June 2014

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June 1st   Local changes since last summer:
  • Grand Rapids has lost the Pizza Hut and the K-Mart store; both have gone out of business.
  • Keith's Old River Pizza will be going into the building that Pizza Hut has vacated.
  • Cohasset has picked up a Sporting Goods store (Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods) and a Dollar General Store.
  • The Cedar Creek Grill north of Grand Rapids on highway 38, which has been planning to "open soon" since late last year, is finally getting close to a real opening day.
  • The twice weekly Farmers Market has moved to the Glen's Army Navy Store parking lot because a 50 room hotel has been proposed for the mid-town Grand Rapids area it used previously.
  • Toivo's Restaurant and Sports Bar has built a deck on the north side of the building for out-door drinking and dining.
  • In Deer River, Shelley's Restaurant went out of business and a new meat market named Orty's Custom Meats has opened up.
There! After replacing two leaking barrels the swimming raft is back in the water, and as you can see, two little girls were anxiously waiting. Click HERE.
June 2nd What's going on with our Peregrine Falcon? As per North Carolina Laurie, the eggs were laid 46 days ago and as per Wikipedia the incubation period is normally 29-33 days. But still no chicks!!! In addition to that, the Mom seems to be spending more time away from the eggs than she did earlier, and the number of eggs in the nest went from four to three. Do you suppose that she's starting to give up hope that they'll ever hatch? Click HERE; ours is the Boswell Cam.
June 3rd The word for the day:   Silliness.   Sil-li-ness.   (See the entry for August 23, 2006.   It's HERE.)
June 4th The last 3 or 4 days of on-again/off-again rain helped a little but not a lot. At 1282.78 feet above sea level, the lake went up about an inch and three quarters during that time, but it's still almost 2 inches lower than it was when the ice went out.
June 5th Whenever a group of teenagers gets on the raft, they always "have" to see if they can rock it hard enough to tip it over. Usually they can't do it, but once in awhile (if there are enough of them) they did Ben, Brandon, Elijah, Jonah, Jasmine, Maddi, and Zach this morning. It's not an easy job to get it flipped upright again, particularly if it loses a couple of barrel straps in the process. At any rate, it has been righted and it's back in its normal position. Thanks for the help you guys.......but please don't do it again. And thanks for being the photographer Aligna. Click HERE.
D-Day To read General Eisenhower's message to his troops on this day seventy years ago, click HERE.
June 7th Although there seems to be some discrepency as to the exact date, some sources say that on this day in the year 1892 President Benjamin Harrison attended a baseball game between the Washington Senators and the Cincinnati Reds. Interesting, eh????
June 8th While we came across the lake on a boat last night, Deb and I saw a vivid Northern Lights display. Neato!!!!
June 9th The members of the Charles City Invasion had one of their two fish fries a few nights ago. It was raining so they fried fish in the rain and gathered in the game room for the feast. Geez, was it ever good.
June 10th   Click HERE.
June 11th I can't believe that after sitting on those eggs for nearly two months, the Falcon mom still hasn't given up on them. The Falcon mom in Duluth is doing much better. Click HERE to see the difference.
June 12th A turtle said to the police after being robbed by a gang of snails:   "I don't really remember very much.......everything happened so fast."
-- Leon Lederman (1993)

Sorry about that, but I just had to use that line. I've been waiting for years for something to happen to make it seem relevant, but nothing has come up so I used it anyway. It's from Leon's book about sub-atomic physics entitled "The God Particle".
The 13th
Tomorrow is the last day of the annual two week Charles City Invasion (see you guys next year, if not sooner) and the first day of the Kielpinski Invasion (their biennial reunion). Both groups take all six cabins!

Durning the last 36 hours the lake went up about an inch and a half, which puts it at 1282.86 feet above sea level. That's a little less than an inch lower than it was when the ice went out. And that tells you what the weather was like yesterday, right? But today is a beautiful day.
June 14th Happy Flag Day, although the Deutsch Flagge is on the main flag pole today in honor of the arrival of our guests from Germany. Old Glory is still flying of course, but at a different place on the resort than normal.
June 15th Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!!!
June 16th After even more rain (virtually all day yesterday) the lake is now back up to 1282.92 feet above sea level, a mere 1/4 inch lower than it was when the ice went out.

To see the Kielpinski's at one of their nightly community meals, click HERE. Notice the "Northwoods" Hawaiian theme.
June 17th More of the Kielpinski reunion; are these guys relaxed or what??? Click HERE.
June 18th Some of you may consider this to be a plus and others of you may consider it to be a minus, but as of yesterday all LBLR cabins have Cable TV!!!!!!

Click HERE to see two pontoons ready for the new carpet.
June 19th This is one of the early rounds in the Kielpinski Reunion Bean Bag tournament. Click HERE.
June 20th Here are some early morning fisherfolk. The three of them were sitting on the front porch drinking coffee and they kept hearing bass they couldn't resist. Click HERE.

To see a group picture of all the Kielpinski Reunion attendees, click HERE.
Summer Solstice   The winter, it is past;
The summer's come at last.

                    -- Rabbie Burns (1783)

And everything is as it should be in all the lands.
June 22nd This week we say good-bye to the Kielpinski group, but we also say hello to Jennifer, Jack, Chris, and Jerry from Illinois, Aaron, Sarah, and kids from Indiana, and Ron and Bev from Rochester, all of whom will be here this whole week.

Click HERE to see the results of a full day's work.
June 23rd To North Carolina Laurie (and family):
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.......the final count down has begun. We'll see you on Saturday.
June 24th Happy Birthday Dotz!!!!!   LBLR is a nice place to celebrate it, don't you think?
June 25th I have nothing to say.......except that last Christmas was six months ago and next Christmas is six month from now. Both of which are good things!!!!
June 26th Where is this and what animal does it remind you of? Click HERE.

Think about it before you look, but the answer is HERE.
June 27th My Dear Granddaughter Em thought that the animal in yesterday's picture looks like a Sloth. Yes, it's could be that too. Click HERE. It's in cabin 5 next to the kitchen table, by the way.

Click HERE to see some fish that were caught by Jennifer, Jack, Chris, and Jerry. All but one were caught on LBL.
June 28th As usual for the week of July 4th, which starts today, the Angsts are back.......three generations of them!!! But what is unusual about this July 4th week is that North Carolina Laurie is also here (for only the second time).......along with three generations of her family too!!!
June 29th Click HERE to see what is now known as "Deb's Sign" because she refurbished it.
June 30th Click HERE to see the Tin Woodman in downtown Grand Rapids.

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