June 2007

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The Calends of June At water depths of 50', 40', 30' and 20', the water temperature is roughly 41 degrees, 42 degrees, 43 degrees, and 55 degrees respectively. I've noticed that there are a fair number of fish hanging in the thermocline between 30' and 20'. I've read that is what happens, but this is the first time I've ever been able to see it.
June 2nd The lake has been steadily rising........up nearly an inch and three quarters in the last 5 days. It's not a lot, but it's better than nothing. That means it has hung in there since ice out (down only about an inch), but still a little higher than it was at this time last year. If you have MS Excel on your sytem, click HERE.
June 3rd This is a view of some wild rice in the Mississippi River as it runs under the bridge on County Road 62 in Cohasset. It's still laying down in the water, but shortly it'll stand upright. Click HERE.
June 4th Bluegills and clam trails: Click HERE.

Ya know, when clams make those trails, sometime they travel so fast that you can actually see them moving. And another thing, there are more clams in this lake than you can believe. Several years ago some kids formed two teams of 3 kids each, and had a contest to see which team could find the most clams. The teams took opposite sides of one dock and collected clams for 10 minutes. At the end of the 10 minutes the total number of clams collected was well over 100.
June 5th Molly........happy 6th birthday!!!!!!!

I saw no baby Painted Turtles this year, but they're hard to see if you don't look for them. They probably crawled out of their holes and went into the lake a month or so ago, but the Moms have been wandering up here the last few days laying their eggs for next Spring's batch of babies. It's difficult to miss them when they're making their way across the lawn and up the hill.
D-Day For lots of interesting information relating to D-Day, click HERE.
June 7th Northerns sizzling in the frying pan: click HERE
June 8th Two cabins of Kielpinskis arrived tonight........the first arrivals of an "all Polish" week.
June 9th Not everyone is here yet, but this is it so far. By the way, the two fellows putting food in their mouths are brothers. If the 3rd brother were here now, he would probably look like that too. Click HERE.
June 10th A full resort.......the summer is now in full swing.
June 11th The final bunch of Kielpinskis have arrived. The number is now just over 20.

I presume these are snapping turtle eggs. If so, why do they occasionally end up in the water like this, I'm wondering. Click HERE
June 12th Here's the whole Kielpinski clan. Click HERE
June 13th Here's an e-mail from John Latimer (the host of the Phenology Show on KAXE on Tuesday mornings) concerning the turtle eggs described in the June 11th entry (above):

Jerry, they look like turtle eggs to me. I have never encountered anything like this however. I will see if I can get an answer from the experts. Stay tuned, John."

If I hear from him again I'll let you know.
June 14th For the BBC News on this day in 1940 (the audio in the center column of this article is fascinating.), click HERE.
June 15th We had almost an inch and a half of rain today and the lake went up about that much. Geez, we needed that! And the lake is more than three inches higher now than it was last year on this date.
June 16th On this day in 1956 I woke up in a grumpy mood...........I've been that way ever since.
Fathers' Day 8:30 Sunday morning:
It's dark and raining with a little thunder off in the distance. The windows are open, the temperature is perfect, the house is quiet (except for Vivaldi playing quietly in the background), the room is dim since the only artificial light is from the computer, and my blood pressure is 117 / 73. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time. Thank God for small pleasures........which are really BIG PLEASURES. What a neat morning!
June 18th The upper 10 or 12 feet of water now has a temperature in the mid 70s, so swimming should be relatively comfortable. The deeper waters are not changing very much.........mid 50s at 20 feet, and low 40s at 30 feet and below.

Here are some Showy Lady Slippers (our state flower) on the LBLR shoreline. Click HERE.
June 19th Isn't this a "different" picture of the LBLR shore line. It was taken with a wide angle lens which makes the straight shore line look curved, almost like an island. Thanks to David Kielpinski who took the picture. Click HERE.
June 20th The annual Charles City Invasion --- Click HERE
Summer Solstice Cohasset has just a tad short of 16 hours of daylight today. (That's a lot of daylight compared to the 8.5 hours we had just six months ago, isn't it?) Rochester has almost a half hour less than that and Miami has about 3 hours less than that. At the other end of the scale Barrow, Alaska has 24 hours of daylight today, which it has had every day since May 11th and will continue to have until the sun goes down for a mere 20 minutes in the wee hours of the morning on August 2nd.
June_22nd Can Tim (the Charles City ring leader) cook fish, or what? Click HERE
June 23rd Welcome to the Remarke's who have 3 cabins this week, and who haven't been here for about 20 years (even before my time). Pictures will follow later this week.
June 24th Welcome to Ron and Bev, who haven't been here for a few years. They're the ones on the left.........the rest are local yokels who came over to visit. Click HERE
June 25th Everyone knows that General George Custer was killed in the battle of Little Bighorn on this day in 1876. But did you know that his two brothers (Thomas and Boston Custer), his nephew (Henry Armstrong), and his brother-in-law (James Calhoun) were also killed in the battle?
June 26th Yesterday the DNR started another fish survey on Little Bass Lake (the last one was in 1997), so by next summer we should have more recent data to look at. To see the old data, click HERE.
June 27th Last evening a young lad offered to give us a demonstration of how to start a "one match fire" using no paper products and no flammable liquids. We all eagerly watched as he built a nice pile of kindling on top of some small sticks which were on top of some birch bark. He chose the portion of the contruction which was away from the wind and further shielded it from the wind with his body. He then used his "one match" to light one of the thinner pieces of birch bark which he tended until it ignited the small sticks. He watched as the flames from the small sticks began to lap at the edges of the larger kindling till it too, started to burn. It was then that his dog, Hunter, wandered out of the lake, ran to his side, shook himself off..........and put the fire out.
June 28th Gary R. and fish: Click HERE

Dotz and I (well.......mostly Dotz) were "fairly" successful fishing this afternoon, as well. Bev opted to stay in the cabin and read.
June 29th To the 75 soldiers of the locally based Company C 2-136th Combined Arms Battalion of the Minnesota National Guard, who were away for 22 months and in Iraq for 16 months:

June 30th This has been a bad year for baby water fowl on Little Bass Lake. I've seen very few little Mallards and no Goldeneyes or Wood Ducks (although there probably were some that I missed). We could still have a baby Loon or two but if there are none by the end of the coming week we'll have to give up on that too.

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