June 2015

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June 1st   What is one to say about June, the time of the perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with, as yet, no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.
-- Gertrude Jekyll (circa 1910)

Gertrude is right!!!! What else can one say about June?
June 2nd   Look!!! Swimmers!!! They weren't in the water long, but they were swimmers nonetheless. Click HERE.
June 3rd   I read somewhere that you can make ice cubes out of left-over wine. I never knew that a thing like that was possible. Who would have thought there would ever be left-over wine?!?!?!
June 4th   Considering how low the lake was when the ice went out, it's in pretty good shape now. At 1282.65 feet above sea level it's only one and a half inches lower than this date last year.
June 5th   Click HERE.
D-Day   It was a quiet week at LBLR (as it was in Lake Wobegon), but when the Charles City Invasion began this afternoon all that changed and the resort was bustling.......and it will remain that way for quite some time!!!!   (More exclamation points Erin.)
June 7th   In a mere fortnight summer will be upon us, but one would think that it's already upon us if one were to judge by the activity around this place.
June 8th   How many furlongs will light travel in a fortnight? 1,802,613,915,490. Oddly enough, that number was never even mentioned in either High School or College physics. (Obviously, I have nothing to say today.)
June 9th   It sounds like maybe the fishing is getting better.
June 10th   Happy Graduation Day Deb!!!! And Congrats!!!! Now for the big decision: To continue or not to continue....... Right?
June 11th   The Charles City guys had a nice fish fry last night. They seem to catch fish even when nobody else is catching fish.
June 12th   Is this a pleasant work environment or what? (Notice the vodka/tonic.) Click HERE.
June 13th   This is Little Bass Lake as seen from the deck of a house toward the south end. What a view!!!! Click HERE.
Flag Day   In July of 2003 an Angst reunion had 40 people staying in the resort, the most for a single group in the modern era. Click HERE. Then in July of 2004 the Kelcher/Norman clan had 45 people staying here at one time which became the new record. Click HERE. For the last few days the Charles City group had 50 people here which is now the new record for a single group. There are Iowans all over the place!!!! (Sorry. There is no picture of this group.)
June 15th   Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!
June 16th   Click HERE.......or read this:   800 years ago yesterday King John signed the Magna Carta; it was a sad day for him but a great day for the future of Britain.
June 17th   Linda A (a friend, a customer, and an English teacher) sent me this. Click HERE (and no groaning please). Thanks Linda.
June 18th   Click HERE.......or read this:   As was mentioned a year or two ago, this time of the year and in this neck of the woods "darkness descends" about 12:15 AM and "dawn breaks" about 2:15 AM giving us only about two hours of total darkness per day. Those times and definitions are per the Farmer's Alamanac.
June 19th   Today is the last day of the Charles City Invasion.......they all will leave tomorrow morning. Geez, that was a short two weeks. Same time, same place, next year, right you guys?
June 20th   The LBLR cleaning family, three generations (Cindy, Tara, and Maija, in that order). Click HERE
June 21st   It's no longer Springtime.
June 22nd   After two weeks of many successful fishermen going out everyday (and having many delicious fish fries during that period) there are virtually no fisherpersons here this week. It's nice not to have to deal with fish guts in the fish cleaning house every morning. (And I'm sure you found this to be a delightful subject, right?)
June 23rd   Marion and Trudy (and families) are guests this week. The last time they stayed here was Labor Day weekend of 1992. It's good to have them back. I've seen them many many times since 1992 but until now they've had no occasion to stay here again.
June 24th   There were tons and tons of fireflies out last night.   [Aside -- In case you're wondering, their scientific classification is Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Insecta, Order: Coleoptera, Suborder: Polyphaga, Infraorder: Elateriformia, Superfamily: Elateroidea, Family: Lampyridae.   Their "Order" (Coleoptera) indicates that they're a type of beetle.]
June 25th   YES!!!!! I believe we have baby loons this year!!!!! Confirmation (and maybe pictures) later today.

Added later:   Yes, there definitely is one baby loon. This isn't a very good picture, but it's the best I have for now. Click HERE.
June 26th   Welcome back to Deb.......and to her three friends, Susan, Carla, and Mary, who are visiting LBLR for the first time. To see Deb giving them a lake tour on the pontoon, click HERE.
June 27th   The nest is empty; the baby Falcons have flown the coop.
June 28th   Is the lake calm or what??? This picture would look correct even if it was upside down.......or is it upside down now? Click HERE.
June 29th   As you will remember, Linda Aaker has been sending me pictures of the sunrise on her street in Onida, South Dakota at key times of the year. Click HERE to see a comparison of the location of the sun as it rose on both Solstices and the Autumnal Equinox. It's an interesting comparison.......thanks Linda.
June 30th   Good-bye to Christine and Lenny, Deb's older siblings, who have just finished their first visit to LBLR (click HERE) and good-bye to the first half of 2015 as well.

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