October 2016

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October 1st   Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect
pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.

                                                        -- Carol Bishop Hipps (circa 1995)

I agree that October can be a pleasant relief from the heat of summer and a nice pause before the harsh weather of winter begins, but I don't believe I'd refer to summer and winter as "miseries" the way Carol does. By the way, I can find nothing about Carol other than the fact that she published a book about gardening in 1995 and that she probably lived in the southern part of the country. If you know anything else about her, please let me know.
October 2nd   The Grouse hunters, Jim and Tim, are doing pretty well. Apparently they don't need Mike (or his dog)! Click HERE.
October 3rd   Hey Bryan, thanks for stopping over. And Barb, thanks for urging him to do so. Barb and Bryan (who live in Illinois) are regular Chronicles readers who have never been here. Bryan was in the area and stopped in yesterday to say HI! That was very nice. Thank you again.
October 4th   To Colleen, Erin, Allie, Deb, Kevin, and Tom:   Don't worry about firewood when you come up here in a couple of weeks. It's scattered around a bit but there's plenty of it. To see some of it, click HERE.
October 5th   As per this DNR map dated Monday, the fall colors in the LBLR vicinity are at peak or will be within the next day or so. Come on up and see for yourselves. Click HERE.
October 6th   Click HERE.
October 7th   Hey North Carolina Laurie, look at this.......and thank you!!!!! Click HERE.
October 8th   Here are two pictures of a little pond about three blocks from Deb's house in the Cities. Click HERE for a distant picture and HERE for a close up. There are several other small ponds within a few blocks of her house and they're all covered with green scum as bad as that one is. I presume that's the result of all the fertilizer that's being poured onto the surrounding lawns all summer.
October 9th   Robin and Matt arrived this afternoon from the state of Virginia. This is their third visit to LBLR in as many years, and they're here to spend the better part of a week Grouse hunting. Welcome back you guys!
October 10th   Happy "official" Columbus Day to everyone and Happy Birthday to Miss Twacie.

By the way, if you're planning to come up here for a "Fall Color Trip" you better hurry; time is running out. Click HERE.
October 11th   Cabin 3 is shut down for the winter and one boat is put away, but that's it. Today would have been a great day to go full bore into resort shut-down mode.......but it didn't happen. There was no reason for it; it just didn't happen. Maybe manana (I know you can't see a tilde over the first "n", but imagine that there is one). And then again, maybe not. Time will tell.
October 12th   Christopher Columbus first landed in America 524 years ago today. Can you believe that it's been that long? It seems like just yesterday. Happy "real" Columbus Day.

Good-bye to Tom H and his Mom and an old College buddy of his who have been here for the last four days. They enjoyed themselves and caught a few fish as well. Thanks for coming and I hope to see you again sometime.
October 13th   Still no frost and we're past our average first 32 degree night by about three weeks.
October 14th   This place is literally crawling with Juncos. Fall is here!
The Ides   The swimming raft and the paddle boats are put away for the least that's something.
October 16th   The Grouse hunters from the state of Virginia (see the October 9th entry, above) left yesterday, and a couple of Grouse hunters from the state of Georgia (Rusty and Dave) arrived today. Welcome to LBLR you guys.
October 17th   This Cedar tree, which was blown down during a storm last July 7th, is on the shore near the front porch. Probably not many people noticed it this summer because it was covered by vegetation.......but it sure is obvious now. Click HERE.
October 18th   Tamaracks are a very pretty golden color this time of the year.......right before they lose their needles. This one is near cabin # 1 and it was planted in 2000 or 2001. Click HERE.
October 19th   It's MEA weekend so arriving today and staying for the "long" weekend will be Sandie & Guy L, Colleen & Kevin C, Sandy & Dale C, and hopefully Deb. Conspicuous by their absence will be Erin & Tom H and Allie T who are usually here for this weekend but can't make it this year (we'll miss you guys).

PS:   If Deb doesn't make it today, not to worry.......she'll be here tomorrow morning.
October 20th   With a low temperature last night of 26 degrees we had a significant frost this morning.......and it's about time!
October 21st   Oh geez, what beautiful October weather. A good time for MEA weekend to occur.
October 22nd   What a nice beginning to a gorgeous day. Click HERE.
October 23rd   Click HERE, (and it's not the writer's block). The pictures from yesterday and today are compliments of Colleen who was staying in cabin 1 for the weekend.
October 24th   The pontoons are finally on the shore. They came out of the lake a bit later than usual and they're a bit more spread out than in past years, but they're on shore. Hurray! Thanks for the help Dotz! Click HERE.
October 25th   I have nuthun' to say!
October 26th   Good-bye to Dotz and Bev who just left after their first time here since last Spring. Don't wait so long next time. See you in the winter?
October 27th   If you were planning a "Fall Color Trip" to the Northland, you've waited too long.......the time has passed. There's hardly any color left down state even. Click HERE.
October 28th   Only 49 more shopping days until Beethoven's birthday. (I'm filling in for Linus van Pelt.)
October 29th   My EX next door neighbor Larry, whom a lot of you have met, and his fiancee Joyce will become husband and wife this afternoon. Congrats you guys!!!!!! Click HERE to see a picture of Larry that appeared in these Chronicles back on December 17, 2008 when he celebrated his 75 birthday. His kids shoveled his name into the snow (he's too shy to do a thing like that by himself) but they managed to talk him into posing behind it.

Later in the evening:   The wedding is over!!! Congratulations again! Click HERE to see the Bride and Groom.
October 30th   Welcome back to Sharon and Paul L who arrived for their annual late October stay.
All Hallows Eve   The Witch is astride,
This night for to ride;
The Devil and she together:
Through thick, and through thin,
Now out, and then in,
Though ner so foule be the weather.

                              -- Robert Herrick (circa 1625)

In spite of what Mr. Herrick (one of my favorites, by the way) says, the weather will be quite nice for All Hallows' Eve this year; it'll be in the high 40s in this neck of the woods when the goblins emerge for Trick or Treating this evening.

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