July 2013

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July 1st Today, at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (established in 1583), my dear youngest daughter was "hooded" and hence, officially and formally became Dr. Angst. Congratulations Teri!!!!! Click HERE.
July 2nd Whatever you do, don't click HERE.
July 3rd Four little girls on tubes. Click HERE.
July 4th The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered... deeply, ...finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.
-- George Washington (circa 1790)
July 5th Yesterday, just as we all (27 of us) sat down at the picnic tables to eat, a Bald Eagle flew over and landed in a tree by cabin 6. How appropriate for our Independence Day meal. My son-in-law Jeff took this picture. Click HERE.
July 6th A new LBLR record.......eight tubers (mostly little girls) at once. Click HERE.
July 7th Welcome to Chris H and his wife. The last time he was here was 12 or 14 years ago and he's here now to reminisce and to show LBLR to his wife. To see a couple of pictures from Chris's last trip to LBLR (most likely in the year 2000), click HERE.
July 8th There was a group of nine (maybe even ten) Loons out on the lake today. A new record.
July 9th Unfortunately it's the end of an era (or hopefully just a gap in the series). For the first time in 23 years there will be NO Hansons here this summer. It's tough going through a summer without seeing you guys; I sure hope that you can make it back next year.
July_10th The initial sighting of last year's baby Loons occurred a few days before this, but so far this year.......nothing! Of course, this year the Mom and Dad Loons arrived 35 days later than they did last year, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.
July 11th A person can do whatever he likes, provided that he doesn't do it in the public streets and scares the horses.
July 12th The 4-way stop at the intersection of County Road 76 and Golf Course Road (ie, the back way into town from LBLR) is being replaced by a round-about. A round-about at that intersection will be great, but best of all is the fact that it'll be completed by the middle of October. Neato!!!!!
July 13th This Cedar tree, which is on the shore by the front porch, has been dead for several years. There is absolutely NO green on it. However, it looks green because over the years a wild grape vine has grown on it. How long before it covers the whole tree, do you suppose? Click HERE.
July 14th Welcome back to Jennifer & Jack, Chris & Jerry, and Stephanie & Mike. And of course Sam and Kelly are still here.
July 15th Do these guys know how to catch bass or what??? Click HERE. Well, actually Jennifer caught more than half of those fish all by herself. And speaking of Jennifer, look at the Chronicles entry from 4 years ago yesterday (July 14, 2009). It's HERE.
July 16th Barb Gravelle was a friend as well as an LBLR cabin cleaner for at least 10 some of you have met her. (If you'd like to refresh your memory as to who Barb was, click HERE to see a picture of her from 2006.) She died of cancer yesterday afternoon in the hospital in Grand Rapids. Here's to you Barb! You were a good friend and a great cabin cleaner for many years, and you will be sorely missed in both respects.
July 17th This week a gnome suddenly appeared in the woods among the three birds which have mysteriously appeared over the past few years. How strange! A thing like that is rather curious, is it not? Click HERE.
July 18th For years one would see only an occasional rabbit around here. Then from 2006 to 2008 there were tons and tons of rabbits; they were all over the place. (See the Chonicles entry for 7/21/07; it's HERE.) Then from 2009 until this summer, again one would only see an occasional rabbit. (See the Chonicles entry for 6/27/09; it's HERE.) Now suddenly this summer there are tons and tons of rabbits again. Why is that, do you suppose? Is it somekind of natural cycle, either in rabbits or their preditors???
July 19th To hear the four different calls of the Common Loon, click HERE.
July 20th No picture this time, but yet a second gnome has inexplicably appeared in the woods along with the three birds. See the July 17th entry (above). Hmmmmm.......
July 21st To Deb, Judy, and Sue:   Nice game night you guys. Thank you!!!!
July 22nd Sharon, Theresa, and Bob's catch, but Sharon caught most of them. Click HERE. Now what? On to the Crappies?
July 23rd Great weather!!!!! The nights are in the 50s, the days are in the 70s. Is Summer already waning!?!?!?!? And I suppose the time has come to formally and officially give up on the possibility of seeing any baby Loons on LBL this year. Oh well.......
July 24th This is in honor of the, as yet unnamed, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.......the new Prince of Cambridge who is 3rd in the line of succession to the British throne (edging out his uncle, Prince Harry, who has now dropped to 4th), and who was born just two days ago on July 22nd. Click HERE.   (Note: As you probably noticed, the British Flag in the picture is flying upside down; the error has since been rectified. Sorry about that.)
July 25th
        Wine -- A tantalizing taste of immortality.      
July 26th The times seem to have the deplorable habit of changing.
July 27th So long to Sam, Kelly and family after their 3 week stay in cabin 6, to Janet (Kelly's sister) and family in cabin 4, to Bob, Sharon, and Theresa in cabin 5, and to Jamie and family in cabins 1, 2, and 3. We'll see you all again next year.......same time, same place. Right?

Welcome back to Iowa Terry and family in cabins 1 and 3, to Chris R and family (after missing last year) in cabin 2, and to Denny T and his group in cabins 4, 5, and 6. It's good to have you all back! However, it's not a good day to start a vacation.......windy, rainy, and cold (high in the 50s). But not to worry; our old reliable weatherman assures us that the rest of the week will be nice.
July 28th It's coo-oold this morning; the furnaces are running in all of the cabins. Sheeesh. What month is this again?!?!?!?

Okay, okay, here's one last comment about Swans, Flamingoes, and Gnomes. Yet a third Gnome has surreptitiously appeared in the woods among the others. The third one is a tad difficult to see in the picture; it's in the top right just above the biggest Swan. Click HERE. Now let's think about new Gnome showed up in each of the past three weeks, and one group just happened to be here for all three weeks. Coincidence, do you think? Hmmmmm.......
July 29th In Re:   The Chronicles entry for July 26th (above):
I was just thinking.......when Bob Dylan wrote "The Times, They Are a-changin'" back in 1964, he was looking at it as a positive thing, as all of us youngsters did back then. But when I wrote that Chronicles entry the other day, I was looking at it through the eyes of a grumpy old man and hence, used the word "deplorable", which we never would have used back in the '60s. In that sense too: "The Times, They Are a-changin'".
July 30th Here are some pictures of the Mississippi River where it runs along Highway 2 just to the West of Grand Rapids. Notice all the lush green vegetation along the edge of the open water. Isn't it gorgeous? That's wild rice, and due to the high water in the early Spring none of it was there last year. It sure looks better this way, doesn' it? Click HERE.
July 31th Oh no(!), today is the last day for my current favorite breakfast place. Hollywood Pizza on Highway 169 just south of Grand Rapids is shutting down for good after today. Sigh.......where do I go now?

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