August 2014

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The Calends  
of August
When August days are hot aní dry,
When burning copper is the sky,
I'd rather fish than feast or fly
In airy realms serene and high.
                  -- Paul Laurence Dunbar (circa 1890)

Fishing? Well, here's the story on LBL so far this year. People who really know how to catch Large Mouth Bass have been doing very well this year, as they always do. Even those (shall we say) "less professional" fisherpersons have been doing well with Large Mouth Bass. The Northerns have been a little "hit and miss" this year with some people doing well and others having to fight to get enough for a meal or two. Crappie fishing has been fine, and as usual the Bluegills are easy to catch but they're quite small. There were reports of only two Walleyes being caught so far this summer.
August 2nd Either the LBLR beach has been invaded by some scary looking sea creatures, or there are some very talented and persevering kids at that end of the resort this week. Click HERE.

PS:   This hippo was added after the previous picture was taken. Click HERE.
August 3rd To see a picture of Denny, Sandy, and group who just left here yesterday, click HERE. I believe that's the first time we've ever posted a picture of their entire group.
August 4th Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s the families of Linda & Terry A and Kris & Mark H used to rent a couple of cabins here every summer. As time passed, one of the families moved to South Dakota, the kids grew up, and things a result, the group has not been here since 2003. Now 11 years later, Linda (along with her cousin Lee) has returned to LBLR to relax and to reminisce a bit. To see a picture of both families from their 2003 LBLR vacation, click HERE. It's great to have you back Linda and thank you for coming.
The Nones
of August
Another story has been added to the STORIES, POEMS, AND ANECDOTES FROM THE NORTHLAND page of the LBLR Web Site. It was written by Linda Aaker (see the above entry). You can get to it by clicking on the link above or go directly to it by clicking HERE. Thanks Linda!
August 6th Click HERE to see the Kelcher group playing Volleyball.
August 7th The home-made campfire benches which were the subject of a boast in these Chronicles two years ago yesterday (click HERE to see them), are now being used in a different manner (click HERE). They were not comfortable and the weather was not kind to them, so they'll finish their short lives by being fuel in the campfires of next week's firebug guests.
August 8th This is, perhaps, the finest impromptu sunrise picture that I've ever seen; the photographer was Lee Eller, and that's Linda Aaker in the kayak (they're in cabin 6 this week). What a calm, quiet, lovely, misty morning that was; thanks for sharing it Lee!!! Click HERE.
August 9th HERE are Angie and Jodie posing for the camera while skiing.

And by the way, Angie and Jodie and their entire group left today (click HERE); as did Lee and Linda (click HERE). See you guys next year?
August 10th Click HERE to see a gorgeous picture (from Linda Aaker) of an LBLR sunrise. Thanks Linda!
August 11th For another example of LBLR "service to the customer", click HERE. You're very welcome Janet!
August 12th How can a person expect to catch fish.......without an appropriate fishing hat?!?!?!?!
The Ides
of August
So that they don't forget anything when they come up here, most people make a list of "things to bring to the lake". One of LBLR's current customers (who shall remain nameless at this time) thinks that her Mom packs way too much stuff, so this year she provided her with a list of "things NOT to bring to the lake". That has to be a rarity!!!
August 14th Most unusual(!).......a ninth item has suddenly appeared on Tchotchke Hill. It's a multicolored fish and it seems to be swimming in back of the two swans. Click HERE.
Half past
A new poem has been added to the STORIES, POEMS, AND ANECDOTES FROM THE NORTHLAND page of the LBLR Web Site. It was written by Lee Eller as she sat on the deck of cabin # 6 one morning. You can get to it by clicking on the link above or go directly to it by clicking HERE.
August 16th It's Saturday! Ending their much awaited vacation today are three cabins of the "Firebug" Carlson/Harlan/Turner clan, and two cabins of the Norman/Mueller clan; staying for a few more days are the Robertsons from Kinver, England.
August 17th Since it is now past mid-August, the resort is nothing but quiet!!!!!!!! If you happen to like QUIET, now is the time to be here.......and I have empty cabins. So give me a call or send me an e-mail if you're interested.
August 18th Seven of the years in every Metonic Cycle (almost exactly 19 years) have 13 full moons. Assuming that the extra full moon is a "Blue Moon" (ie, the second one in a single month or the fourth one in a season) anything that occurs "once in a Blue Moon" happens, on average, once every 2.71 years. Is that really so rare?!?! I guess it depends on what you're talking about.   [Aside -- If you prefer the definition of a Blue Moon as being the 2nd full moon in the calendar month, the next one will fall on July 31st of next year; if you prefer the definition of a Blue Moon as being the 4th full moon in a season, the next one will fall on May 21, 2016.]
August 19th The daughter of my good friend Bob (you've read about a few of his exploits in past Chronicles entries) died a few days ago after bravely living with Huntington's Disease for many many years. She grew up on Deer Lake, and was an avid fisherman as well as a big fan of the Wild and the Vikings. We will all miss you Jennifer. Click HERE.
August 20th,
through 22nd
No comment. Sigh.......
August 23rd Welcome back to Dr. Darold B and family from the great state of Georgia. They were regular customers for several years who stopped coming when the kids grew and things changed, but have now come back to reminisce. This keeps happening.
August 24th The fish are biting. Darold and his sons are catching Bass, Crappies, and Northerns.
August 25th This is a continuation of yesterday's entry. I have been told that "they're jumping in the boat"; Darold and sons have been catching Crappies, Bass and Northerns. In fact, Brant caught a 14 pound Northern this evening (a picture will be here soon), which he put back in the lake. Actually, they are heavily into catch and release; so far they've only kept a couple of moderate sized Northerns. They're even fishing with barbless hooks.
August 26th After almost two weeks, he finally(!) changed "Today's Picture"!!! Is that what you're thinking?
August 27th
        Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and for thine
other infirmities as well.
      -- The First Book of Timothy (Chapter 5, Verse 23)
August 28th On this date in 1833, slavery was abolished in Britain.......32 years before it was abolished in the US.

Ha! Here's another sign that Autumn is just around the corner: Warblers are beginning to pass through here on their way back down south for the winter. What a bunch of wimps(!), it's not even September yet.
August 29th On December 11, 2009 the St. Paul Pioneer Press printed an article (including a picture) about Bigfoot being sighted in the woods near Deer River. The sighting was mentioned in the LBLR Chonicles Entry for December 14th of that year and it included a link to the on-line version of the article. Sometime during the next year the article was removed from the Pioneer Press web-site and the link became a "dead end". Oddly enough, while looking for something else, I happened upon a copy of the picture that I didn't know I had. Then with a little effort I managed to get of copy of the original article; it's HERE. And let this be an indication that one should be very alert when hunting, hiking, or skiing in the woods in this area.
August 30th A leaf hanging from a single strand of a spider web is looks like magic.
August 31st Ah yes.......tomorrow is September. By this time next month the landscape will look quite different; September is a month of much change.

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