October 2007

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The Calends of October Youth is like Spring, an over-praised season more remarkable for biting winds than genial breezes. [But] Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.
-- Samuel Butler (circa 1880)
October_2nd The Northerns are hitting. To see Brian and his fish, click HERE.
October 3rd In about a month Cohasset will have a restaurant/tavern. It has already been built and it's setting next to the hole that will eventually be its basement. If you look at the Chronicles entry for almost a year ago (November 15th, 2006 to be exact; click HERE if you want to read it) you will see my "attitude" about the businesses that Cohasset has lost since I've been here. It's really neat to see something coming into town, rather than going out. The opening date is sometime in November

The last pumphouse picture: click HERE.
October 4th I am now a reformed character. Well, maybe not actually reformed, but I'm going to change my principles a bit, if you don't mind. That's because after much thought and a lot of consternation, I have become convinced that we are all just a bunch of raisins being carried along in the cinnamon loaf of creation (as pointed out by Jeff Greenwald in "The Size of the world"). So in Allah if you like, but tie up your camel.
October 5th The pontoons and the swimming raft are now setting on the shore, and a few other "winter preparation" chores have been done. As usual, thanks to Brian and Ann. We did it all yesterday, which is a good thing because it sure couldn't have been done today due to the windy conditions.
October 6th Number 98 of the "100 reasons why it's nice to be a male":
Your pals can be trusted never to trap you with: "So........notice anything different?"
October 7th Many years ago my daughters and I had a black Persian cat. Appropriately enough, his official registered name was Ali Abutaba Rasan Dabu Jabi. They called him Ebony for short. He was a pleasant cat.........mostly.
October 8th This time of the year (as compared to mid-summer or mid-winter) the sunrise and sunset times change drastically from day to day. Cohasset has lost 20 minutes of daylight in just the last 7 days.

Jim, Tim, and Mike left this morning after 4 days of hunting. Their "take" was rather meager this year.......4 grouse and 1 duck (of which Mike got ZERO). Ya know, I've often wondered how they always happen to get a duck or two when they're out grouse hunting. I've never thought of ducks and grouse as hanging around the same places.
October 9th Target or Cub Foods?
The local Target store recently grew to be a "Super" Target store (or whatever they call the larger version of a Target store). I went in there for the first time yesterday to look around and decided to buy a few items. I then went to the Cub Foods next door to compare it to the prices at Target. To see what I found out click HERE.
October 10th At 1:27 this afternoon I became the father of a 40-year old. Happy Birthday Twacie!!!!! Geez, that was a short 40 years.
To see her in the early 1980s click HERE. To see her now click HERE; she's the one on the right.
October 11th It has regularly been getting into the mid 30s at night, but the only good frost we've had so far was on September 15th.
The REAL Columbus Day * 515 years ago today Christopher Columbus landed in Haiti.
* 47 years ago today Khrushchev pounded his shoe during a speech at the United Nations.
* 20 years ago today the Twins beat my Tigers to win the American League Pennant.
* 8 years ago today the population of the world reached 6 billion.
* 1 year ago today Randy went X-country skiing. Nothing like that is possible today.
* 0 years ago today Randy and I went grouse hunting. Oddly enough, we didn't see a single grouse.

Let us toast these milestones........[clink].
October 13th Welcome back Mary and David.........for the 2nd weekend in 3 weeks. It's nice when a new customer returns so soon!
October 14th Coming soon: a Cohasset Grill & Tavern. Click HERE.
October 15th I really believe that we're going to attack the siding project on the house in earnest a tad later this week. I'm looking forward to it with a due sense of exhortion and dread.
October 16th IBM is history for the second time.........but the situation is much more relaxed now than it was in 1992.
October 17th People are beginning to show up for the siding project (etc), Jim and Josh (son-in-law and grandson) today, Lori tomorrow, Brian and Tiffany on Friday, and Ward sometime. If only it would quit raining.
October 18th Rain all day! No progress whatsoever and fall shut down is beginning to get behind......but that's business as usual in most years.
October 19th Believe it or not, the lake is now at its highest level since I started doing official measurements a year ago last Spring. But of course that doesn't mean that the water is high. It's still at a low level; it's just higher than it has been in two years. Click HERE.
October 20th House re-siding, Day 1: Click HERE. Thanks to Lori, Jim, Josh, Brian, Tiffany, Jake, Erin, Tom, Kevin, and Rick (the boss).

The Carlsons were here for their usual MEA weekend sabbatical and I hope we didn't make too much noise for them. And speaking of the Carlsons, some normal attendees of the MEA weekend tradition didn't make it this year. Jim, Alice, Erin, and Amy were sorely missed.
October 21st The Loons are still here. It has always been difficult to tell when they leave Little Bass for the winter, but the latest I've ever seen them was October 29th and that was in 2005. I'll try to notice the latest date again this year.
October 22nd Most of the lawn is mowed (hopefully for the last time this year), the tractor is stored in a pole barn near Prairie Lake for the winter (a long, chilly, drive at 12 miles per hour), and hopefully the new siding will start going up on the house in the morning. A low in the 20s is expected long till snow, do you suppose?
October 23rd I was on the lake today and I didn't see any loons, but I'll keep watching.
October 24th I know the DNR guys are aware of this stuff, but as I watch it happening I'm just amazed. Recently we've had a week or two of fairly warm weather for this time of the year.......the nightime temps stayed in the 40s or even the low 50s. But the last 3 nights it got down into the low 30s or high 20s, and look what that cold weather did to the lake temperature 40 feet below the surface. When I saw what the graph did, I had to get in the boat and go back out and measure it again because I was sure I had made a mistake the first time.........but I was right on. And look back over the last several weeks and see what happened at 20 ft and 30 ft below the surface as the top cooled. Click HERE.
October 25th The Loons are still here.
October 26th Darn! There was trouble with a frozen water line this morning. Nothing I couldn't handle, but it's getting scary.
October 27th The Loons are still here, and the north end of the resort is shut down. Hurray!
October 28th I know I'm gonna get in trouble for saying this, but I'm glad the Red Sox won so handily. If God had intended there to be a Major League Baseball team in Colorado, He would have put one there long before they actually arrived.
October 29th A Cardinal showed up at the feeder today. One showed up two days earlier than this last year, but he only stuck around for a few days. The year before that we had a Cardinal here all winter.

What a beautiful evening and night! Randy and I took our last wine cruise of the year at "happy hour" this afternoon, and there is still at least one Loon still here.

Congrats to my Grandson Jakie on the great win tonight by his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

And speaking of Grandsons, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!! (He's my oldest Grandchild and he's 15 today.)
October 30th Cohasset has a "Blight Inspector". The town is trying to eliminate "blight", which is a lofty and commendable endeavor. A friend of mine owns an older RV which has been setting on his property for almost 2 didn't run and the tags had expired. The "blight inspector" noticed the situation, decided that the vehicle was a blight on our fair town, and informed my friend that he had to rectify the situation. My friend then spent a couple of hundred bucks to get the engine into running condition and another 60 bucks to bring the tags up to date. This morning I took him to see the "Blight Inspector", who informed him that everything is now fine. The only noticeable difference between the RV that was a blight on the town and the RV that isn't a blight on the town, is that the former had a small blue sticker (1 inch by 1.5 inches) that said "06" and the latter has a small blue sticker of the same size that says "08". Does that make sense to you?
All Hallows' Eve Tonight the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead will overlap and the deceased will come back to life. Evil spirits will roam the earth spreading sickness, wreaking havoc, and damaging crops. To repel them, centuries ago our ancestors built huge bonfires, into which bones of slaughtered animals were thrown. Costumes and masks were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits and hence, placate them. You can protect yourself in that manner if you like, but I've found that it's much easier to simply give them some candy when they knock on the door.

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