January 2015

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The Kalends  
of Ianuarius
Hail, New-born Year!
Cradled in morning clouds
Golden and white. I cannot see
Thy face--'tis wrapp'd in mystery;
Thou wilt step forth in the plenitude
Of youth and its rejoicing mood.

              -- Bessie Rayner Parkes (circa 1855)

Do you realize it was 15 years ago today that a lot of people expected the Y2K bombshell to hit? Actually it did cause a few glitches but they were minor and some of them were even humorous.   PS: If you're too young to know what I'm talking about, ask an older person.
January 2nd   New Year's Eve was rather uneventful this year but fun.......which is the best kind. As with last year, Deb and I worked on a 3D puzzle which we didn't quite finish on New Year's Eve. However, we did finished it eventually, although we had a few pieces missing and a few left over. Click HERE to see it, and if you're interested, click HERE to see the one we did on New Year's Eve last year. This almost sounds like a tradition, doesn't it?
January 3rd   Christmas is done (finally)!!! We ended it with a fun family Christmas get-together (including a ping-pong tournament) in Rochester today. Click HERE.
January 4rd   Happy Birthday to Allie Turner who turned the BIG Five-O today. Thanks for the invitation to your party; I know we didn't stay long but we had a great time while we were there.

By the way, Allie's older sister (Colleen) celebrated her 50th birthday two years ago this past December 21st and her younger sister (Erin) will have her 50th birthday in July of 2017, which she hopes celebrate at LBLR. They are all members of the "Firebug" Carlsons, whose escapades you have often read about in these Chronicles.
The Nones of  
My little homemade auger got stuck in the ice and broke this morning, so to keep track of the ice thickness for the rest of the winter I'll either have to borrow a "real" ice auger or break down and buy one. (Click HERE.) Sigh.......
The Feast of
the Epiphany  
Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.
-- Excerpts from Matthew, Chapter 2   (See the entry for this day in 2005, it's HERE.)
January 7th   21 below zero this morning. The coldest yet this winter. Beware the Pogonip!!!
January 8th   The word for the day is SERENITY.   SE-REN-I-TY!
January 9th   In case you're interested, the Twins first preseason game is on March 5th against Boston. The Tigers open on the 3rd against Baltimore and the Yanks open the same day against Philadelphia. For David K: The Cubs open on March 5th against Oakland. That does not include any earlier games against college teams.
January 10th   Summer comes with a bound; winter comes with a yawn. Yaaaawwwnnn...... Here it is almost mid-January and none of the local ski trails or snomobile trails have enough snow to be groomed yet. Sigh.......
January 11th   One could ski on this if one were of a mind to. Click HERE.
January 12th   Another story, which was originally the Chronicles entry for October 29, 2011, has been added to the STORIES, POEMS, AND ANECDOTES FROM THE NORTHLAND page of the LBLR Web Site. It's titled "Erin's Tumble into the Fire Pit", and you can get to it by clicking on the link above, or go directly to it by clicking HERE.
The Ides of
Here's Erin's reaction to yesterday's entry:
Reading it over made me chuckle, as we are now far enough away from the event for it to be funny. It's too bad you didn't get any pictures of the jacket to go along with the story. I still consider myself very lucky to not have sustained a single burn from that event. It makes me shake my head in wonder.

Note to Erin: Thanks for letting me use it.
January 14th My son-in-law (Jim) arrived yesterday and he has already caught some fish. The rest of his group will arrive today and I hope they do as well as he did yesterday.
January 15th The ice is now 18 1/2 inches thick, which is fairly common for mid-January. Click HERE to see my son-in-law augering a hole to measure it.
January 16th This is a picture of the smoke stacks at the Cohasset power plant but it could remind a person of an atomic bomb explosion. Obviously it did that for my old school buddy Charlie because when he saw it he sent me an e-mail that said: About today's picture - I would have [been scared] if I saw that back in the day. Say about 1962. Click HERE to see it.
January 17th To see part of today's catch by Jim and his buddies, click HERE.
January 18th He who nabs the Queen's Kight's Pawn, sleeps in the streets. (In other words, I have nothing to say.)
January 19th How did "a piece of cake" come to have the same meaning as "duck soup".......or "easy as pie" for that matter. (Again I have nothing to say.)
January 20th Good hitting will always beat good pitching, and vise versa. (And yet again I have nothing to say.......obviously.)
January 21st He who so shall, so shall he who. (Go ahead and complain if you like, but would you rather see a picture of the stupid (as I heard it referred to once) "writer's block"? If so, click HERE.)
January 22nd Plumbing problems. Why would anyone ever want to own a resort?
January 23rd As per North Carolina Laurie, the temperature in Ellenboro, NC is the same as it is in Cohasset right now. Cold for one, warm for the other. As she said" "that's strange for January 23rd"!
January 24th As usual, Happy Birthday to my Dear Sister Beth!!!! (Geez, we're getting old.) Will you be coming here for July 4th this year, or what? It sounds like both of your kids will be here.
January 25th There are still four ice fishing houses on the lake. This is the time of the winter that they usually start to disappear.
January 26th Click HERE for a current view from cabin 6; you can see a couple of ice fishing houses off in the distance.
January 27th Click HERE again. Sigh.......
January 28th There's one less ice fishing house on LBL today. The "pull out" has begun!
January 29th Day after day after day last January we woke up to temps in the 20s or 30s below zero. This month we've mostly been waking up to temps in the 20s (and sometimes 30s) ABOVE zero. What a difference a year can make.
January 30th Okay, since a few people asked: Yesterday's picture (click HERE to see it now) is not a pie server; it's an Absinthe Spoon. Absinthe was popular in Europe (especially in France) in the 1800s and was a favorite drink of some famous (and unusual) people such as Ernest Hemmingway, Vincent Van Gough, Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. It was erroneously portrayed as a dangerously addictive hallucinogenic drug, and by the early 1900s it was banned in most countries. Since the year 2000 many countries have removed the ban.......the US in 2007 and France in 2011. It's now available in a few bars in New Orleans, which will again this year be the destination for our annual Dad/Daughters winter get-away. There is a certain amount of "ritual" that goes with making an Absinthe drink and the Absinthe Spoon is part of it. Click HERE if you'd like to see the details (the section called "Preparation" describes the ritual).
January 31th Endings are not necessarily bad things. Sometimes they just mean that something else is about to, for example, February.

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