October 2012

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The Calends As colder weather approaches, consider the words of John Steinbeck:   I've lived in a good climate and it bores the [heck] out of me. I like weather rather than climate.
October 2nd Over the last month the lake level has dropped about an inch and a half, down to 1282.2 feet above sea level. Since the lake level is usually on the rise by October and since we have rain in the forecast starting tomorrow, this just might be the lowest it will get this year. As a comparison to this date in the years 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, it is now even, -2.25 inches, even, and +.5 inches respectively. However, bear in mind that in those other four years the Autumn rains were already underway and the lake had been rising for a few weeks by early October, whereas this year it's still falling. Also, in every one of those four years the lake had been lower than this at some point during the summer.
October 3rd YES!!!!!   The Tigers won the Central Division. Click HERE.
October 4th So long to Ruth D, whose parents moved to LBL in 1927 and whose Father built the first cabin of Little Bass Camp in 1932 "to give his wife something to do". To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time she has spent a night at LBLR since her parents sold it. Thanks for coming Ruth and as always, thanks for sharing your memories with me. And by the way, if some of you haven't already done so, read this. It was compliments of HERE.
October 5th Walmart has several aisles full of Chrismas decorations already. Sigh.......
October 6th The New York Yankees will not be in the play-offs this year.
-- Brian Kielpinski (Repeated many times since Spring and documented in the Chronicles entry of April 26, 2012.)

Tomorrow night the Yankees will play the Baltimore Orioles in the first game of the play-offs. Good prediction Sarge!!!!!
The Nones Judy wet her pants in one of the LBLR boats today.
October 8th This past weekend LBLR was graced with the presence of Deb, Judy (see the above entry), and Sue in cabin 2, and Evva, Jodie, Brian, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy (sans Angie and Mike) in cabin 1.
October 9th Welcome back to my son-in-law Jim and friends for their annual grouse hunt. Geez, how many consecutive years has it been now? Doesn't it have to be nearing 20? If so, you guys have surpassed the longevity of my old ice fishing group from back in the '70s, '80s and '90s.

It has been pointed out that the Detroit Tiger flag picture in the October 3rd entry (above) is the very same picture that was displayed in the entry on September 28, 2006. Sorry about that(!), but.......same flag, same pole, same time of the year, what the heck? It was reused in an effort to save space on the server. But here's one from today, and you can tell that it's today because it shows the dark, dismal, overcast sky with a rain/sleet mixture that we have at the moment. Thanks for pointing that out Jason! Click HERE.
October 10th The grouse hunters (see above) said that this is only year number 17 for them, so they wont even tie the ice fishing record until next year.

The pontoons are out of the water. Thanks Sarge. And by the way, Cabin 3 has been shut down.
October 11th
        Nothing makes the future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of wine.   -- Napoleon
October 12th Happy "real" Columbus Day!
October 13th Darned skunks! Click HERE.
October 14th Jim and crew didn't do so good this year; they got two grouse, a woodcock, and a duck. But thanks for coming you guys.
The Ides This day, in the time of the Roman Empire, was the feast of Equirria during which a horse was sacrificed to Mars, the God of War.
October 16th Tamaracks by a pond in Autumn.......BEAUTIFUL!!!   Click HERE.
October 17th Except for cabin # 3 (which is shut down) this will be a "full" weekend, with the first people (Colleen, Kevin, Erin, Tom and for the first time, Sandie) arriving today already.
October 18th
The "WORL   SERIES" starts Wednesday and the Tigers are in it.......YES!!!!!
October 19th The sewer and water gods must be angry. There are major problems in both areas, unrelated but simultaneous. At the moment it feels like the south end of LBLR is going to heck in the old preverbial hand-basket.......all three cabins. BUT, it's nothing that a couple thousand bucks and a fair amount of effort can't solve. Sigh.......
October 20th No comment.
October 21st The year before last four large LBLR trees (two White Pines and two Basswood trees) were cut down because they were to the point of endangering buildings, and the wood from those four trees became the firepit wood for the past two years. The last of it was burned this weekend by none other than the "firebug" Carlsons. But don't worry you guys, the infamous windstorm of this past July 2nd has provided a source of firepit wood for at least two more years.
October_22nd Here's Jim, Kevin, and Colleen near cabin 5. Nice Autumn day, eh? Click HERE.
October 23rd These Tamaracks near the duplex were planted in the Spring of 2000. This picture, and the one above, are compliments of Sandie Cody. Thanks Sandie. Click HERE.
October 24th Yesterday was the last day for you stable, diplomatic, optimistic, flirtatious and extravegant Librans, for today begins the sign of the Scorpian.
I thought this bike belonged to one of the neighborhood kids, but nobody will claim it. Is there a chance that one of you guests left it here? I believe it showed up either late this summer or this fall. If it's yours, let me know. Click HERE to see it.
October 26th A little snow fell yesterday and an inch or so stayed on the ground for awhile. It's a good thing that the leaves were raked and that the summer lawn/water equipment was put away this week. However, two boats and the swimming raft are still in the water and there's wood to be split.
October 27th There! My barber is paid up for another, as usual, I hope he stays in business for the next 52 weeks.
October 28th This is my Granddaughter Kaylee in constume for her play "The Princess King". Good job Kay!!!!!! Click HERE.
October 29th Oh my goodness!!!! My Grandson Josh is 20 years old today!!!! And by the way Josh, we all missed you in Sartell this past weekend.
October 30th Darn!!!! The World Series is over. Click HERE.
All Hallows' Eve 'Tis the night! 'Tis the night
Of the grave's delight,
And the Spectres are at their play.
Ye think that without
The wild winds shout,
But no -- it is they.   It is they!
            -- Arthur Cleveland Coxe (Circa 1890)

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