March 2016

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The Calends  
of March
It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
-- Charles Dickens (1860)

That's a pretty good description of March weather in a lot of places, but up here in the Northland it more closely describes April (or sometimes even May), does it not?
March 2nd   Yesterday, the first day of March, we awoke up to a temperature of 10 below zero which, I believe, could be classified as coming in like a lion. Now let's hope that it goes out like a lamb as the other half of that adage tells us it should. There have been times when that has happened (click HERE for an example). On the other hand, most years don't follow that adage and March goes out the same way it came in (an example of that is HERE). If El Niño has anything to say about it, we may mimic 2012 this year.......LET US HOPE SO!
March 3rd   Recently I read somewhere that "if you have to say 'excuse me' when you burp, the restaurant is too fancy". I'm inclined to agree with that. Hmmm.......I wonder if that's a requirement at the Fuji Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar which opened in Grand Rapids a tad over eight weeks ago? I also wonder how it's doing.
March 4th   Is anyone interested in buying a new pontoon? This is just one of the sites where T&M Marine stores the ones they plan to sell. There are a lot more of them there than I could get in the picture; there must be a hundred of them out there. Geez, they sell a lot of pontoons. Click HERE.
Cinco de
Several people have already sent me their guesses (oops, I mean predictions) for the date that LBL will be completely clear of ice this year, so I guess we're starting. The rules are the same as for previous years: Any guesses for the "ice-out" date have to be in my hands (or in my in-box) on or before March 20th, which is a week before the earliest date that the lake has ever been ice free. The lunch goes to the person who is closest to it and it can be before, on, or after the actual date. If there is a tie for the closest to it, all of the tied persons will be declared winners. I'm am the sole declarer of "ice-out" but it will be based on the DNR definition which occurs when surface of the lake is completely ice free. There can be ice on the shore near the water, but there can't be any ice floating anywhere on the surface of the lake. The prize will a lunch at Florio's, so e-mail me your guesses (oops, I mean predictions). To see the historical freeze/thaw dates, click HERE. Good luck!
March 6th   Darn wind!!! Click HERE.
March 7th   As we speak, the ice on LBL is 18 inches thick. As per my scanty records for ice thickness, I've never seen it less than 24 inches thick this early in March until this year. Normally it's in the 24 to 28 inch range. Even the year that it went out completely on March 27th, it was still two feet thick this early in March.
March 8th   A person is on LBL calmly and quietly fishing for Crappies, and then suddenly.......a SURPRISE! Click HERE. Needless to say it went right back into the hole because the season has been closed since last Saturday.
March 9th   Obviously all of the fishing houses are off the lake now. Click HERE.
March 10th   It's certainly time to start looking for signs that Spring is near. Here's one: there have been a few Swans flying over the resort already this year. As I said last year about this time, we've been seeing a lot of them in recent years.

And here's another sign of the approaching Spring. The male Falcon is back already, but I don't know exactly when he returned. March 6th is the earliest return that I've recorded, and that was in 2007. Click HERE; ours is the Boswell Cam.
March 11th   Welcome back to Dennis and Shelley W who were just here the weekend before last to ice fish, to Janet and Jeff B who were here early last Spring when they helped put the new roof on the garage/game room and who are also here to fish, and to Deb who was last here in mid-January when we went ice fishing at Lake of the Woods.   (By the way, Dennis and Shelley are the ones who bring THIS with them.)
March 12th   The snow, like the ice, is slowly dwindling. Some places around here look like Spring, other places don't. Click HERE.
March 13th   These five Birch trees were planted in the spring of 1999 (17 years ago). They didn't grow very well, possibly because they were surrounded by big Norway Pines and didn't get much light, so they are now history. Can you tell from the picture what part of the resort they were on? Click HERE.
March 14th   YESSSS!!!!!!! Michigan State won the Big Ten Basketball Tournament yesterday afternoon by beating Purdue 66-62. Now on to the NCAA Tournament.......Go Green!
Ides of March   A nice day for ice fishing. Click HERE.

PS:   It's the Ides, so don't forget to have a Bloody Caesar today!
March 16th   Happy St. Urho's Day!!!

Today is 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness in Cohasset. Starting tomorrow there'll be more hours in a day than one really needs. Agreed?
St. Patty's Day   The weatherman is a fink!!!!! Click HERE.

And as usual on this day:   Happy Birthday Ter (the Big four-oh).......and Éire go Brách!!!!!
March 18th   At about 4:00 yesterday afternoon there were two Falcons in the nest, which means that the wife has returned. Click HERE; ours is the Boswell Cam.
The Vernal  
Roughly a half hour before midnight tonight Spring will be upon us, which is cause for celebration if you happen to be up and about at that time. Pity the poor New Yorkers who will be stuck with winter until tomorrow.
March 20th   By the way, the docks came off the ice a week ago which is about a week earlier than last year. Hey Jeff B, thanks for the help.
March 21st   The last day to get your ice-out projections in is fast approaching; the last day is the 27th. There are only 26 participants so far this year compared to 37 last year. Again this year the prize is a lunch a Florio's, and I still owe some from last year, by the way.
March 22nd   Last year the ice was 22 inches thick on this date, and in 2013 it was 28 inches thick. At this moment it's in the realm of 16 inches thick.
March 23rd   Five years ago on this date there were no LBLR Chronicles. At that time it was in the midst of a one year sabbatical which ran from June 13, 2010 through June 12, 2011.
March 24th   Last year on this date cabins 1 & 2 were up and running. Nothing is up and running this year yet (except the duplex, of course).
March 25th   Happy 80th birthday (which was yesterday) to Jim, a long-time customer and partriach of the group usually referred to as The Firebug Carlsons. Click HERE.
March 26th   Two things:
  • Congratulations to Rachel and Ethan (Deb's daughter and son-in-law) on buying their first house. They closed on it yesterday. Click HERE.

  • Today was the last day of our Florida trip and the third of three Grapefruit League games in three different stadia. At least one turned out good; the Twins beat the Rays today in the Rays' home stadium. Click HERE.
March 27th   There have been a few comments about "Today's Picture" from yesterday so I'm putting it here so that it doesn't go away. It's an Eagle sitting on a road kill deer a few blocks south of LBLR on highway 62. Geez, those things sure are large when you see them close up. Click HERE.
March 28th   Four years ago yesterday the ice on LBL was gone; that was the earliest date for ice-out in the Modern Era.
March 29th   To North Carolina Laurie:   Happy belated birthday, but I'm sorry to say that using your birthday for your ice-out prediction this year didn't work any better than it did last year. You're out!!!!!

To my Dear Granddaughter Kaylee:   Sorry Kay, but if you look at "Today's Picture" you'll see that you are OUT too! Better luck next year Kay.
March 30th   On the other side of the lake there is a spring several feet from the lake. The water running into the lake keeps the ice thin in that area all winter long and allows it to open up fairly early in the season. At the moment there's about 8 feet of open water there and two male Goldeneyes are fighting over a female.......a sure sign of Spring. Thanks for the information Jim!
March 31st   Teri, you are OUT! But since you are my Dear youngest Daughter and since you live so far away, the next time you make the trip from San Pancho I'll buy you a lunch anyway!

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