May 2007

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May Day Fifteen years ago today I signed my life away and bought LBLR. At that moment Rochester, IBM, and life as I knew it for the previous 20 years passed into history. I found out years later that my daughters thought I was having a mid-life crisis and that I had jumped into something I was going to regret. They may have been right about the mid-life crisis, but I've never regretted buying LBLR.

Added later -- Here's my Dear Daughter Tammy's comment to the above statement: "Mid-Life Crisis? That's putting it MILDLY! I thought you had COMPLETELY WHACKED OUT!"
May_2nd The Spring raking started today. I don't know when it started last year, but I know it was later than this. Some years it was done by mid-April.

By the way, today is the Full Flower Moon.
May 3rd To see a moon picture, click HERE.
To see more raking, click HERE.
Cuatro de Mayo Welcome to Bob and Bing and group, the first Spring 2007 customers (and the earliest customers ever). Bing's father, Guo Chengyi (who, with his wife, is on vacation from his home in China) painted this beautiful picture for me. When I get the translation of the words on the right side of the painting I'll put them here. Click HERE.
May 5th All of the docks are in the water!!!
Seis de Mayo What a was cold, rainy, and windy. The customers couldn't fish and it was terrible working outside. It was just like a typical weekend for the Walleye/Northern opener, which isn't until Saturday.
May 7th Hey Jeff! Your cabin is ready, your boat is in the water, and I'm awaiting your arrival. I'll see you in a week..........and I hope the fish are biting when you get here. Click HERE.

Tons and tons of Bluegills have moved into the shallow water near the docks.
May 8th I heard my first "there's an Eagle in the vicinity" call from the Loons this morning. I didn't see the Eagle but, no doubt, he was around.
May 9th From shortly after the ice went out till now (16 days) the surface temperature of the lake has increased by about 25 degrees (from the mid-30s to the low 60s). Over the same period of time, the temperature of the deeper water (30 feet to 50 feet) has increased about 1 degree (from about 39 to about 40). Hmmmmm..........
May 10th The raking is done!
May 11th The Hummingbirds returned to Peterson Bay today, though I haven't seen any here at LBLR yet (but of course, LBLR is further north).

Randy and I went out for some Crappies this afternoon. We only got to a couple of them, but they made some excellent hors d'oeuvres. It was a nice "prelim" to tomorrow's Northern/Walleye opener.
The Fishing Opener This was opener number 16 and it was one of the best. The weather was was the fishing. Joe, Randy, and I sat on the pontoon watching our bobbers and talking smart for a few hours. We kept 5 smaller Northerns for hors d'oeuvres, and threw back 3 Northerns between 5 and 7 pounds each, as well as a few Large Mouth Bass. Randy caught most of the fish (but not the biggest one).

Hey Scott and Steve: Thanks for stopping over......... and do it again sometime, wouldya?
May 13th LBL Bird number 76: Black and White Warbler. Click HERE.
May 14th The real start of the resort season will be here soon, so's usually in your best interest to make sure that the resort owner is happy.
May 15th Some days everything you touch, breaks! I had to make four trips to the hardware store today........all of them plumbing related and all of them in the same cabin. The gas probably cost more than the parts. Sigh!
May 16th Here's to health, love, money..........and the time to enjoy them. Salud!
May 17th The lake surface temperature is about the same (or a little lower) than it was a week ago (60-ish), 10 and 20 feet down it has warmed up several degrees (mid 50s), and at the lower depths it's still about 40.
May 18th On this day in 1980 my daughter Tammy celebrated her 11th birthday, and Mount St. Helens erupted. There was no connection between the two events.
May 19th For a time in the '60s when my Dad was laid-off from his job in the Buick plant in Flint, Michigan he worked part-time in the local bowling alley. He once told me how he liked working there because "everyone is so happy and friendly" in a bowling alley. As he described it, "even an old grouch is in a good mood in a bowling alley". That's also a nice thing about running a resort; one rarely has to deal with a grouch. When people are here, they're on vacation........and how many people aren't in a good mood when they're on vacation? Very few indeed!
May 20th Today was the last day of Cindy's 7th annual "LBLR girls weekend". In spite of the weather (32 degrees this morning) they had a good time.
May 21st Rain! Only .6 inches, but that's much better than nothing during this very dry Spring.

The first Grackle of the Spring arrived this morning.
May 22nd On this day in 1859, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the British writer best known for his creation of the detective Sherlock Holmes (and one of my favorite authors) was born. He died slightly more than 71 years later leaving 64 short stories and 4 novels as his Sherlock Holmes legacy. I've read most of them several times.
May 23rd Some DNR guys were here yesterday; they came to reset the lake level measuring device. The lake level went up 3.7 inches during the winter but it has lost 3.1 inches of that since the ice went out a month ago. Click HERE.
May 24th The ice has been gone for a month. The temperature of the top 10 feet of the lake is about 60 degrees, 20 feet down it's about 50 degrees, and at 30 to 50 feet it's still only 41 or 42 degrees. Since the ice left, the lower levels of the lake have increased by less than 2 degrees. It may be even colder at 60 or 65 feet, but my equipment will only go down 50 feet. Click HERE.
May 25th Hear ye! Hear ye! Whereas Bob and Jo F. could not make it this Spring, and whereas Jeff K. could not make it this Spring, today's arrival of my normal group of Illinois Bass fishermen (Denny T. and three cabins worth of his relatives) make them the first regular LBLR guests this year. [Aside -- No offense intended to the few "irregular" weekend guests who were here earlier this Spring. -- End of Aside] It appears that Jeff will arrive for an abbreviated visit early next week (better late than never), and here's hoping that we see Bob and Jo in September as is also customary. Welcome back Denny and group!
May 26th Today was the Bass opener. As usual, Denny T and his crew got tons and tons of them. With that big of a group they can keep a lot of them, and they eat a lot of them......but they throw back a lot more than they keep.
Whitsunday There's not a lot new in Grand Rapids this year, but there is a little:
The new Zorba's restaurant (replacement for Bridgeside) has finally opened.
Rapids Tackle has closed and the convience store at Jerry's Liquor has added bait.
The Conoco Station on the West side of town has closed.
The lounge at Forest Lake Restaurant has been remodeled.
Memorial Day Click HERE.
May 29th The dragon fly hordes have begun to arrive, much to the distress, hopefully, of thousands and thousands of mosquitos.
May 30th On this day 72 years ago, Babe Ruth played his last baseball game. (Why so early in the year, do you suppose?) He only had 72 at bats that season and had a batting average of .181 with 6 home runs. His team, the Boston Braves, finished the year at 38-115.......percentage-wise that's worse than even the infamous 1962 New York Mets.
May 31st Welcome back Jeff K. I'm glad you finally made it. As I said earlier, better late than never.

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