November 2007

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All Saints Day Winter is coming; resistance is futile!
November_2nd James Sobieski, Crown Prince of Poland, was born on this day in 1667. That's close to your name, isn't it Deb? Maybe you have Royal Blood running in your veins. Maaay-be......
November 3rd We should be just a few weeks from ice, so there wont be many more of these measurements:
Water Level, Water Temperature, and Water Clarity.
November 4th The fall raking is DONE! Ya know, it's nice to finally be unemployed (except for the resort, of course). And who knows........because I'm unemployed I may attack the resort with newly found enthusiasm. LBLR's guests may see a re-awakened resort owner next Spring. It might be the best year they've ever had!
November 5th * We're getting some snow this morning, but it's not staying.
* The Loons have not been seen since October 29th.
* Ron E. and his group left today. They got a doe, an eight-point buck, and a ten-point buck. Nice opening weekend, eh guys?
* 8:00 PM: It's still snowing a little and the ground is covered.......but I don't think it'll stay long.
November 6th Click HERE.
November 7th 423 years ago this month John Lathropp was born in Yorkshire, England and for religious purposes he emigated to America 50 years later. You may not have heard of him before, but you are certainly familiar with some of his direct descendants, a few are: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ely Whitney, Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, George Romney, Mitt Romney, and Benedict Arnold. Amazing, isn't it?
November 8th The water temperature dropped 3 degrees in the last 5 days; it's down to 43.5 now. How long, do you suppose, will it take to get down to 32 degrees, and how soon after that will it be frozen all the way across? Any guesses? What history I have is HERE.
November 9th A little snow and a bunch of Mallards: Click HERE.
November 10th To see what can be done with only a half day's work (if one has the right help) click HERE. Thanks Brian!!!!
November 11th A retraction (of sorts):
The Chronicles entry for January 19th of 2005 contains a comparison of the History of the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings. (To refresh your memory before you continue, click HERE.) Obviously I was giving my friend Randy some grief about his Vikings never winning an NFL Championship. That was almost 2 years ago and it has just now come to my attention that the Vikings were, indeed, NFL champions one time. They were the National Football League champions of 1969........I'm sorry for overlooking that.
November 12th Except for the new siding on the house (which is really going slooo-ooow) LBLR is in pretty good shape for it should be because it's already mid-November. There are a couple of picnic tables that need to be stored yet, some brush and scrap building material which has to be burned, and one boat/motor is still in the water (which will stay there till the lake freezes), and that's about it. I'm ready!!!
November 13th I think there's a chance that I'm still alive. Well.......I know that I'm still alive because I haven't had a funeral yet. Ya know, when I go, I want to be attended by a phalanx of Viking warriors. I want to have a Viking funeral. I want to be tied to the mast of one of LBLR's faithful 14 foot aluminum fishing boats and be shoved off into the mists of Little Bass Lake. Farewell Sir Angst, ye dragon slayer and ye noble raper and pillager. Well, pillager at any rate; I never did approve of rape a whole lot. And ya know what else? I never could understand why the two have to go together. And if you have to do both, which one would you do first???? You wouldn't want to be raping while every one else was pillaging, now would you? Or vise versa as well!
November 14th These (and there are three of them no less) are compliments of the Carlsons, the Turners, and the Harlans. As I've said several times (once in the Chronicles of 9/28/06): "You guys are too good to me". Thank you very much; they're great. Click HERE to see the gift. Click HERE to see the group as they were saying good-bye last August (I'm sorry about Kevin having his back turned).
November 15th It's moving along. Click HERE
November 16th When all the Grandkids are here for Thanksgiving, we're going to burn these wood scraps in the fire pit if we have some decent weather. That should be a fine evening indeed. Click HERE

As per my scanty record keeping over the last 16 autumns, this day in 1997 was the earliest we had an ice cover on Little Bass Lake. The average first freeze isn't for 10 days yet. Click HERE. However, even this morning a lot of the small ponds have ice on them, although they may return to the liquid state as the day wears on.
November 17th It has been too windy to get deep lake temperatures the last few days, but the temperature off the dock by cabin # 3 is 36.1 degrees. That's down about 7 degrees in the last week. The temperature all over the lake and at every depth down to 50 feet has been the same for quite some time now, but since we've passed (near the shore, at least) the important point of 39 degrees (which is when water is the heaviest) we might find that the lower levels are now warmer than the upper levels. If the wind ever stops blowing we'll find out.
November 18th When you send an e-mail to someone and want another person to be aware of it, you "copy" that other put their address in the "cc list", ie, the "carbon copy list". But when was the last time you made a copy with actual carbon paper? When is the last time you even saw a piece of carbon paper? I'd bet that most people alive today have not ever seen a piece of carbon paper and probably don't even know what it is. Yet the term "cc" list goes on and on and on.
November 19th One year ago today the lake was frozen. Today the water temperature is 38.8 degrees so obviously it has a ways to go before it has an ice cover (click HERE). [Aside -- I can't explain why the water near the shore was 36 degrees two days ago because it isn't that way now. But maybe the water near the shore goes up and down more significantly as the temperature of the air goes up and down because the shallow water doesn't have much depth to mix with. Who knows? -- End of Aside] But the average freeze date isn't for a week yet, and other than today, the daily highs should not be above freezing and the lows are predicted to be near 10 degrees.
November 20th I don't like pumpkin stuff. Even if it was good, I wouldn't like it. God made pumpkins to be used for Jack-o-lanterns........not to be used for food.
November 21st It looks like there could be a little ice on the north shore........over near Harley's place.
November_22nd Even more ice. Click HERE. If it stays calm the lake might be totally covered by tomorrow morning.

PS: There was a Grebe on the lake today, probably the last waterfoul of the year.
November 23rd It's not solid yet, but it's getting close......maybe tomorrow. Click HERE. (PS to Dotz: Don't forget the picture at the top of this page.)
November 24th The lake is still not fact, I think it's backsliding a bit.

We burned all the construction trash this evening and the Grandkids loved it. The firebugs in the picture are (L to R) Kaylee, Molly, and Jakie. Click HERE
November 25th At least Moonshine is frozen (click HERE), as are the south and middle sections of Bass Lake. (PS to Randy: Thanks for the Moonshine picture.)
November 26th Why is it that kids love to throw stones into the water or onto the ice? From this picture it's obvious that my Grandkids were here this past weekend. How long do you suppose it took them to throw all those stones onto the ice? And what's in the picture is only part of them. That's gonna make it tough getting onto the lake with skis, isn't it? Click HERE.
November 27th 8 below zero and a snow cover this morning. Winter is here! And in spite of the cold night, the lake is still not completely frozen.
November 28th The freezing process of these lakes must be at least as complicated as the warming process. The temperature all last night was between 8 degrees and 12 degrees, but there's more open water on the lake this morning than there was when the sun went down last night. I know the wind plays a big role in it, but it wasn't particularly windy last night. Geez!
November 29th It has been abnormally cold for this time of the year. As a result, the re-siding job has slowed down and is still not finished.
November 30th 7:00 AM:
I can't believe this! Judging from the steam rising from two small sections in the the north end, the lake STILL ISN'T FROZEN! It has gotten below zero for 2 consecutive nights (-9 as I type) and it hasn't been above 12 degrees for 3 days. How can there still be liquid out there?!?!?!

3:00 PM Update:
Hear ye! Hear ye! The holes in the ice have closed and I, therefore, officially declare the lake as frozen. That's 11 days later than last year and 4 days later than average. Now the question is: Will it stay that way?

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