August 2015

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August 1st   Whilst August yet wears her golden crown,
Ripening fields lush - bright with promise;
Summer waxes long, then wanes, quietly passing
Her fading green glory on to riotous Autumn.
                        -- Michelle L. Thieme (circa 1960?)

Ah, yes! August.......favorite of the Summer months! Two more weeks and the "hard core" resort season will be over and LBLR will, once again, be in Autumn mode. The Summer Season is short and passes quickly. Or as Shakespeare so eloquently put it: "Summerís lease hath all too short a date".   Sigh.......
August 2nd   Only two groups arrived at LBLR yesterday but both groups are occupying three cabins. Denny T and his group have the south three cabins while Chris R and his group have the north three cabins. Welcome back you guys!!!!!

Here's a nice picture of last night's Blue Moon. Thanks Linda! Click HERE.
August 3rd   It's an overcast, drizzly morning, but are these girls anxious to go swimming or what? Apparently they want to spend as much time as possible in the water during their one short week at the lake. Click HERE.
August 4th   Look what Evan caught; that's a big fish for a little guy. Click HERE. (He's Matt and Sarah's son, by the way.)
August 5th   I have a strong moral my standards anyway.
-- Rex Stout (circa 1950)

Me too!
August 6th   Here's what Matt (see the August 4th entry, above) had to say about the fishing during his stay here last week:   It was a good fishing week except for about a day and a half right after the cold front came through. We caught and released a handful of other 18" bass, 2 19's, and a bunch of 16 and 17's and still had plenty of small ones for the fish fry. Crappie fishing was pretty good this year too.   There have been comments like that a few other times this summer, so obviously it has been a decent fishing year on LBL. Let's hope it continues.
August 7th   Seven at once.......good coordination. Click HERE.
August 8th   This is one of the few mornings of this sort that we've had this summer. Click HERE.
August 9th   Here's an interesting addition to Matt's swimming raft. Click HERE.
August 10th   There are more Irishmen in the city of Dublin than in all of Bulgaria. Or click HERE.
August 11th   I know it's early, but look at this. The leaves, they are a-fallin'. Click HERE.
August 12th   The Flotilla is back in the water again!!!!! Click HERE. To see its inaugural launching back in 2013, click HERE.
August 13th   If you travel north long enough, eventually you'll be going south; but if you travel east, no matter how far you travel you'll never end up going west. Or click HERE.
August 14th   Look at this neat wind chime that Angie made for me.......she's five years old, by the way. Click HERE.
August 15th   Good-bye to the Carlsons/Turners (click HERE to see them in their "Wednesday Glensday" T-shirts), and to the Kelchers (click HERE to see their annual group picture, which is the smallest group they've had here in a long time).
August 16th   This is the week that the resort season winds down, so we say hello to only three groups: Vern and Shirley in cabin 2, Joe and Barb's group in cabins 1 & 3, and Ron D in cabin 4.
August 17th   Since Vern N is here this week, we'll be taking our daily 7:30 AM walk into Cohasset for coffee as we have in past years. Very enjoyable!
August 18th   The word for the day is TRANQUILITY.   TRAN-QUIL-I-TY.
August 19th   Today's high temperature: 54 degrees. That's real sweatshirt weather.......and geez does it ever feel good!!!
August 20th   What a cold, windy, rainy evening!   What a lovely, cold, windy, rainy evening!!!   Click HERE.
August 21st   Do you remember those disposable 35mm cameras? I found one the other day that had a "use by" date on it of 1996. All the film had been used so I had it developed to see what the pictures were. Needless to say, the film was not in good shape and the pictures came out faded and very light, so it's difficult to identify the people in them. Click HERE and HERE to see some. Does anyone know who those people are.......and remember, they're from 15 or 20 years ago.
August 22nd   Here's the latest in a long series of "departure" photographs of the Norman family. The series goes back many many years and at times it has included a lot more people than this. Click HERE.
August 23rd   With the departure of the Normans yesterday, everybody is gone; LBLR is completely empty. Sigh.......   But it's nice and quiet around here now.
August 24th   If you're in Michigan, you're not more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes. Or click HERE.
August 25th   If you drink your Margaritas straight from the blender you don't have to bring a glass on the pontoon, right Amanda? Click HERE.
August 26th   Kevin (of the firebug Carlsons) came up for a few days (unexpectedly) and brought a friend of his (Dean) along. Click HERE.
August 27th   Note to my Son-in-Law Jim:   Last July you mentioned that the standard LBLR Bloody Mary would be improved by the addition of a specific garnish, which Deb has remedied. Click HERE.
August 28th   Oops! Yesterday's entry is in error. The comment about the improvement of an LBLR Bloody Mary was not made by my Son-in-Law Jim, it was made by Jim Turner. My apologies to both Jim's.
August 29th   Some people like to catch fish, but when they get them in the boat they don't particularly like them. Click HERE.
August 30th   As you noticed in the August 26th entry, LBLR's "emptiness" ended rather abruptly with the sudden and unexpected arrival of Kevin and Dean (see above). They had been gone only short time when we were graced with yet another sudden and unexpected arrival.......a small subset of the Charles City Invasion breezed in last night to stay for a couple of days.
August 31st   This year seems to be flying by with unprecedented swiftness. If this continues, 2015 could be the shortest year on record. Do you suppose that global warming has anything to do with it?

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