September 2014

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Labor Day   There are twelve months throughout the year,
From January to December....
But the primest month of all the twelve
Is the merry month of September.

                  -- Mary Howitt (circa 1850)

September is a beautiful month and Labor Day is a fun Holiday, so the two of them "coming in together" is nice, especially when the weather is this good . It's too bad that all you youngsters have to go back to school this week. Nyah-nyah! No, wait. I mean "bummer".......
September 2nd   The long weekend that just ended was a nice Labor Day weekend. My daughter Twacie and family were here, and my granddaughters and a couple of their Rochester friends spent the weekend in cabin 3 with NO adults. Kelly, Janet, and Karen (sisters from the Cities and Cohasset) and families spent the weekend in cabins 5 and 6. AND Deb was here too, and she's still here and will be until Friday.
September 3rd   Click HERE.
September 4th   You probably remember "Deb's Sign"; if not, click HERE and look at the entry for June 29th. This weekend Deb refurbished another sign, now known as "Deb's Other Sign". Click HERE to see it. Thanks Deb!!!!
September 5th   Click HERE.
September 6th   My Son-in-law Jim was here this weekend and we cut and split a lot of wood for next year's campfires. That was a lot of work.......thanks Jim.
September 7th   Let us drink a toast to Dionysus (the God of wine) and to Demeter (the Goddess of the harvest). This evening gather with some friends to celebrate the vine and the harvest with good cheer and a bottle of wine. Catch the Moon's reflection in your cup and raise it up in salutation. Then drink.......and feel the presence of the God and Goddess.
-- Lore of the Full Harvest Moon

Whereas tonight is the Full Harvest Moon I suggest that, as the moon rises this evening, you follow the above instruction.

[Aside --   I know! I know! This entry is a day early; the Full Harvest Moon isn't until tomorrow. That's because my Daughter and Son-in-law are currently vacationing in Greece (the birthplace of Dionysus and Demeter), and I'd like them to see this recommendation before the moon rises over there, which will be nearly half a day before it rises here.   -- End of Aside]
September 8th   This is really the night of the Full Harvest Moon, so tonight is the time to offer the toast to Dionysus and Demeter, not last night. (see above).   [By the way, that entry really didn't have to be posted a day early because the time of the full moon in Greece was actually a half day later than here, not a half day earlier. Sorry about that.]

Besides rabbits, this place appears to be inundated with skunks at the moment. But not to worry, the skunk problem is being handled even as we speak.
September 9th   Here are two pictures of the Full Harvest Moon. One was taken by my daughter from a boat going out from the Island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea, and the other was taken from the LBLR front porch. I don't know why the sky over the Aegean is so much brighter than the sky over Little Bass. Click HERE.
September 10th   Summer is over. It's dark, windy, rainy and cooo-ooold. Fireplace weather is here again!!!!  
September 11th   Click HERE (and NO, it's not an idée fixe; it's just an "almost full" moon).

That was last night; this was this morning: click HERE. What a view that would have been from the top of the duplex!!!
September 12th   FRUSTRATION!!!   Reference: The skunk problem mentioned in the September 8th entry (above) ----

Two nights in a row there was a skunk in the trap. The next two nights in a row something got into the trap and ate the bait but managed to get out again. So last night the trap was set as usual, but this time with the trail cam pointed at it so that the animal (whatever it was) would be caught.......if not in the trap, at least on film. But as luck would have it, last night turned out to be the first time in 5 nights that nothing visited the trap. Darn!!!!!!! How does a thing like that happen, I'm wondering.
September 13th   Last evening the intrepid fishermen from Illinios (Denny, Larry, and group) arrived in cabins 1 and 2, some of them for the third time this year. It's early morning and they are now out fishing.......good luck you guys!!!!!
September 14th   On this day last year Cindy and Dave were married here at LBLR; click HERE to see pictures of the wedding. (Yes, I know that you saw them last year, but this time take particular notice of what the weather was like at the time.) Now click HERE to see what the weather was like on the same day just two years prior. You lucked out on the weather guys.......and Happy Anniversary!!!!!
September 15th   Denny, Larry, and group had a fish fry last night and geez was it good. They were all Large Mouth Bass and they were really really delicious. Even you Walleye bigots would think they were delicious.

By the way, Rosh Hashanah ends today at sunset.
September 16th   Here are two examples of syntactic ambiguity; I like the second one better.

Time flies like an arrow;
Fruit flies like a banana.

Scout master:   Time flies.
Tenderfoot:   I can't. They go to fast.
September 17th   Oh my goodness.......two totally unexpected additions have been made to Tchotchke Hill. It comes at a time when none of the "usual suspects" are anywhere near this area (that I know of anyway) hence, I have absolutely no idea who did it this time. Click HERE.
September 18th   Today, by way of the ballet box, the Scots will decide whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom or to become an independent country. This is an historic day and the polls put the race at "too close to call", so it's anybody's guess as to how the voting will go.

In 1603 King James VI of Scotland (son of Mary, Queen of Scots, by the way) succeeded Elizabeth I to the throne of England, thus bringing the two countries under the same ruler. A little over a century later (1707, during the reign of Queen Ann, to be exact), the Acts of Union were passed by the parliments of both countries creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain. If today, 314 years later, the results of the vote turns out to be "YES", that Union will be broken up.......a sad event in my humble opinion. If the vote does turn out to be "YES", the Cross of St. Andrew (the Scotish Flag) will fly over LBL tomorrow. But if the vote turns out to be "NO", the British Union Jack will fly over LBL with the Cross of St. Andrew beneath it. Very soon we will know what the Scots decide.

By the way, in spite of the polls being close, my prediction is that the vote will be "NO" by a fairly large margin.
September 19th   See yesterday's entry and click HERE.......then click HERE.
September 20th   Welcome back to Wayne and David Broers.......good luck fishing you guys!!!!
September 21st   I have nothing to say.
Autumnal Equinox The singing and dancing die away
As cooling breezes fan the air.
The season invites us, each and all
To sleep, without a care.

Click HERE.   (It might take 10 or 15 seconds to load, but wait it out.)

Those two works of art, the poetry and the music, are both part of a work titled "Autumn", both are part of a larger work titled "The Four Seasons", both are timely, and both were composed by Antonio Vivaldi in 1723. By the way, if you'd like to listen to a few more minutes of the music, click HERE.......I think you'll love it.
September 23rd Hey Lilli.......Happy Birthday. She's in North Carolina and she's 7 years old.

This is in honor of Teri and Steff's (my Daughter and Son-in-law) return from their trip to Greece, and in honor of Steff's Greek heritage and his many relatives in Greece who are now Teri's in-laws. Click HERE, and thanks for the flag you guys!!!!
September 24th It seems that discussions and pictures of sunrises and sunsets have been dominating the Chronicles for the last couple of one more wont hurt, will it? This is a sunrise on the Autumnal Equinox (2 days ago) in the small town of Onida, South Dakota. It looks so calm and peaceful; it's a nice picture, isn't it? Thanks Linda! Click HERE.
September 25th As mentioned above, Wayne and David from Arkansas are back. They are always successful fishermen and every year they seem to get at least one nice Northern. Click HERE.
September 26th   Finally(!) the second one is done. Click HERE.
September 27th   As per the Farmer's almanac, in this neck of the woods the coming winter will be cold (again!) with January, February, and March being particularly colder than normal. It'll also be dryer than normal but with December and February being just a little snowier than usual. Oh well.......such is life.
September 28th   Deb's sister and brother-in-law burned a lot of brush in the fire pit a couple nights ago (thanks again for that you guys). This looks kind of like Guy is on fire too.......but he really wasn't. Click HERE.
September 29th   Here is yet another little known LBLR fact which is not germane to anything (ie, "it's neither here nor there", as the saying goes):
One week back in the mid 1990s, the families in cabin 1 and cabin 6 were both first timers at LBLR. After talking to the respective husbands I was surprised to learn that they both worked for the CIA and that they both were translators. One was an expert in several Asian languages and the other was an expert in several Eastern European Languages. Two CIA translators staying in a small resort in Northern Minnesota at the same time.......that seemed to be a most unlikely coincidence. Needless to say, I thought sure they would know each other, but that wasn't the case. They had several co-workers and acquaintances in common, but alas.......they had never met.
September 30th   As usual for this time of the year, there's lots of shooting going on around here just as the sun rises. It's a nice sound.

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