January 2013

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January_One Drink a toast to January one
For annual consistence;
Its coming means the old year's done
Let's drink to its persistence

                      -- Stanley Cooper (2005)

As was the case all last month, Jupiter will be blazing high in the night sky after sunset and will set in the west a bit before sunrise. At a magnitude of about -2.7 he is far brighter than Sirius (the brightest star) but not as bright as Venus at her best. Though he will lose some of his brightness as the month progresses he will continue to be a gorgeous sight.
January 2nd Several of the local ski trails have now been "packed" and are designated as being in "fair" condition. The rest are still in "poor" condition. The Suomi and Clearwater snowmobile trails have been groomed and are in "fair" condition as well. To see the list of trails and their conditions, click HERE.
January 3rd Here's a nice example of some otter tracks out on the lake. Click HERE.
January 4th The ice is 16 inches thick at the moment. Other times that I've measured it in early Janaury it has been between 12 and 15 inches.
January 5th This is Sarge showing off for his Texas Grandsons. He's colder than he looks, by the way. Click HERE.
The Epiphany Today was our family Christmas. Click HERE. The couple in the Skype Session on the iPad is my youngest daughter and her boyfriend who are in San Francisco. The rest of us were in Rochester at the time.

Note added later:   I have had some questions (via e-mail) concerning that group photograph. The most asked question was: Why does the guy in the back with the white beard look so grumpy at a Christmas party? The answer is: Because he always looks like that. The second most asked question was: Who is the lady near the center with the beige sweater? The answer is: That's the kid's Mom, my ex-wife Darlene. We separated over 30 years ago but have been friends (more or less) ever since.
January 7th To my Dear Granddaughter Kaylee:   Thanks for the nice homemade Christmas present, but now we have to decide where to display it. Do you have any suggestions Kay? Click HERE.
January 8th On this date in 1835 the United States' national debt was zero for the only time in history. It began acruing shortly after that and by January of the next year it was up to $37,000.
January 9th Nuthun' exciting ever happens around here in the wintertime. Of course, that might be why I like winter so much.
January 10th Optimism -- Pass it on.
January 11th It rained most of the night and all of the morning (apparently in the whole state), so it's very slippery out there. If it were down hill all the way, a person could fall down in Grand Rapids and slide all the way to Iowa. My car is in the garage but I'm certain I couldn't get it up the hill and out of the driveway if I tried. Snow is predicted for tonight so it could be a real mess come morning. Luckily I laid in enough food, wine, and firewood to last for a few days.
January 12th
        Either give me more wine or leave me alone.   -- Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (circa 1250)
The Ides of January It's already the Ides.......why does January always seem to fly past like this????? The rain is over (finally) and we woke up to sub-zero temps this morning. Still not a real winter, but it's certainly better than the rain.
January 14th According to the Julian Calendar, today is New Year's day. If Great Britain and her colonies hadn't switched to the Gregorian Calendar back in 1752, a lot of us would have a hangover this morning.
January 15th To see an example of some Fox tracks in the snow, click HERE. It's probably the same Fox that we caught on a trail-cam, which is mentioned in the December 23rd entry. To see that picture again, click HERE.
January 16th Tengo nada que decir.
January 17th Today is the first day with 9 hours of daylight since November 23rd. Of course I'm only talking about Cohasset. Some of you down-staters have had at least 9:00 hours of daylight for almost 3 weeks fact, for some of you, your shortest day was only 4 minutes less than that.
January 18th Considering the number of people around here this weekend, it's "shades of summertime". Jim, Matt, Kevin, and Bob, are in the bottom of the duplex, while Deb, Judy, and Sue are in the top of the duplex. And besides that, Lori will be here tomorrow.
January 19th It snowed in Tennessee yesterday. My Dear Tennessee Cousin Mary sent me a picture and described it thusly:   oh my god, look at all this snow! i left school early because i was afraid. we are full full full of snow and ice. i bet we will not have school tomorrow [sic]. To see the picture, click HERE. (I have no further comments.)
January 20th Deb, Judy, and Sue went sliding this morning. Click HERE.
January 21st Aha(!)'s not bitter cold yet but here's a little bit of winter. Click HERE.
January 22nd Just a little colder than yesterday. Click HERE.
January 23rd To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June.
-- Jean-Paul Sartre (circa 1945)
January 24th Anything is possible.......if you don't know what you're talking about.
January 25th Happy Birthday Beth (one day late). And remember, statistics show that the more birthdays you have, the longer you'll live.

And Happy Birthday also to Rabbie Burns (my sometimes favorite poet). He didn't have very many birthdays and when he died he was only 37 years old. So Beth.......take heed.

And speaking of my friend Rabbie, he wrote this in 1785:
Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie,
O, what a panic's in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty
Wi' bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee,
Wi' murdering pattle.
January 26th The ice is now 20 inches thick.
January 27th
My number 1 team:           My number 1.4 team:  
January 28th Some resorts are places where all of the i's are neatly dotted and all of the t's are meticulously crossed.......LBLR is definitely not of that ilk.
January 29th The weatherman predicted 8 inches of snow last night, and here's what we got. But that's not too bad compared to how well he normally does. Click HERE.
January 30th It's difficult to tell what this is, but believe it or not, it's a tangled up mass of three girls who tipped over on a sled while sliding down a hill. Click HERE.
January 31st Sarge, I know January is over and I know that the winter is flying by.......but do you have to keep reminding me?!?!?!

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