July 2016

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July 1st   There's something in a summer's Day
As slow her flambeaux burn away
Which solemnizes me.

There's something in a summer's noon --
A depth -- an Azure -- a perfume --
Transcending ecstasy.
                        -- Sweet Emily (circa 1859)

Tomorrow, as usual, the Angst clan will begin arriving for their annual July 4th week at LBLR, but with a slight difference from past years.......Deb's kids will be here too.
July 2nd   The coming of July has a profound affect on some people. Click HERE.
July 3rd   Tubing is fun for everyone, even Toby. Click HERE.
July 4th   A fun day at the lake! Click HERE.
July 5th   That's quite a boatload. Click HERE.
July 6th   Today was the annual 4th of July week family luncheon.......which was a pig roast this time. The weather really cooperated this year; it was a lovely day indeed!!!! To see the pig just before it went into the charcoal click HERE (unfortunately the head had to be removed so that it would fit on the spit). To see the finished product click HERE, and to see the family enjoying it click HERE.
July 7th   These are appropriate swimming outfits for July 4th week, are they not? However, I'm not sure that I consider them to be appropriate swimming outfits for granddaughters! Click HERE.
July 8th   Ben and Calvin, my Grandson and Great Nephew (they call themselves "cousin-friends"), were the most avid fishermen in the whole clan this week. Click HERE to see them displaying part of their day's catch in the fish cleaning house.
July 9th   So long to the Angst and Cobian clans; it was a GREAT week!

Hello to Terry C and family (from Iowa) in cabins 1 & 2, Meg and Randy C (from Arkansas) in cabin 3, Jeff and Michelle W in cabin 4, Kelly and Sam S and family in cabin 5, and Tom G (a local) along with his sisters Laurie and Lynn (from Massachusetts and New Hampshire respectively) who are in cabin 6.
July 10th   We've had tons and tons of rain the last few days. The lake went up over 4 inches to 1283.03 feet above sea level which is 5 3/4 inches higher than it was when the ice went out last spring, about 8 inches higher than it was last year at this time, and about 2 inches short of the highest it has been since I started recording it in 2006.

Along with the rain came some high winds three days ago which caused a fair amount of damage to some areas around the lake (click HERE for one example) but LBLR came out okay. Only 2 trees went down: the dead Cedar in front of the house (which should have been cut down a few years ago) and a Spruce tree north of cabin 1.
July 11th   As noted in these Chronicles several times over the years, LBLR is graced with the presence of a Merlin (sometimes two of them) each spring. He usually arrives in mid-April, he harasses the local songbirds and waterfowl for several days, and then he heads further north. This year, however, he's still here. It seems odd to hear his call in mid-summer. To listen to the sound he makes, click HERE.
July 12th   Here's last of the four LBLR Rules (see the June 7th entry), but it only applies in the summertime:   Go jump in the lake!
July 13th   Via e-mail I passed the information about the Merlin remaining here this summer (see the July 11th entry, above) on to my bird expert friend Jerry Bonkoski. His interesting reply is below:

The Merlin is slowly moving southward for their nesting area, in fact there are now some Merlins nesting in the Twin Cities. Since it stayed around until now it would be a good indication that it may have nested in your area. Keep watch and see if you find a family of Merlins in your area.
July 14th   Even though I don't think I'll be prosecuted I'm still a bit of apprehensive about mentioning this, but perhaps it will keep other people from making the same mistake. A tad over two weeks ago while sitting in cabin 2 casually chatting with some of Deb's relatives, someone mentioned that there seems to be a lot of clams in the lake. As the conversation continued I happened to mention the they are edible and, in fact, they're quite tasty if cooked right. One thing led to another and eventually the younsters in the group went out into the lake and gathered up a bunch of clams, which we cooked by two different methods, both of which included ample amounts of garlic. (Click HERE.) As predicted, they were delicious and we enjoyed them! But now comes "the rest of the story" (as Paul Harvey used to say)....... Later that evening one of the group looked in the "Minnesota Fishing Regulations" booklet and found the following entry:
Question:   Can I take live mussels (clams)?
Answer:   No. All of Minnesota's 50 mussel species are protected by law. Twenty of those 50 species are endangered or threatened.

Obviously we violated the "Law of the Land" when we took those clams.......but who knew???? We sure wont do that again!
July 15th   No baby Loons this year. Sigh....... But we had one last year!
July 16th   So long to Meg & Randy, half of Iowa Terry's group, Michelle & Jeff, and Tom, Laurie, & Lynn.

Hello to Kari, Karl, & Harley D in cabin 2, Sandie & Dale C in cabin 4, and Julie & Dustin E (and kids) in cabin 6. The rest of Iowa Terry's group will stay in cabin 1, and Kelly & Sam's group will stay in cabin 5.
July 17th   Hey Carlsons (Turners), this will probably be the firewood for your next stay at LBLR. It's that darned Cedar that I told Deb I would cut down last winter.......and then didn't. The storm from July 4th week took it down for me. Click HERE.
July 18th   More new Grand Rapids business stuff:
The Pickled Loon Saloon opened in Grand Rapids last Monday; it's on highway 169 just across the bridge from Zorbas. To see the web-site of the Pickled Loon Saloon in Outing (the menu is the same), click HERE. Also, construction has just begun on an Aldi's and a Hardee's but I have no idea how long before they will open up. Grand Rapids had a Hardee's once upon a time but it closed in 2005 and Arby's took over the building.
July 19th   A hot dog and collard greens.......what a meal!!!!!!
July 20th & 21st   The slash (/) or stroke (as it's known in the UK) is also called a solidus or a virgule. Or click HERE.
July 22nd   Whew.......what a heat wave! It's not nearly as bad as down south but it's definitely a day for being in the water or sitting in the shade with a beer (click HERE for an example). Of course there are those who prefer an air conditioned casino.......but to each his own.
July 23rd   Iowa Terry & her group, Kari & Karl & Harley D, Sandy & Dale C, and Dustin & Julie E all left this morning. We'll see you guys next year (if not sooner) and thanks for coming!

Hello to Janet P (and family), to Sharon & Bob & Teresa F, and to three cabins worth of Jamie P's group. Kelly & Sam (& family) have one more week to go.
July 24th   This is a neat cloud formation. Notice the streaks of sunlight coming from behind it, but they were more apparent in person than they are in the picture. Click HERE.
July 25th   As you're probably aware, there have been two major wind storms in the area recently.......and luckily LBLR didn't get hit big by either of them. The first one did "some" damage around the lake but "a lot" of damage in Deer River, and the second one did major damage in Hill City which is about 25 miles south of here.
July 26th   There are a lot fisherfolk here this week so there will be a fishing report at the end of the week.
July 27th   Geez, I love mornings like this. It's dark and calm with a slow gentle peaceful and relaxing. Click HERE.
July 28th   A thought for the last few weeks:   There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. Every type of weather has its own specific advantages and its own specific pleasures.
July 29th   As promised earlier, here's Matt's Little Bass Lake fishing report for the week, but as you read it keep in mind that Matt is an avid fisherman with lots of experience. A typical Dad who takes his kids out fishing for an hour and a half at 2 o'clock on a warm sunny afternoon wont do as well a Matt typically does when he goes Bass fishing all by himself at 5 o'clock every morning. These are his words:
Fishing has been excellent as usual. Lots of crappies for fish fry and the bass have been biting well every morning. Lots of nice bass too. Here is a photo of the biggest (21 inches, caught and released Tuesday morning). [Click HERE.] Have had a handful of others in the 18-20 range as well.
July 30th   The resort completely emptied out this morning and six cabins of new guests arrived this afternoon. So we say good-bye to the old guests (see the July 23rd entry above), all of whom will be here next year at the same time and in the same cabins. It's been fun and we'll see you all next year!

We say hello to Sandy and Denny T and their group from Illinois who are in cabins 4, 5, and 6, to Mike B and group who are in Cabins 1 and 2, and to some friends of Joe P (a local) who are in Cabin 3.   Welcome to LBLR!
July 31st   Here are some more fish pictures from last week. The first one is Bob and Teresa with a Northern that Bob caught on Big Jay Gould Lake (click HERE), and the other two are Zack & Evan, sons of Sara & Matt, each one with a bass that they caught here on LBL (click HERE).

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