September 2007

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September 1st In a sense, we've made it through another summer.......whew!

Lucas counted over 60 gulls on the lake at one time yesterday. Why do they flock up like this occasionally, I'm wondering.
September_2nd Last year the Hummingbirds virtually disappeared on August 29th, but now it's September 2nd and they're still here.

This is quite possibly the last hurrah for "hardcore summertime". Click HERE.
September 3th While getting out of a boat after fishing this morning, Bob, carrying his tackle box, fell off of the cabin 4 dock into the water. (No laughing please!) Only 3 items were missing, but he borrowed a mask and snorkel from Lucas and retrieved them. Click HERE.
September 4th Early in the morning look to the east and you will see Venus in her greatest brilliancy.........she rises about 5:00 AM this week. Although she will dominate the morning sky now through December, she'll lose her brightness as the year wanes.
September 5th Click HERE.
September 6th Two and a half inches of rain today. Neato!!!!
September 7th Mary B brought a group from another Shoreline Restoration Seminar over here for a field trip this morning. Mary is the second from the left. Click HERE.
September 8th Sharon and Bob celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by spending this weekend at LBLR. Congratulations you guys! Click HERE.
September 9th Today Brian, Ann, and Tiffany left as well and Bob and Sharon......Ron and his friend came in. The time of the big weekend turnovers is over; the season is winding down.
September 10th It's's coming! Click HERE.
September 11th A low of 25 to 30 degrees is predicted for tonight........I love it!!!!!!
September 12th This picture of Tiffany and one of her fish is from last Saturday. Click HERE.
The Ides of September. Here's some data that I thought was interesting. Almost all summer the bottom of the lake at the north end (which is only 40 feet deep) has been colder than 50 feet deep in the center of the lake. Why is that, do you suppose? Could there be a spring at the north end that is keeping the water colder even though it's shallower? There is a spring in shallow water near Jim Davey's house, but that's not causing this because the water gets warmer as you move toward that particular spring from where I take the measurements. It might be that there's another spring at the north end in deeper water. The difference is less than one degree, but it has been very consistent. I'm not going to track this on a regular basis, but I put together a graph just this once to look at it better. Click HERE.
September 14th Some areas in this neck of the woods got a little snow off and on this morning.
September 15th The frost is on the pumpkin........and the lawns, and the roofs, and the car windows, etc, etc, etc.
September 16th If deep down in your heart you are dishonest, you can get around nearly any law -- particularly a game law. The game laws leave a man pretty much on his own. Generally there isn't a game warden present. So when you go afield, it's up to you. Who'd know the difference? You're all by yourself.

David M. Newell
(November, 1945)
September 17th I have nothing to say!
September 18th Here's the yard of Larry, my neighbor to the south. Neat, eh? Click HERE.
September 19th To Charlie and Marianne: You're not here this year!?!? Darn! We should have done it again.
September 20th Dark, cold, rain, wind........all day.
September 21st A sign of Autumn: Tons and tons of caterpillars on the bike trail. Why is that?
September 22nd 1) Unless you get up well before dawn tomorrow morning, Autumn will arrive while you sleep tonight.
2) There are also a lot of snakes on the bike trail this time of the year.
3) Click HERE.
Autumnal Equinox If you can.....get up in the morning before the sun comes up ( WELL before the sun comes up so that it's still very dark) and look to the east; you will see Venus at her finest (as I mentioned on the 4th). About 5:00 this morning Lori and I looked at her from the front porch. Her brightness made a stream of light across the lake (as the moon does) and cast shadows on the ground. Geez, she's beautiful!

Click HERE to see a nice Northern.

Pumphouse replacement, day 0: Click HERE.
September 24th Pumphouse replacement, day 1: Click HERE.
September 25th Pumphouse replacement, day 2: Click HERE.

September 26th Pumphouse replacement, day 3: Click HERE.
September 27th Pumphouse replacement, day 4: Click HERE.

The Northerns are's another nice one. Same family, different fisherperson. Click HERE.
September 28th Pumphouse replacement, day 5: Click HERE.

It's a good thing that Linda has a good voice, otherwise she, Jim, Patty, and Radja might have had to spend the night out on the lake in the pontoon.
In addition to having a good voice, Linda also caught the only fish of the evening, a 2 1/2 pound Northern. She said it was "pretty much the only fish she has ever caught". Click HERE.
September 29th Patty caught a nice Bass today! So for the weekend, Patty and Linda each caught a fish........and the guys were S-K-U-N-K-E-D.
September 30th What a beautiful Autumn day and a great way to end a great month. Fare thee well September(!), and we'll see you next year.

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