October 2015

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October 1st   If winter is slumber and spring is birth and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection. It's a time of year when the leaves are down and the harvest is in and the perennials are gone. Mother Earth just closed up the drapes on another year and it's time to reflect on what's come before.
-- Mitchell Burgess (1992)

By the way, yesterday LBLR was inundated with Juncos.......another definite sign of Autumn.
October 2nd   According to this (click HERE) we should be right in the thick of the fall colors, but other than a few bright red Maples scattered around, there doesn't seem to be much color yet. Maybe one should go on a road trip to find out for sure.
October 3rd   Hello to Bob O's friends from Virginia (the state, not the city) who are here for a week of Grouse hunting. They were here last year too, by the way.
October 4th   Ron D arrived for what will probably be his last LBLR get-away of the year.
October 5th   Still no real frost but these nippy mornings cause some eerie looking fog to rise from the lake. Click HERE.
October 6th   After 24 seasons of excessive resorting, I'm beginning to think that I should maybe be thinking that the end might should be getting near pretty soon.   That's a sloppy sentence but you get my drift, right?   To be blunt, what I'm saying is:   I'm too darned old for this!
October 7th   They're safely tucked away on shore for the winter. Thanks Dotz! Click HERE.
October 8th   Can you believe that by mid-afternoon tomorrow five cabins will be occupied!?!?!? Apparently this summer will never end. However, four of the five will contain grouse hunters, which is much different than in the summertime.
October 9th   The leaves across the lake don't appear to be as pretty as last year, but they're not bad. Click HERE.
October 10th   There.......the cabin 4 roofing job is finally complete!!!!   (And Happy Birthday Miss Twacie.)
October 11th   This was the view from cabin # 1 yesterday morning. It was taken by my son-in-law who is here with his buddies for their 20th annual LBLR grouse hunt, which, by the way, hasn't been very successful so far this year. Click HERE. Thanks Jim.
October 12th   Happy Columbus Day (the real one).
Happy Thanksgiving Day to our Canadian friends.
Happy Freethought Day to all you Free Thinkers and Secularists.
October 13th Exactly six years ago today this was the Chronicles entry (it was sent by Colleen):

Colleen, Allie, and Erin will be here tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!
Just thinkin' about tomorrow clears the cobwebs and the sorrow
'Til there's none!

When I'm stuck with a day that's lonely and gray,
I just stick out my chin and grin, and say:

Colleen, Allie, and Erin will be here tomorrow,
So I'll hang on until tomorrow come what may.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya tomorrow
Cuz you're only a day away!

It's true again today, all except for Allie who can't make it this year. And Deb will be here too!
October 14th A Vodka Gimlet.......a medicinal drink that really works.
October 15th The Ides!
October 16th The white "wisps" in front of the dark clouds are streaks of falling rain. What a neat look. Click HERE and HERE.
October 17th At last.......a good hard frost!!!!
October 18th Good-bye to Colleen & Kevin, Erin & Tom, and Jodi & Jake after a short, but fun, stay in cabins 1 & 2. And.......a good hard frost for the second day in a row.
October 19th There(!), cabin 3 is shut down for the winter, the swimming raft is on shore (thanks for the help Deb), and all of the boats, except for one, are out of the water. And as you know, the pontoons where taken out awhile back. That's a start at least.
October 20th This was taken by a fire on the beach during one of last weekend's chilly nights. It's titled "Girls with Beer". Click HERE.
October 21st At 1282.28 feet above sea level, LBL is at it's lowest point of the year, which is pretty high for a lowest point of year but pretty normal for this time of the year. We'll see what happens for another month, then the gauge comes out for the winter.
October 22nd Is this gorgeous Autumn weather or what? Click HERE.
October 23rd Do you recognize this? Any comments? Click HERE.
October 24th If yesterday's picture was confusing, does this clear it up? Click HERE. It was taken in 1968 incidentally.
October 25th If you were to travel around the world at 60 degrees south lattitude, you would never touch land. Or click HERE.
October 26th On average, the lake should be frozen a month from today (click HERE for the details if you'd like), but with the warm weather we've been having I can't believe that it'll even be close. Those are the words I used on this date last year and I think they apply to this year as well. But then last year the lake ended up freezing almost a week earlier than who ever knows what will happen!?!?!?
October 27th Thanks for rescuing the lawn chair Deb.......good job!!!!! Click HERE.
October 28th What an unusual place for a bat to spend the day.......on the back door of the house. Click HERE.
October 29th Most years on this date I seem to say the same thing:   Oh my goodness!!!! My Grandson Josh is XX years old today!!!! This year will be no different and the number is 23.
October 30th Nothing of interest happened yet today.
All Hallows' Eve I spot the hills
With yellow balls in autumn.
I light the prairie cornfields
Orange and tawny gold clusters
And I am called pumpkins.
On the last of October
When dusk is fallen
Children join hands
And circle round me
Singing ghost songs
And love to the harvest moon;
I am a jack-o-lantern
With terrible teeth
And the children know
I am fooling.
          -- Carl Sandburg (circa 1900), "Theme in Yellow"

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