March 2007

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March 1st As the moon rises this evening, Saturn will rise along with it.

Don't forget to watch the total eclipse of the moon on March 3rd, just 2 days hence. There'll be more about that later........for now, just put it on your calendar.
March_2nd We're getting a nice taste of winter at the moment, as is the case with most of the midwest. Geez, I'm glad we're getting this would have been the pits to go through a whole winter without it. When I can get out of my driveway this morning, I'm going to drive into town. I love small towns after a storm when there are huge piles of snow all around, expecially down the middle of the side streets. Besides that, I'm nearly out of wine. Click HERE.
March 3rd Be sure to look at the moon as it rises about 6:00 PM tonight, and you'll see something interesting......a total eclipse will be in progress. In this neck of the woods it'll be well underway before moon rise. In fact, it'll be leaving umbra as it rises, meaning that it'll be near the end of totality a few minutes before we first see it. Here in Cohasset totality will actually end one minute before moon rise (which is 4 minutes before sunset) but it'll still be nearly total, and the remaining partial eclipse will last for an hour and ten minutes after that. Eclipse totality, moon rise, and sunset will all occur within 5 minutes........interesting, isn't it?
March 4th Congratulations to the Grand Rapids Thunderhawks who beat Cloquet 3-1 yesterday. That sends them to the State Hockey Tournement for the second year in a row.
March 5th Why yawning is contagious:
A person yawns to equalize the pressure on his eardrums. This causes a pressure change outside his eardrums, which unbalances the pressure on other peoples' eardrums, so they then yawn to even it out........etc, etc.
March 6th As per Mr. Kardock, the male Peregrine Falcon who is nesting on one of the MP&L smoke stacks has returned. Does that mean Spring is here? The FalconCam is HERE, by the way.
March 7th 16 below zero this morning.......that's a bit frosty for this time of the year.

The Amen Lake trail yesterday and the Simpson Creek trail this's neat to have some good skiing for a change. Which trail will it be tomorrow, I'm wondering.
March 8th Minnesota State High School Hockey tournament this evening: Grand Rapids 3, number one seeded Edina 1. Yes!!!!!!!
March 9th Whew! Grand Rapids 4, Burnsville 3 in overtime this evening. Now it's Roseau in the championship game tomorrow night.
March 10th Roseau is the State AA Hockey Champion. They beat Grand Rapids 5-1 tonight. Sigh!

The snow is melting. Click HERE.
March 11th The ice thickness is 26 inches, which is 1 inch less than it was a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if that's because it has been melting or because I happened to measure it at a place where it wasn't quite so thick.
March 12th The fishing opener is now only 2 months hence.
March 13th If the last couple of years are any indication, here is what the next six weeks will bring:

* -- I'll be able to walk across the lake for a couple of weeks yet.
* -- In about 2 weeks the chipmonks will be out in force.
* -- In 3 or 4 weeks the Juncos will start passing through here on their way up north.
* -- In about a month there will Canada Geese, Mallards, Golden Eyes, and Merganzers on the river.
* -- In about a month also, Cindy and Barb will start doing the Spring cleaning in the cabins.
* -- In about 5 weeks the ice will be gone. On that day (or the next) the Loons will arrive.
* -- In about 6 weeks the Painted Turtles from last year's eggs will leave their underground nests and wander into the lake.
March 14th I don't know who this guy is, but he sure must be a die-hard ice fisherman. Click HERE.
The Ides of March. Another good day for suprises.

The last two days were Springtime; today it's Winter again.
March 16th It was beautiful skiing on the lake tonight. The snow was perfect, the night was dark, there was no moon (but lots of stars), and no wind. We could use a few more of these yet this month.
St. Patrick's Day Erin go bragh(!)........and Happy 31st birthday to my Dear San Francisco Daughter Teri who, with a group of friends, is currently celebrating her birthday and St. Patty's day in New Orleans. Watch out for the cabbages Ter!
March 18th 15 years ago yesterday I had never even thought about owning a resort. 15 years ago today a light bulb came on, and I decided that's what I was going to do. It was that sudden!
March 19th 15 years ago today I began discussing the purchase of Wildwood Resort with the owner.
The Vernal Equinox Happy Spring! (The word "equinox", by the way, is from latin words meaning "equal nights".)

Venus and the crescent moon will be visible right after sunset should be neat.
March 21st I heard a gaggle of Canada Geese off in the distance this morning, and saw a half dozen Tundra Swans flying over the lake.
March 22nd It got up to 33 degrees in Barrow, Alaska yesterday. Since the normal high for this time of the year is about 7 below zero, I bet they were delighted.
March 23rd When my Dear Daughters were growing up, among my many concerns was "will they be able to support themselves?". I bet when my Grandpa's daughters were growing up, that thought never crossed his mind.
March 24th I saw the first Chipmonk today; he was sitting on a wood pile and he looked a tad drowsy. They're not out "en masse" yet, but I bet they will be within the next few days.

You probably have no doubt that darker objects absorb heat better than lighter objects, but if one did have some doubt, here's proof. Dark objects laying on the ice in the springtime absorb the sun's heat better than the light colored ice and hence, they sink into the ice significantly. The leaf in this picture has sunk to more than an inch below the surface of the ice, and it will continue to sink further as long as the sun continues to shine on it. Click HERE.
March 25th Fifteen years ago this very day I saw LBLR for the first time!

Would you believe that this is at NOON? Click HERE
March 26th   The first Juncos appeared at the bird feeder yesterday..........10 days sooner than last year.
March 27th Josh (my grandson) and I opened up cabins 1 & 2 (among other chores) today.

The ice is 21 inches thick; it has lost 5 inches in the last two weeks. Also, it's getting a tad soft.......the auger now goes down much faster than it did two weeks ago.
March 28th If I was from another planet and happened to be teleported here today, I'd swear that it's the fishing opener........windy, rainy, and with a high temperature of 37 degrees.
March 29th Hey Josh, thanks for the help the last few days. And in addition to actually getting the work done, I enjoyed it.
March 30th Cindy and Tara did the Spring cleaning in cabin # 2 today, and it's not even April yet. That's the earliest start ever!
March 31st This is certainly not one of my favorite seasons (even in good times), but a little nice weather would improve my mood immensely.

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