June 2008

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June 1st Last year the water level dropped a tad over 3 inches in the first 25 days after the ice went out; this year it dropped almost 3.5 inches in the first 25 days. Not much difference.
June_2nd Click HERE..........but no laughing!
June 3rd The raft has been refurbished and is finally in the water. I used a home-made grappling hook to snag the anchor chain which was under 15 feet of water. I was kind of surprised that it worked so well. Click HERE.
June 4th On this day in 1942 (only 66 years ago) the San Francisco area was put on an alert for an expected attack by Japan.
June 5th If Lilacs are a good indicator, this Spring is about 2 weeks behind last year's Spring.
D-Day Click HERE.
June 7th To see Mark's fish, click HERE.
June 8th Mary Shidiler witnessed this scene and took the picture. Isn't it amazing to happen across something like this in the woods? Thanks Mary. Click HERE.
June 9th A while back, when I was standing in a slow-moving line at a checkout counter waiting for a store manager to come and handle a problem the clerk was having, I started talking to an older couple who were standing in line behind me. They were holding hands as we talked. In the course of the conversation the woman proudly informed me that they had just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. The man seem proud of it too, and he said "Ya know, she got the best deal out of it though." I ask him why that was. He said "Well look! I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't chew. I don't hardly even chase women anymore." He laughed and laughed while his wife just smiled acceptingly. I'm sure she's heard that little rendition many, many, times.
June 10th We lost a friend.........
Last Sunday Bob Shidiler, Randy Peterson, and I went to Florio's for lunch and we ran into Joe Kardock (aka Injun Joe). He sat with us through our meal and he was in a good mood. We had an enjoyable chat. During the lunch he had three drinks which we put on our tab and split between the three of us when we in effect, we each bought Joe a drink. I'm glad we happened to share that lunch with him and I'm glad we bought him the drinks because as it turned out, that was our last opportunity. He died this morning, apparently of a heart attack. Here's to you Joe. You will be sorely missed and fondly remembered. Click HERE.
June 11th If in the sum you have more good than ill, count yourself fortunate -- for you are human.
That's from an ancient Greek play but I don't recall which one. I also suspect that it isn't all that comforting, but sometime that's all one has.
June 12th What a gorgeous day and a lovely bike ride. Lori and I did our normal 23 mile circle into Rapids and back, with a stop at Subway to pick up lunch and a ride to the Library to eat it on banks of the Mighty Mississippi.
June 13th The Ides of June are upon us........the last quiet day. Tomorrow all heck breaks loose, so to speak.
Flag Day "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."
-- Arthur Conan Doyle, from The Adventure of the Abbey Grange (1904)

Six cabins of guests arrived today. The resort season is in full bloom. The game is afoot!
June 15th Can you believe it? It's already half past June! Summer is only 5 days hence.
June 16th For the first time this year the lake depth is lower than it was last year. Click HERE.
June 17th "People drink for lots of different reasons. Fortunately for those of us who drink, it doesn't take much of a reason."
-- Dick Thompson (2008)
June 18th For "Some Thoughts Concerning the Attire of a Typical Resorter", click HERE.
June 19th In general, what we've had of Spring so far this year has had some pretty good fishing.........until this week, that is. The "Charles City Invasion" (as I usually refer to them) arrived this past Saturday. They occupy five cabins and have at least three, and sometimes four, fishing boats. They're excellent Walleye fishermen, but this week even they are having a tough time of it. In spite of the "less than great fishing" they managed to catch enough fish to have their annual Thursday evening fishfry, and it was delicious as usual.

The Mayflies came out in droves tonight, a couple weeks later than most years.
Summer Solstice A thought for the summer (which arrived at 6:59 PM today, Cohasset time):
"Rest is not idleness, and to lie on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time."
-- John Lubbock (circa 1890)
June 21st Nature is a couple weeks behind schedule this year, but so am I. The dock by cabin # 3 just went into the water yesterday. Prior to this year it has never been later than mid-May.
June 22nd Here's another indication of the late Spring we're having this year. Last year I saw momma Painted Turtles laying eggs for this year's babies on June 4th and 5th. The year before that it was June 2nd. I saw a momma Turtle laying eggs today, nearly 3 weeks later than the last couple of years. Click HERE.
June 23rd The Walleye fishing in this area still seems to be a bit slow (as it was last week), but the Crappies and Bluegills seem to be biting nicely.
June 24th is a summertime version of this, so ignore the snow. Click HERE.
June 25th And yet again. I'd like to blame it on being too busy, but I can't do that in good conscience. Click HERE.
June 26th Here's a moose in the road about an hour north of here on highway 6, and we actually saw another one about 10 miles further down the same road. Click HERE.
June 27th Here's the Angst arrival plan for the week beginning tomorrow.
Saturday: A brother, a sister-in-law, a niece and a nephew.
Sunday: A daughter, 2 sons-in-law, 3 grandsons, and 3 granddaughters.
Monday: A sister, a brother-in-law, a nephew (and his wife & 2 kids), and a niece (and her husband & 3 kids).
Wednesday: A daughter, a granddaughter, and an ex-wife.
Friday: A brother, a sister-in-law, a nephew, and a niece.
And I THINK that's it; 32 in all (counting me).
June 28th I like e-mail; I really do. But it has virtually wiped out one of life's finest pleasures............a letter from a friend.
June 29th Geez, it's bad when you lose a tree from the shoreline, and the one in this picture was a healthy one. It started leaning toward the lake due to shoreline problems, and it was going to come down any day now. I cut it down because this way the stump and roots will still be there, as opposed to a large hole in the ground which would erode even faster. Click HERE.
June 30th I am now convinced that even if I meet my goal of living to be 98, I'll still be no nearer to understanding the forces that govern the human predicament than I am now. It's an impossible task.

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