June 2016

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June 1st   Summer is coming - I hear her quick footsteps;
Take your last looks at the beautiful Spring.

            -- Elaine Goodale Eastman & Dora Read Goodale (1878)

In three more days, due to the annual invasion from Charles City Iowa, the resort will be full.......and it will remain that way (or very nearly that way) for the next dozen or so weeks. Here we go again; the quiet days are nearly over!
June 2nd   Since the DNR calibrated the measuring device, the lake level dropped 1 1/2 inches and then went up 1 1/2 inches to put it right back where it was a month ago.
June 3rd   The word for the day is OPTIMISM.   OP-TI-MISM!
June 4th   The weather has been wet and dreary for the better part of a week but late this afternoon the clouds abated and the sun appeared. Two other things, which may be related, happened today also. Wayne, Dave, and Parker left and headed back toward Arkansas, and the whole clan from Charles City, Iowa breezed into LBLR and filled all six cabins. So the question is this, did the Arkansas people take the bad weather home with them, or did the Iowans bring the good weather here with them?
June 5th   We've been seeing only one loon these days; I hope that means that the other on is sitting on a couple of eggs.
D-Day   This is to honor all of the guests in the resort this week; they are all from Iowa. Click HERE.
June 7th   LBLR RULES:
1) Relax
2) Relax
3) Relax
June 8th   A concert on the pontoon.......there's musical talent in this group from Iowa! Click HERE.
June 9th   Matt's swimming raft (the one with slide on it) was "blown by the wind" down to the south end of the lake where it got caught on the sunken island. Some kids who are staying here this week came to the rescue and towed it to the LBLR shoreline where it spent a few nights, but it's now safely back where it belongs. Click HERE.
June 10th, 11th,  
and 12th
Nothing but rain!
The day the  
The Chronicles died on this day in the year 2010; the last entry was made from a table at the Forest Lake Restaurant in the early afternoon of that day. Click HERE and go the last entry to see its tombstone. But exactly a year later, like the Phoenix, the Chronicles rose from it's own ashes to live again. Click HERE to see the first entry of its new life.
June 14th   It took a long time this year, but we finally got a good "at the lake day". Click HERE.
June 15th   Happy Birthday Deb!!! Click HERE.
June 16th   One gorgeous Summer Day and then we're right back into the wet and dreary days that have been plaguing us most of the Spring so far. Oh well, it has to all you people who are coming up here later this summer will be in luck. We're over due for some beautiful Summertime weather.
June 17th   The American Bittern has been added to the LBL Bird List (it's number 96). It has not been sighted but several of us heard one that was on the other side of the lake, which was definitely near enough to be considered an LBL bird. To listen to the sound it makes, click HERE. To see the complete list of LBL birds, click HERE.
June 18th   Good-bye to the Iowa group who has occupied all six cabins for the last two weeks.......geez that was a short two weeks.

Hello to all of the Ks who are having their biennial family reunion in all of the six cabins.
June 19th   Happy Day to all you Fathers!!!

It would be nice to go a whole day without rain.
Then followed that beautiful season... Summer.... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if newly created in all the freshness of childhood.
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (circa 1850)

Since this is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, there are now more hours of daylight than a person really needs. And as was stated yesterday, we're still waiting for a whole day without rain.
June 21st   Yesterday was gorgeous.......nice temperature and no rain. By the way, the lake is now nearly 2.5 inches higher than it was when the ice went out (1282.75 feet above sea level).
June 22nd, 23rd,  
and 24th
June 25th   Goodbye to the Ks who just finished the most recent edition of their biennial family reunion, the last three of which were held at LBLR. AND they're on the books for 2018 as well.

Welcome back to North Carolina Laurie (and two cabins worth of her family) and to Sara/Aaron (and family). Both groups missed last year. It's good to have you back again.

Welcome also to Gwen/Tom and family who are here for the first time. They're Deb's cousins, by the way.
June 26th,  
and 27th
June 28th   Obviously there has been a shortage of Chronicles entries over the past week or so and I'm sorry about that. I know there are those who think that's an indication that another year-long sabatical is in the cards. To that I say: Nay, nay, and thrice nay! You can rest assured that it's not going to happen.
June 29th   One of the troubles with life is that everything affects everything else.
June 30th   From "The Death of June", a poem by Lucy Larcom (circa 1850):
June falls asleep upon her bier of flowers;
In vain are dewdrops sprinkled o'er her,
In vain would fond winds fan her back to life,
Her hours are numbered on the floral dial.

Oh my goodness, June is over and 2016 is half over already as well?!?!?! It's hard to believe how fast time goes when you get old. Sigh.......

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