the fire pit has to be burned. Are there any volunteers? How about the Hughes family over the Thanksgiving weekend? Josh, will you be around then? Click HERE.
Sadie Hawkins Day It's also the first day of deer hunting. As the season evolves I'll keep you apprised of any deer hunting news that comes this way.

Thanks for the chat Sean, I enjoyed it.
November 4th If it's on average, the lake should be frozen 3 weeks from tomorrow. What do you think? Click HERE.
November 5th Deer hunting update:   My friend Bob S got a six point buck on the opener. Bob's friend Rhonda got a doe yesterday. One of Ron E's group (cabins 1 & 2) got a spike horn this morning. So far Sarge has been been skunked.......but it's early yet.
November 6th Note to Gary in Tennessee:   You're right, that does look like a lectern from a distance. Actually it's a plaque that the DNR put up there after we spent two years restoring the LBLR shoreline to it's natural condition. To see a close-up of it (which isn't very readable), click HERE.

More deer hunting news:   Sarge isn't skunked anymore.......he got a deer late this afternoon. Good one Sarge!!!!
November 7th Winter is getting close. If I don't find a wife pretty soon, I'm gonna have to buy a new electric blanket.
November 8th Here's a plug for a great, relatively new, local establishment:   Toivo's Restaurant & Sports Bar. Today is Thursday, and Thursday is $5.00 burger basket's good and a good deal as well!!!!!! My neighbor and I will be on our way there momentarily. By the way, Amy and Nikki are great owners and hosts (though Nikki is out having her third child even as we speak), and you'll like the place. Try it the next time you're in town.
November 9th Darn! That critter (whatever it is) that's again living under cabin 2 was in my trap last night but got away, apparently due to a trap malfunction. No doubt he enjoyed feasting on the bait because he ate it all. The trap door closed but didn't lock. you suppose it's possible that the critter is so big that when it was in the trap, part of its body (tail perhaps) was still outside and kept the door from closing tightly? Crawling under that cabin to shut it down for the winter and coming face-to-face with a critter of unknown species could be rather unpleasant, so I either have to catch him in the trap or buy a trail camera and get a picture of him.
November 10th It's awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime, but at night it's another thing.
-- Ernest Hemingway, "The Sun Also Rises" (1926)

Good ol' Ernest sure had that right.
November 11th Lots of thunder, lightening, and rain yesterday in two separate storms. If it would have been snow the winter would have started off great!
November 12th It's not much, but it's a start. Click HERE.
November 13th It hasn't been above freezing for a couple of days and there's a little ice on the edge of the lake. Sarge says that Moonshine is completely covered with a thin sheet of ice this morning.
November 14th There was a large flock of Starlings just west of Grand Rapids a few days ago. That's a common sight down-state but it's a rare occurrence up in this neck of the woods.
November 15th For the next week and a half the weatherman predicts dry with temperatures about 15 degrees above normal. Will the lake ever again be frozen by Thanksgiving? Certainly not this year. Sigh.......
November 16th To see what LBLR was graced with this morning, click HERE. I think they might be Trumpeters but I sent the picture (a closer shot) to my bird expert friend (Jerry B) to see if he can tell for sure.

Note added later:   Jerry B has responded. They are most certainly Trumpeter Swans, which is a new LBL Bird (number 92, click HERE), and a new lifer as well.
November 17th Fireplace wood for this winter is ready, and fireplace wood for next winter is split and stacked to dry for a year. Click HERE.
November 18th With the release of the animated short "Steamboat Willy" Mickey Mouse was born on this day in 1928, which makes him 84 years old.
November 19th Here's an update concerning the critter under cabin 2 (see the entry for November 9th, above):   Apparently "almost" getting caught in the trap was such a traumatic event that he never returned. That's good of course, but now we'll never know what kind of a critter he was.
November 20th Click HERE.
November 21st A year ago today this was the scene around here. There is nothing of the sort this year. Click HERE.
Thanksgiving Day On this day in 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated. It is said that everyone in the US remembers exactly what they were doing when they first heard that he was shot. That's true of course, but it only applies to 25% of us. The other 75% have since died, were less than 4 years old at the time, or hadn't been born yet.
Black Friday Cold, snow, and lots of wind. The pre-dawn shoppers standing in lines outside are probably wondering if it's all worth the effort and wishing that they were still in their nice warm beds.

Yesterday was the last day for you optimistic, jovial, honest, and philosophical Scorpios, for today begins the time of the Archer.
November 24th It's 8 degrees this morning. As of now the temperature has not been above freezing for at least 36 hours and it wont get that high for another 5 days; meanwhile the lows will be between 5 and 15 degrees. With that in mind, are there any further guesses on the date the lake will freeze? (Bear in mind that there is some, but still very little, ice on the lake.) To see the ice click HERE; to see the history click HERE.

The north end of the resort is now shut down for the winter and, as usual, my grandson did most of the work. Thanks again Josh.
November 25th I can't believe this happened. Lori bought a doll at a flea market yesterday, and as the sun came up this morning she was out in the snow taking pictures of it. Eventually the doll fell off of a dock into the water and floated away, causing her to panic and run to get help. (She was yelling the whole way to the house, I might add. I thought that maybe she was being chased by a wild animal.) Luckily it got hung up on the ice just off the point by the duplex, and with the help of my longest landing net duct-taped to a 20 foot aluminum pole, the doll was rescued. (The icy water going over the top of my boot wasn't very pleasant, by the way.) To see her doll just seconds before it fell in the water, click HERE. To see what this whole affair reminds me of, click HERE.
November 26th On average, the lake should be frozen today. It's not.......but it's close. Keep checking back.
November 27th LBL Bird number 93, a Ring-necked Duck. One was diving near the Cabin # 4 dock all by itself this afternoon. Click HERE.
November 28th Getting an inch of snow is like winning ten cents in the lottery.
November 29th This picture is from two days ago, but what do you suppose caused this to happen. That part of the lake had been frozen for at least three days, and then this hole opened up. That has happened on at least two occasions before (and maybe more); do you suppose that there could be a spring at that location? Click HERE.
November 30th I really thought the lake was going to freeze last night, but no luck. And now considering what the weatherman has planned for us over the next several days, it might be quite awhile yet. Hey Gary G in Tennessee, your 12/7 prediction is beginning to look pretty good.

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