June 2013

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June 1st Oh geez, here we go again.......another summer and the game is afoot. Today is the day of the annual invasion from Charles City, Iowa so the resort is full. It's good to have you guys back!!!! How many years have you been doing this, I wonder.

So long to Denny, Larry, and group. We'll see you guys again in the fall, right? Click HERE.
June_2nd As I mentioned yesterday, the Charles City Invasion has begun. And as I've mentioned in the past there are tons and tons of kids with them, most of whom can't remember when they didn't come up here every summer. The weather last night was cold, windy, and wet, but the kids were still outside running around, goofing off, laughing, and having fun. Geez, it's neat to run a resort sometimes! (Now that you've read this, go read the June 16, 2009 entry. To see it, click HERE.)
June 3rd Oh my Goodness!!!! Don't those kids know that there was ice on the lake just a couple weeks ago???? Click HERE.
June 4th Sweat shirts and hoods are needed for lake activity this morning, but that doesn't appear to stop these kids. Click HERE.
June 5th It's rainy, windy, and cold. Not good "at the lake" weather at all. Sigh.......
D-Day The Atlantic Wall is history!!!!!! Click HERE.
June 7th When I moved here 22 summers ago LBL had one pair of resident Loons, and it still has one pair of resident Loons. To the best of my knowledge there were no years when it had two pairs and no years when it had none. Since a Loon life span is from 15 to 30 years, this could still be the same pair from back in 1992, but what are the odds of that? If it is the same pair, they must have moved here about the same time that I did. Click HERE.
June 8th and 9th There has been nothing but cold, rain, and wind for two days, and therefore I have nothing to say.
June 10th What is this? Some say it's a fox; some say it's a coyote. What do you think? Click HERE, and HERE. (PS: Thanks for the spelling correction Laurie.)
June 11th As Sean put it: Final answer -- It's a fox! Due to the pictures from the trail cam last night, I am now convinced that the critter is a fox.......because of its dark colored legs. What do you think now? Click HERE.
June 12th Time spent on the water is not deducted from one's lifespan. Click HERE.
June 13th Three years ago today the Chronicles suddenly died (click HERE).
Two years ago today the Chronicles unexpectedly rose from the dead (click HERE).
On this day in 1775 the Second Continental Congress established "the American Continental Army", so today is considered to be the 238th birthday of the United States Army. Also on this day two years later (1777), the same Congress adopted Old Glory with its thirteen stars and thirteen stripes as our official flag. Click HERE (and have a happy Flag Day).
June 15th Can you believe it? It's already half past June and in only six more days it'll be summertime.

PS: Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!
June 16th Happy Father's Day!
June 17th A short time ago I heard a fellow resort owner refer to one of her guests as "The Customer from the Black Lagoon". I knew what she meant and I thought that was an interesting way to phrase it. Luckily, LBLR doesn't have any of those.
June 18th I have nothing to say.
June 19th On this, the penultimate day of spring, sunrise is 5:17 AM and sunset is 9:14 PM giving us daylight for a few minutes short of 16 hours. But here's something interesting. As per the Old Farmer's Almanac, dawn breaks on this day at 2:16 AM (3 hours before sunrise) and darkness descends at 12:15 AM (3 hours after sunset). That leaves us only 2 hours of "full darkness". Amazing!!!!
June 20th Since the ice went out a tad over six weeks ago, the lake level has dropped 3.5 inches. It's now 1282.62 feet above sea level which is fairly typical for this time of the year.
Summer Solstice It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine.......
It's summertime!

                        -- Craig Wiseman & Steve McEwan (2005)

So long Spring! In spite of the cold and the fact that you were so long in coming, you've been a decent one. Well.......I guess maybe that's a matter of opinion. Actually, I think many of us are glad that you're gone and that Summer is finally here. But whatever kind of a Spring you were, it's been fun and we'll see you next March.
June 22nd Welcome back (yesterday) to Ron and Bev from Rochester and to Sarah and Aaron from Indianapolis.
June 23rd This is the Andersons fishing on the far side of the lake, and they done real good. Click HERE.
June 24th Welcome (for the first time) to Mark and Rhonda from Sebeka, Minnesota.
June 25th Sometime today, while listening to the strains of "Garry Owen", I will drink a small shot of Irish Whiskey in honor of General George Armstrong Custer who died at the Battle of Little Big Horn 137 years ago today. I suggest that you do likewise.
June 26th These are some hot sticky days, but even so, it's great to have summer here again, isn't it?
June 27th Do you realize that the day is already two minutes shorter than it was on the Solstice. That's not much, but those few minutes will add up very quickly. Now, I know that a lot of people are thinking: "is he acting like he's glad to see the days get shorter"? Well yes.......I suppose I am. But I'm only doing it for the entirely legitimate purpose of starting an argument.
June 28th A Snapping Turtle layed her eggs in this spot last night. When will they hatch.......possibly mid August. We'll see. Click HERE.
June 29th Other than the fact that it was a lovely day of relaxing in the shade under the trees, I have nothing to say.
June 30th See above.

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