August 2016

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August rushes by like desert rainfall,
A flood of frenzied upheaval;
Expected, but still catching me unprepared.
Like a quick kiss;
One wishes for more
But it suddenly turns to leave,
Dragging summer away.

                        -- Elizabeth Maua Taylor (circa 2000)

The only thing I know about Elizabeth is that I love her poetry. If anyone knows anything else about her, please let me know. And by the way, another thing about August is that it's too short!!!
August 2nd   After a couple weeks of absence, Old Glory is again flying over LBLR. The last wind storm broke off the top 8 feet of the pole and just today it was finally repaired and put back up. Thereís not much wind today but click HERE. Itís feels good to have it flying again.
August 3rd   This summer if you have to make a quick run to a gas station or convenience store, your destination will have to be Grand Rapids. The S/A in Cohasset is now a Casey's, but it has been closed for the last few weeks and probably will be closed for the next few weeks due to a remodel. But if it isn't gas that you're after, remember that we now have a Dollar General store in Cohasset.
August 4th   Here's a flash back to last January 16th; ice fishing the way it was meant to be. Click HERE.
The Nones   Click HERE.
August 6th   Good-bye to last week's guests (Mike B & his group from Indiana and Denny T & his group from Illinois). Too see a picture of Mike's group, click HERE. We didn't get a picture of Denny's group this year but to see his group from a previous year, click HERE. That's Denny on the right with his eyes closed.

Hello to Kevin and Colleen's group who will take cabins 4, 5, and 6. Since Angie and Jodie's group who usually take the other end of the resort this week won't be here this year, it's going to be a quiet week.
The Nones   This is the week that the fire pit really gets a workout!!!! Click HERE.
PS:   I was told that this colored flame was simply the result of burning some maple logs, but I'm a bit skeptical. Click HERE.
August 8th   There will be further entries as events warrant.
August 9th   There are ZERO days in the next week's forecast predicted to be in the 80s. Does that, by any chance, mean that Autumn is just around the corner? One can only hope!
August 10th   I had to run down to the Cities the day before yesterday but I'm back now. I want to thank this week's guests (see the August 6th entry above) for "managing" the resort while I was gone. Oh, and thanks also for the delicious supper after I returned.
August 11th  
        Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather-stains of cares.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson (circa 1850)
August 12th   This is a sunrise from cabin 1. It was taken last October. Thanks Colleen. Click HERE.
The Ides   Arriving today are Joe & Barb (and group) who are in cabins 1 and 3, Vern & Shirley in cabin 2, Ruth & Chuck D (from Navada) in cabin 4, and Linda & John L in cabin 5. Ron E will arrive a bit later in the week to spend a short time in cabin 6. That's a lot of guests for this time of the year.
August 14th   6:00 AM:   Joe and family (from cabin 1) are already out on the front porch fishing!
August 15th   It appears that the Merlins have left (see the entries for July 11th and 13th). It seems a bit early, but since Ospreys leave this time of the year (well, they abandon their nests anyway) maybe Merlins do too. It would be nice if they nested here again next year. By the way, since they were constantly hanging around the area just south of cabins 5 & 6 I suspect that their nest was in that area, but I never actually saw it.
August 16th   I'd like you to know that through all these years, all of the entries in the Chronicles have been true. The fact that they were true was verifiable in most cases. As for the others, I made them up.......but I made them up truthfully. As Edith Ann once said:   You can make up the truth, if you know how. Thbpbpthpt!
August 17th   Click HERE.
August 18th   Nice one Joe. Click HERE.
August 19th   So long to Linda and John L.......too bad you have to leave a day early. And thanks for signing up again for next year. Keep in touch, and if not sooner I'll see you again this week in 2017.

This morning was the last walk into Cohasset and back for Vern and I. It's 45 minutes one way, then coffee for 1/2 hour, then 45 minutes back. That's slightly more than 5 miles, which is not too bad for a couple of old codgers. We'll do it again this week next year, right Vern? It would be a shame to end a nice tradition after only a few years.
August 20th   Click HERE to see the annual "departure" picture of Barb & Joe and Shirley & Vern posing between their two cabins. I'll see you again next year, same time, same cabins.
August 21st As is typical for this time of the year, LBLR is very quiet these days. Ruth & Chuck D (from Nevada) are in the second week of their three week stay in cabin 4, and Maggie & Trent D (from Saint Cloud) are celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a relaxing week in cabin 2.
August 22nd   Maggie and Trent:   Click HERE.
August 23rd   Click HERE to see than annual August picture showing the Autumn is on its way.
August 24th   Nice one Trent! It was a catch and release (around 7 pounds) right next to the swimming raft. Click HERE.
August 25th   3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494.......etc
It's irrational, you know, so it goes on and on.
August 26th   If one waits with "silent patience" long enough, winter will eventually arrive. In fact, one doesn't even have to be silent or patient.......winter will arrive anyway.
August 27th   The lushness of Summer is rapidly fading; both the shore and water vegetation are loosing their dark green color and the yellows and browns of early Autumn are beginning to take over. Click HERE.
August 28th   Yesterday an Osprey caught a large fish and was flying over the lake with it when an Eagle (much larger than the Osprey) took notice and decided that he'd like to make of meal of the Osprey's catch. What ensued reminded me of a World War II dogfight between Nazi and Allied fighter pilots. Again and again the Eagle, being the faster flyer, would zoom in for the kill but the Osprey, apparently more maneuverable, would turn away just before contact and open up the distance between them. The Eagle would then circle back, pick up speed, and come in for another attack. This attack and evasion occurred six or eight times before the Eagle finally gave up and flew away. What a spectacle!!!!
August 29th   All the hard rains this summer have wreaked havoc with the LBLR driveway. It used to be bad, but after this summer it's the pits!!!! It's full of pot holes and deep crevices that were dug out by running water during the rains. Yesterday and today Bob and I have been filling in the holes and crevices before the whole thing gets a fresh covering of gravel next week.
August 30th   Hey Chick, where should our annual winter meeting be this year? Any suggestions? The U.P. again? Illinois maybe? By the way, I'd be willing to meet you at The Bridge if there's more to do there than in Escanaba. Also, should the women be involved again? (Of course, I don't know if they'd even want to be involved again.) Any suggestions?
August 31st   Good-bye to Ruth and Chuck D who have been in cabin 4 for nearly three weeks. Ruth is the daughter of Clyde Jellison, who built LBLR. They now live in Nevada and were in Minnesota on a long "visiting relatives and friends" vacation. Thanks for coming!!!!!!! Click HERE.

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