March 2008

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The Calends of March Ah yes, the first of March........which means we're getting closer to those many long bike rides that I'm going to do this summer. This year for sure!
March 2nd Live from Las Vegas:
Teri (my Dear youngest Daughter) and I each received $10 from the hotel to gamble with. We sat down next to each other and put it all through a slot machine one time only. Oddly enough we each ended up with over $16. Ergo, we've beaten the odds in a big gambling town and ended up ahead........if we don't gamble anymore, that is.
March 3rd Let us raise our glasses to the memory of Tom Bliss, a good friend, who died today:
Here's to you Tom, it was great to know you. You will be sorely missed! Click HERE.
March 4th We blew it. Teri and I played the slots again and I lost $20. So the net is this: slot machines got just under $4 out of me and it's gonna stay that way.
March 5th Though I am not in Grand Rapids at the moment (and haven't been for several days), I understand that they're headed for 15 degrees below zero tonight. March is coming in like a lion, as is traditional, and we all hope that it will go out like a lamb, as is also traditional.
March 6th On this day last year the male Peregrine Falcon who nests on one of the MP&L smoke stacks, returned from his winter vacation to begin preparing his nest for the arrival of his mate. It appears that he'll arrive a bit later this year, but I bet he's en route even as I type.
March 7th Home again!!! My Dear youngest Daughter and I spent a few days in Las Vegas; a short trip but a very enjoyable one. We did almost no gambling (as per previous entries) and we enjoyed the time together............alone, but in the midst of thousands.
March 8th Oink splat!
-- Rich Seidner (From "Wisdom of the Ages", circa 1975)

I sought Rich's permission to use his quote, and when he gave me the okay he said "that remark is as pertinent today as it ever was", and perhaps even more so!
March 9th Geez, with Lori here we have to ski around the lake TWICE every day. She's a slave-driver. Incidentally Randy, we made a beautiful trail going around the lake, so you wont have to blaze your own this weekend.
March 10th In memory of my Dear Sister Deb (04/06/47 - 03/10/05), click's from about 1951.

And if you're interested, see the March 10th through March 13th, 2005 Chronicles entries......they're HERE.
March 11th To all fisherpersons: It's less than 2 months to opening day for Walleyes and Northerns. And believe it or not, the ice will be GONE from Little Bass Lake in about 6 weeks. The sun is nearing the equator and hence, Spring is nigh!
March 12th My young friend across the lake is still doing some fishing (click HERE), but only 3 more days and the fish houses will have to come off the ice every night. PS: What a lovely day, and notice LBLR in the background.
March 13th Click HERE.
March 14th All the neat ski trails we made on the lake just a few days ago have turned to slush. This winter is rapidly deteriorating!!!!!!
March 15th Caesar: The Ides of March are come.
Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not yet gone.

-- William Shakespeare
(From Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene I)
March 16th Happy 60th Brian........and welcome to the club!
St. Patrick's Day Happy Birthday Ter.......and Erin go bragh!!!!! What are your birthday plans?

By the way, 50 years ago this very day the US launched the Vanguard 1 satellite, which is the oldest man-made object in space. It was preceded in orbit by 2 Russian satellites (which remained in orbit 3 months and 6 months respectively) and 1 US satellite (which remained in orbit about 12 years). So happy 50th anniversary to Vanguard 1, which may have as many as 2000 more anniversaries before it re-enters the atmosphere.
March 18th Because it coincided with Holy Week this year, in the Republic of Ireland St. Patrick's Day was celebrated on Saturday March 15th, instead of Monday March 17th. But since that was St. Urho's Day I'm glad we stuck to tradition and celebrated it yesterday as usual.
March 19th Hey Teri, Spring will arrive for you Californians tonight, but us guys here in Minnesota will have to wait till tomorrow for it.

Bob and I saw a pair of Tundra Swans this afternoon. They were in a hole in the ice on a small stream that runs between Rice Lake and Little Sand Lake on Highway 4, just a tad east of the little town of Squaw Lake.

As per Mr. Kardock, the male Peregrine Falcon who is nesting on one of the MP&L smoke stacks returned this morning. That's nearly 2 weeks later than last year. The FalconCam is HERE, by the way. Thanks Joe!
The Vernal Equinox Happy Spring to one and all!!!!!
March 21st A group of us old retired IBMers toast our friend Tom (see March 3rd entry, above). Here's to you Tom! Click HERE.
March 22nd There was a group of 5 kayaks paddling up-stream in the open channel of the Mississippi River just south of Cohasset late this morning.
March 23rd I gotta write something about "contentment" in here.........someday.
March 24th Look at the Chronicles entry for this day in 2005 (it's HERE), then click HERE to see Jessica "Kaye" now.
March 25th Last year at this time we were having record high temperatures. Not so this year! But in order for the lake to have as many days of ice cover as last year, it'll have to stay frozen until May 3rd. I don't think the ice will last that long.
March 26th There are lots of Canada Geese on the Mississippi river these days, and the number of Eagles seen in the area is increasing rapidly. Come on Spring!!!!!!!!

Only 9 degrees this morning and it's not supposed to get above freezing today. The ice on the lake is certainly not melting like it did last year at this time.
March 27th I'm really looking forward to Spring getting here (contentment, mind over matter, remember?), but I can't imagine anything better than walking on the lake on a moonless, clear, star lit, night. This is the best it gets..........spring or no spring.
March 28th Alas........yet again!!!! Click HERE.
March 29th Today I received an e-mail from a young man wanting to rent a cabin this summer. He and his sister used to come up here with their Grandma and Grandpa; when I last saw him he was 9 or 10 years old. Now he's bringing his wife up here to "rediscover" LBLR..........and he's not the only one who's doing that sort of thing. Geez, I've been here a long time. Thanks Josh!
March 30th The end of an era: The last of several old shoreline birch trees that were here when I arrived is now history. It's a good thing I planted a dozen more of them 8 years ago. Click HERE.
March 31st The look of the landscape at the moment is fairly different than it looked on the first of this month, but the next month will bring even more drastic changes.

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